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Female Reproductive System

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1 Female Reproductive System

2 Female Reproductive System Internal Organs
Fallopian Tube 1 3 2 Uterus 4 Oovary Ccervix 6 vagina 5 Eendometrium Female Reproductive System Internal Organs

3 Vagina Clitoris Hymen Mons Pubis Urethra Labia Majora Anus
1 Mons Pubis 4 Clitoris Urethra 5 2 Labia Majora Vagina 6 3 Labia Minora Hymen 7 8 Anus

4 Ovaries(two)- Ovary(Singular)
1. Two small organs located a few inches below the waist on each side of body. 2. Two Important Functions: To produce the female sex cells= eggs or ova. Ovum = Singular To release female sex hormones; A) Estrogen B) Progesterone

5 One egg is the size of a typewriter dot!
Ovaries (two) 3. Female babies are born with 200, ,000 immature eggs at birth. 4. At puberty, ______ egg is released per month. About _______eggs are released in a woman's reproductive years. One 375 One egg is the size of a typewriter dot!

6 Ovary 5. ________= the release of a mature egg (ovum)from the ovary.
Ovulation 6. An egg will survive for _____hours once it is released from the ovary 24

7 Ovulation =Egg Being Released From Ovary.

8 Fallopian Tubes (two) 7. Serves as a passageway for the ovum(egg) from the ovary to the uterus. 8. Inside the fallopian tubes, tiny hairs called ______push (move) the egg toward the uterus. Cilia

9 Fallopian Tubes 9. Fimbria –Finger-like extensions at the ends of the Fallopian Tubes. 10. Fertilization takes place in the Fallopian Tubes. 11. Fertilization = is the union of the egg & sperm. Egg and Sperm Unite!

10 Uterus What is another name for the Uterus? Womb 12. Uterus is a hollow, muscular, pear shaped organ located above and behind the bladder. 13. The fertilized egg will implant itself the uterus to grow into a baby during the nine months of pregnancy.



13 Uterus 14. The Uterus has layers of tissue called the Endometrium (the inner lining) It has a rich supply of blood to protect and nourish the fetus! CERVIX 15. Cervix =the narrow base of the uterus which opens up into the vagina. 16. The Cervix will Dilate (open or expand) to allow the baby to exit during child birth. **Pin size opening**


15 The picture above to the left is an inflamed endometrium.
Abnormal menstrual periods may have a variety of causes, such as endometrial hyperplasia. When the endometrium becomes unusually thick it is called endometrial hyperplasia.


17 Do NOW Statement Scrambler: Read the statements on the next slide and determine the order that they should be placed. Using the knowledge you have gained this week, try your best to place these in the proper order. Use a blank piece of paper, list 1-6, write down your responses. If you have a question or concern please RAISE your hand! This is an independent activity!

18 Statement Scramble Embryo will now connect to endometrium and grow for nine months of pregnancy in uterus Ovulation occurs: egg is released from ovary into fallopian tube Uterus lining thickens preparing for pregnancy or house fertilized egg Egg and sperm unite in fallopian tube also known as fertilization Egg is now fertilized and considered an embryo Sperm is ejaculated into the vaginal canal 6 1 3 4 5 2

If egg is not fertilized signals are sent to the brain of “no pregnancy” and body gets ready for menstrual cycle Female having symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) Uterine lining will shed and excrete from within the body along with unfertilized egg A menstrual period will take place for 4-8 days

20 How Much Do you Know ?? 1 2 On a blank piece of paper label 1 to 8. Looking at this diagram, write down what body part each number is pointing too. 8 6 7 5 3 4

21 Answer Key 1. Fallopian Tube 2. Fundus 3. Ovary 4. Vaginal Canal 5. Cervix 6. Endometrium 7. Fimbria 8. Uterus

22 Vagina 17. Vagina - A hollow muscular tube leading from the uterus to the outside of the body. It’s walls are very elastic (stretch). 18. This is the female organ for intercourse. (Sperm enters the female). 19. Another name =Birth Canal. The baby exits here.

23 Vagina 20. The menstrual flow exits here; it is the second opening between the urethra and the anus. 21. The external opening is partially covered by a thin sheet of skin(membrane)=hymen. 22. The vagina dramatically expands to allow a baby to be born. 23. The vagina is very elastic and 3 ½ inches long

24 24. The 3 Functions of the vagina?
1. Intercourse 2. Birth 3. Menstrual Flow Exits

25 Quick Review What are the two important functions of the ovaries?
What is the name for the process in which the ovaries release a ripened egg each month ? What structures carry the released eggs from the ovaries? Where does fertilization occur?

26 Quick Review What is another name for the birth canal?
What is another name for the uterus? What is the name for the narrow opening from the uterus into the birth canal ? The fallopian tubes are lined with tiny hairs. What function do they have ? Why is it necessary for the fallopian tubes to be lined with these hairs?

27 Fertilization Advertisement
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28 Exit Slip List two concepts you feel you want to learn more about or are having trouble with.

29 Other Organs 25. The Bladder is in front of the uterus.During pregnancy the uterus pushes down on the bladder. 26. The Rectum is at the end of the large intestines near the anus. 27. The Anus is the opening in the body for the removal of solid waste.

30 28. Females have 3 openings, What are they?
1. Urethra 2. Vagina 3. Anus 29. Men have 2 openings?? 2. Anus


32 External Genitalia

33 External Genitalia 30. Top (smaller) = Urethral opening Bottom = Vaginal opening 31. Mons Pubis- soft fatty tissue on top of the pubic bone. 32. It protects the females internal organs. It becomes covered with pubic hair during puberty.

34 Labia=Lip Majora=Larger Labia=Lip Minora=Smaller
33. Labia Majora- (Outer Labia)-two outer folds of skin which protects the urethra and vagina. Labia=Lip Majora=Larger 34. Labia Minora- (Inner Labia)-two thinner folds of skin which are located under the labia majora. It contains numerous nerve endings/it forms a hood over the clitoris. Labia=Lip Minora=Smaller

35 35. Uretha -Urine is released from the bladder through this tube
36. The Clitoris is located within the Labia Minora. Contains many nerve endings and blood vessels/ it is similar to the male’s penis in that it will become erect due to sexual excitement. It fills with blood & becomes erect.

36 37. Hymen- thin membrane (sheet of skin) which may partially covers the vaginal opening. It can be broken during exercise or sexual intercourse. 38. Orgasm = the climax of sexual excitement. Female can have one or several orgasms during sexual intercourse, whereas the male can have only one.

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