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Hurricane Frances Morning Briefing September 4, 2004.

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1 Hurricane Frances Morning Briefing September 4, 2004

2 SEOC LEVEL 1 24 Hour Operations

3 Briefing Distribution Dial in to Listen See Operations Officer for number Webcast See Operations Officer for URL Channel 15 in Capital Circle Office Complex Video Conference to DOH, DOACS, FDLE and others Up next – SCO

4 State Coordinating Officer & Federal Coordinating Officer Craig Fugate Bill Carwile Up next – SERT Chief

5 SERT Chief Mike DeLorenzo Steve Glenn Up next – Meteorology

6 Meteorology Ben Nelson

7 Category 2 Hurricane Frances – 125 Miles East of West PalmPalm Beach

8 5 AM Wind Field


10 Wind Shear Tendency – Saturday AM

11 Wind Field Analysis – Friday Evening



14 5 AM Advisory

15 Forecast Onset of Hurricane Force Winds

16 Forecast Wind Swath

17 Forecast Second Landfall

18 Rainfall Forecast – Sat AM – Sun AM

19 Rainfall Forecast – Sun AM – Mon AM

20 Rainfall Forecast – Mon AM – Tues AM

21 Tropical Storm Ivan in the Eastern Atlantic Up next – Information & Planning

22 Information & Planning David Crisp Rodney Melsek Up next – Operations Chief






28 Estimated Buildings Damaged MinorModerateSevereDestruction Residential 226,81891,44317,8645,166 Other 2,3301,78990424 Total 229,14893,23218,7685,190

29 Displaced Households Displaced Households25,699 Short Term Shelter 6,516

30 Debris Brick, Wood and Other Reinforced Concrete and Steel Tree DebrisTotal 1,472,79437,51818,794,20220,304,513

31 Expected Damage to Essential Facilities ClassificationAt Least Moderate Damage > 50% EOCs1 Fire Stations16 Hospitals14 Police Stations19 Schools102 Up next – Operations Chief

32 Operations Chief Leo Lachat Ginger Edwards Up next – Emergency Services

33 Emergency Services

34 Up next – Human Services Current Operations – –8 USAR teams are being deployed from FEMA –Evacuating hospitals, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and hospice facilities. –10 DMATs on alert; 3 on standby in Atlanta; 7 on alert at home base Unmet Needs – –Running low on cots for special needs shelters Future Operations – –Evacuating the patients requiring ground transportation –Establish possible resources needed on standby –Staffing of special needs shelters

35 Human Services

36 Up next – Infrastructure Current Operations – –None at this time Unmet Needs – –Working issues as identified Future Operations – –Post event staging/distribution of mass care/food, water, and ice to affected population –Long term sheltering –Handling of animal injuries/ casualties from the storm –Coordination of volunteers and donations with affected counties

37 Infrastructure

38 Up next – Military Support Infrastructure Current Operations – –Supporting evacuation planning and operations –Identifying and mobilizing recon, impact assessment and PDA assets –Monitoring fuel availability and re-supply along evacuation routes –Developing Bulk Fueling plans for LSA’s and County Emergency Ops –Identifying fuel resources to support local response operations –Identifying and mobilizing telecom resources to support state and local response operations Unmet Needs – –Diesel and gasoline fuel Future Operations – –Continue to monitor transportation, electricity, fuel and telecom systems

39 Military Support

40 Up next – Logistics Military Support Current Operations – –Command and control cells activated statewide –Approximately 2728 soldiers/airmen on duty. Units moving to staging areas. –EMAC support coordination ongoing. (Aviation, engineering and humanitarian support missions) –Coordinating with NGB and DOD for additional assets. Unmet Needs – –None at this time Future Operations – –Units prepare to move to impact areas. –Posturing to be on scene immediately after impact and conduct recon, security, and humanitarian missions.

41 Logistics

42 Current Operations – –Resources at Lakeland LSA secured for storm impact –Additional equipment inventory en route –Proposed LSA #1: –South Florida Fairgrounds- Verbal Ok received for use of 52,000 sq. ft. East Expo Bldg. (adjoining open special needs shelter), includes use of 10 outlaying buildings of varying sizes and approximately 50 acres of open ground space. –1200 person base camp to be located at this site. –Proposed LSA #2: –Orlando Executive Airport- Contract pending (includes clause prohibiting media access). Approved use of 4,000 sq. ft. of DOH leased space as well as 60,000 additional sq. ft. of leased DEM space once contract is completed. Airport also approved use of east side paved ramp space and 'back gate' for truck movement. –1200 person base camp to be located at this site.

43 Logistics Current Operations (conti –Proposed LSA #3: –Kmart Regional Distribution Center- Verbal approval for yard space only. Quote coming from vendor to erect structure on site equal to 100,000 sq. ft. Vendor indicates this amount is avail. for shipping immediately. Separate vendor identified for teams to erect structure on arrival. –800 person base camp to be located at this site. –Additionally, County EM directors in Orange, Marion and Palm Beach counties have been advised of proposed locations and timetable. –Preliminary LSA site support needs are being assessed and procured in advance of set up along with emergency contact numbers for suppliers.

44 Logistics

45 Up next – Recovery Logistics Unmet Needs – –None at this time Future Operations – –LSA Implementation –Alternate LSA site assessment: Pratt Whitney –Alternate LSA site assessment: Leon County Fairgrounds –Secure fuel distribution sites (4-6) for responder vehicles/ equipment

46 Finance & Administration

47 Up next – Public Information Finance & Administration Current Operations – –Lodging request for inside and outside of the Tallahassee area. –Various equipment purchases for the EOC and deployment Unmet Needs – –None at this time Future Operations – –To assist in the deployment with Response and Recovery –Continue to communicate with your Finance Officers and assist with assurance that Hurricane Charley and Hurricane Frances are reported separately.

48 Public Information Up next – Recovery

49 Public Information Current Operations – –Addressing Media Inquiries Unmet Needs – –None at this time Future Operations – –Prepping for media interviews throughout the day today –Coordinating Media for Governor’s Briefing

50 Recovery Up next – SERT Chief

51 Recovery Current Operations – Unmet Needs – Future Operations –

52 SERT Chief Mike DeLorenzo Steve Glenn

53 Don’t Forget to turn your phone’s ringer back on! Thanks for your cooperation

54 September 4 at 1830 Branch Chiefs Next Briefing

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