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Phylogenetics of the Parsley Ferns (Cryptogramma) Jordan Metzgar and Steffi Ickert-Bond.

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1 Phylogenetics of the Parsley Ferns (Cryptogramma) Jordan Metzgar and Steffi Ickert-Bond

2 Cryptogramma: the basics 8-10 species 2 sections –sect. Cryptogramma 7-9 spp. –sect. Homopteris 1 sp. (C. stelleri) Mostly circumboreal –disjunct S. American taxon Cryptogramma cascadensis Photo by Ed Alverson

3 Cryptogramma: the basics, cont. Stem erect to creeping Leaves dimorphic (erect fertile lvs) 1 vascular bundle False indusium trilete spores –n=30, 60 Cryptogramma acrostichoides, Turnagain Arm

4 Previous treatments Alverson (1989)- treated western N. American sect. Cryptogramma species; described C. cascadensis Zhang and Zhang (2003) –2 Chinese species Vaganov (2007, 2010) –New Russian species and spore morphology study Cryptogramma acrostichoides

5 Cryptogramma in Alaska Sect. Cryptogramma: 2 species –Acid rock outcrops, talus –Diploid C. acrostichoides –Tetraploid C. sitchensis C. acrostichoides x C. raddeana Sect. Homopteris: C. stelleri –Limestone

6 Methods 6 plastid loci; 7100 bp –atpB-rbcL, rbcL, rbcL-accD, rps4, trnGR, trnP-petG Parsimony –1000 replicates (PAUP) –500 BS reps with 10 searches/ea (PAUP) Maximum likelihood –100 reps, GTR (GARLi) –1000 BS reps, GTRGAMMA (RaxML) Bayesian inference –10 millon generations, 25% burn-in, (MrBayes)






12 Phylogenetic Conclusions Cryptogramma and sections monophyletic Confirmed role of C. acrostichoides in formation of C. sitchensis Is S. Am. C. crispa a different species? Did C. cascadensis form C. crispa s.s.?

13 Future directions Post-glacial migration –Samples from across range C. acrostichoides, C. sitchensis –Nuclear GapCp marker –Locate refugia –Migration tempo

14 Future Directions, II Ecological niche modeling Present day, future projections Couple with refugial study C. acrostichoides ENMC. sitchensis ENM

15 Acknowledgments Herbarium (Dave, Carolyn, Al, Monte, Zack, Stephany) High school lab assistant Stephen Chen Funding sources: UAF, ASPT Cryptogramma acrostichoides

16 Acknowledgments Collectors: Ellen Anderson, Polly Bass, Curtis Bjork, David Gernandt, Trevor Goward, Brad Krieckhaus, Li-Yaung Kuo, Juan Larraín, Manuel González Ledesma, Ken Marr, Emily Metzgar, Santiago Pajarón, Emilia Pangua, Carolyn Parker, Kathleen Pryer, Carl Rothfels, Erin Sigel, Mary Stensvold, Stacy Studebaker, Andreas Tribsch, Peter Zika Cryptogramma acrostichoides Photo by Ed Alverson

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