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© 2006-2008 Dr. Martha J. Bianco 1. © 2006-2008 Dr. Martha J. Bianco 2 Milton Dictating Paradise Lost to His Daughters, by Delacroix, 1826.

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Presentation on theme: "© 2006-2008 Dr. Martha J. Bianco 1. © 2006-2008 Dr. Martha J. Bianco 2 Milton Dictating Paradise Lost to His Daughters, by Delacroix, 1826."— Presentation transcript:

1 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 1

2 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 2 Milton Dictating Paradise Lost to His Daughters, by Delacroix, 1826

3 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 3 I: Of Man’s First Disobedience Of man’s first disobedience, and the fruit Of that forbidden tree, whose mortal taste Brought death into the world, and all our woe,... Sing heavenly Muse... Say first what cause Moved our grand parents in that happy state, Favoured of heaven so highly, to fall off... ? Who first seduced them to that foul revolt? The infernal serpent, he it was,... The Temptation, by William Strang, 1899

4 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 4 I: Hurled Headlong Flaming from the Ethereal Sky His pride had cast him out from heaven... Him the almighty Power Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky Gustave Doré, Plate 1, Paradise Lost (1866) Him the Almighty Power Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky

5 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 5 I: Chained on the Burning Lake To bottomless perdition... But his doom reserved him to more wrath... Chained on the burning Lake John Martin, Satan on the Burning Lake, 1824

6 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 6 I: “Better to Reign in Hell Than Serve in Heaven” Satan: “What though the field be lost? All is not lost. Better to reign in hell Than serve in heaven.” John Martin, Satan Arousing the Fallen Angels ( )

7 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 7 I: Pandemonium, the High Capital of Satan John Martin, The Fallen Angels Entering Pandemonium, 1841 Meanwhile the winged Heralds by command Of Sovran power, with awful Ceremony And Trumpets’ sound... proclaim A solemn Council forthwith to be held At Pandemonium, the high Capital Of Satan and his Peers:...

8 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 8 I: The Great Consult Began Gustave Doré, Plate 5, Paradise Lost (1866), Their summons called From every band and squared regiment, By place or choice the worthiest Their summons called From every band and squared regiment, By place or choice the worthiest;... In close recess and secret conclave sat A thousand Demi-Gods on golden seats, Frequent and full. After short silence then And summons read, the great consult began.

9 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 9 II: High on a Throne of Royal State Gustave Doré, High on a Throne of Royal State High on a Throne of Royal State,... Satan exalted sat, by merit raised To that bad eminence;... Aspires Beyond thus high, insatiate to pursue Vain War with Heaven...

10 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 10 II: Beelzebub: Majestic though in Ruin: Sage He Stood Richard Westall (1790s) Which when Beelzebub perceived, than whom, Satan except, none higher sat, with grave Aspect he rose, and in his rising seemed A Pillar of State;... his look Drew audience and attention still as Night

11 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 11 II: There is a Place, Another World, the Happy Seat John Martin, Creation of Light, “There is a place, Another world, the happy seat Of some new race called man: perhaps we may Seduce the puny habitants of this new world, That God, their foe, abolish his own works.” -Beelzebub

12 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 12 II: But First Whom Shall We Send? Satan: “But first whom shall we send In search of this new world, whom shall we find Sufficient?” This said, he sat; and expectation held His look suspense, awaiting who appeared To second or oppose or undertake The perilous attempt; but all sat mute... Until at last, Satan, unmoved, thus spake:

13 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 13 II: This Enterprise None Shall Partake with Me Wherefore do I assume These royalties, and refuse to reign, Refusing to accept as great a share Of hazard as of honour? Go therefore mighty powers, Terror of heaven, though fallen, intend at home What best may ease the present misery, While I abroad Through all the coasts of dark destruction seek Deliverance for us all: this enterprise None shall partake with me.

14 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 14 II: Satan’s Daughter, “Sin,” and “Death,” Her Son by His Rape, Guard the Gates of Hell William Hogarth, Satan, Sin and Death, Before the Gates there sat On either side a formidable shape; The one seem’d Woman to the waist, and fair, But ended foul in many a scaly fold Voluminous and vast, a Serpent... The other shape, If shape it might be called that shape had none Distinguishable in member, joint, or limb,... Black it stood as Night,...

15 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 15 II: Into this Wild Abyss... He Had to Cross Gustave Doré, Gulf of Chaos, Of neither Sea, nor Shore, nor Air, nor Fire, But all these in their pregnant causes mixt Confusedly, and which thus must ever fight, Unless the Almighty Maker them ordain His dark materials to create more Worlds, Into this wild Abyss the wary fiend Stood on the Brink of Hell and looked a while, Pondering his Voyage;... He had to cross.

16 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 16 III: To Stoop with Wearied Wings Gustave Doré, Coasting the Wall of Heaven... he then surveyed Hell and the Gulf between, and Satan there Coasting the wall of Heaven on this side Night In the dun Air sublime, and ready now To stoop with wearied wings, and willing feet On the bare outside of this World...

17 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 17 III: So Will Fall Man... Whose Fault? Now had the almighty Father from above Thus to his only Son foreseeing said: “Only begotten Son, seest thou what rage Transports our Adversary... So will fall Man and his faithless progeny: whose fault? Whose but Man’s own? I made him just and right. Sufficient to have stood, though free to fall.”

18 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 18 III: Behold Me Then, Me for Him, Life for Life William Blake, 1808 “Father, thy word is passed, man shall find grace; And shall grace not find means, that finds her way,... Happy for man, so coming; he her aid Can never seek, once dead in sins and lost; Atonement for himself... Indebted and undone, hath none to bring; Behold me then, me for him, life for life I offer, on me let thine anger fall; Account me man; I for his sake will leave Thy bosom, and this glory next to thee Freely put off, and for him lastly die...”

19 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 19 III: And Now a Stripling Cherub He Appears The Angel Uriel and Satan, Disguised as a Cherub, by Edward Burney To Paradise the happy seat of Man, His journey’s end and our beginning woe. But first he casts to change his proper shape, Which else might work him danger or delay: And now a stripling Cherub he appears... Where no ill seems: Which now for once beguiled Uriel, though Regent of the Sun, and held The sharpest-sighted Spirit of all in Heaven;...

20 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 20 IV: Satan Views a Heaven on Earth Gustave Doré Beneath him with new wonder Satan views A heaven on earth, a paradise, all kind Of living creatures new to sight or strange:

21 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 21 IV: Two of Far Nobler Shape Erect and Tall Gustave Doré Two of far nobler shape erect and tall, Godlike erect, with naked honour clad In naked majesty seemed lords of all... Adam the goodliest man of men since born His sons, the fairest of her daughters Eve.

22 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 22 IV: Her Unadorned Golden Tresses Milton Blake Her unadorned golden tresses wore Dishevelled, but in wanton ringlets waved...

23 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 23 IV: God Hath Pronounced It Death to Taste that Tree Francis Haymond Adam: “Sole partner and sole part of all these joys, Dearer thyself than all;... Be infinitely good, and of his good As liberal and free as infinite,... he who requires From us no other service than to keep This one, this easy charge, of all the Trees In Paradise... not to taste that only Tree Of Knowledge,... for well though knowst God hath pronounced it death to taste that Tree, The only sign of our disobedience left...”

24 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 24 IV: Sleep On... If Ye Seek No Happier State, and Know to Know No More William Blake... Sleep on, Blest pair; and O yet happiest if ye seek No happier state, and know to know no more.

25 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 25 IV: Him Thus Intent Ithuriel with his Spear Touched Lightly Edward Burney In search of whom they sought: him there they found... Assaying his Devilish art to reach... Phantasms and Dreams,... Vain hopes, vain aims, inordinate desires... Him thus intent Ithuriel with his Spear Touched lightly;...

26 © Dr. Martha J. Bianco 26 IV: And With Him Fled the Shades of Night Richard Westall, 1790s Gabriel: “Satan, I know thy strength, and thou knowst mine, Neither our own but given; what folly then To boast what Arms can do for proof look up,... Where thou art weighed, and shown how light, how weak, If thou resist.” The Fiend looked up and knew His mounted scale aloft: nor more; but fled Murmuring, and with him fled the shades of night.

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