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PRCH © 2007 From Healthcare Provider to Teen: What You Need to Know About Sex and Sexuality ______________________________________________________.

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1 PRCH © 2007 From Healthcare Provider to Teen: What You Need to Know About Sex and Sexuality ______________________________________________________

2 PRCH © 2007 Our Bodies

3 PRCH © 2007 Section 1: Your Body Genitals Reproductive Organs Reproductive Cells

4 PRCH © 2007 Parts That Everyone Has Genitals Nipples Urethra Urethral opening Buttocks Anus

5 PRCH © 2007 Body Diversity Your body is unique! There is no right or wrong way for a body to look.

6 PRCH © 2007 Male Your Body

7 PRCH © 2007 Reprinted with permission from Planned Parenthood® Federation of America, Inc. © 2006 PPFA. All rights reserved.

8 PRCH © 2007 Reprinted with permission from Planned Parenthood® Federation of America, Inc. © 2006 PPFA. All rights reserved.

9 PRCH © 2007 Reprinted with permission from Planned Parenthood® Federation of America, Inc. © 2006 PPFA. All rights reserved.

10 PRCH © 2007 Male Reproductive Cells Sperm Short for spermatozoa Cells that carry male’s genetic material

11 PRCH © 2007 What is semen? A fluid that comes out of the penis during ejaculation Millions of sperm in each drop of semen Usually a teaspoon to a tablespoon of semen is released during an ejaculation

12 PRCH © 2007 What is an erection? Blood flows into the penis making it firm Can occur in sexual and non-sexual situations Almost all erect penises are around the same size It is normal for a guy’s erect penis to curve to the right or left

13 PRCH © 2007 Female Your Body

14 PRCH © 2007 Reprinted with permission from Planned Parenthood® Federation of America, Inc. © 2006 PPFA. All rights reserved.

15 PRCH © 2007 Reprinted with permission from Planned Parenthood® Federation of America, Inc. © 2006 PPFA. All rights reserved.

16 PRCH © 2007 Ovum (Egg) Cells that carry the female’s genetic material Once a woman starts getting her menstrual period, her ovaries usually release one ovum a month Female Reproductive Cells

17 PRCH © 2007 Menstruation Menstruation prepares a female’s body for pregnancy During a female’s menstrual period, her body sheds the uterine lining Menstrual blood flows from the uterus through the small opening in the cervix and passes out of the body through the vagina

18 PRCH © 2007 What is an erection? Can occur in sexual and non-sexual situations During excitement, the clitoris swells and changes position The size and shape of the clitoris varies in each woman, although its location is pretty much the same for all females

19 PRCH © 2007 Let’s Talk About Sexuality

20 PRCH © 2007 Section 2: Attraction Sexual Orientation Gender Identity

21 PRCH © 2007 What is sexual orientation?

22 PRCH © 2007 Sexual Orientation Term used to describe people’s physical and romantic attractions to other people The majority of medical professionals believe people are born with their sexual orientation

23 PRCH © 2007 Sexual Orientation Includes Heterosexual (Straight) –Attracted to people of another gender Homosexual (Gay or Lesbian) –Attracted to people of the same gender Bisexual (Bi) –Attracted to people of both genders Unsure or questioning –Trying to figure it out

24 PRCH © 2007 Gender Identity Includes Male Female Transgender None

25 PRCH © 2007 Now Let’s Talk About Sex

26 PRCH © 2007 Section 3: What is sex? What is sexual stimulation?

27 PRCH © 2007 What are some types of sexual activity? Oral sex Vaginal sex Anal sex Kissing Mutual masturbation Outercourse Dry humping Genital-to-genital contact Masturbation

28 PRCH © 2007 What can happen when a person becomes sexually stimulated? For Males –The penis hardens and forms an erection –A fluid called pre-ejaculate is released from the penis For Females –Blood rushes to the clitoris –The vagina becomes wet For Both Male and Females –Nipples become erect

29 PRCH © 2007 A man ejaculates (semen comes out of the penis) * Not all erections end in ejaculation Sexual Climax: Males

30 PRCH © 2007 Sexual Climax: Females The muscles of the vaginal wall contract It is normal for a woman to ejaculate liquid out of her urethra * Not all females will have a sexual climax during each sex act

31 PRCH © 2007 Less Than Half How many of your high school peers have had vaginal sex? Increases by grade: 34% of 9th graders 43% of 10th graders 51% of 11th graders 63% of 12th graders

32 PRCH © 2007 Pregnancy Risk

33 PRCH © 2007 Section 4: Pregnancy Risk Myths

34 PRCH © 2007 What type of sex puts you at risk for pregnancy? Vaginal Sex Genital-to-genital contact (only when semen is ejaculated)

35 PRCH © 2007 Can a woman get pregnant during her period? Yes

36 PRCH © 2007 Does a woman have to orgasm to get pregnant? No, she does not.

37 PRCH © 2007 Some Things to Keep in Mind Teenagers are very fertile Sperm can live inside of a woman’s body for up to 5 days Even if a guy pulls out, there is still a risk of pregnancy

38 PRCH © 2007 STIs and STDs

39 PRCH © 2007 Section 5: Define STIs and STDs How you can get an STD

40 PRCH © 2007 What are STIs and STDs? STI –An infection spread by sexual contact with certain body parts STD –An infection that has developed symptoms

41 PRCH © 2007 Each year, how many teens contract an STD? More than 9 million new cases of STDs each year in people ages 15-24 By age 25, half of sexually active people will have had an STD Each year, 1 in 4 teens contracts an STD

42 PRCH © 2007 What types of sex put you at risk for STDs? Vaginal sex Anal sex Oral sex Genital-to-genital contact

43 PRCH © 2007 What about if you just touch someone’s genitals with your hand? This is less risky, but…If you have any cuts or sores, you can get or give someone an STD

44 PRCH © 2007 Things That Increase Your Risk Having vaginal sex at a young age Having more than one partner at the same time Not using condoms and dental dams correctly every time

45 PRCH © 2007 Can you tell by looking at someone that he/she has an STD?

46 PRCH © 2007 No, you can’t tell! Most of the time, STDs have no symptoms When there are symptoms, they include: –Burning when you urinate –Discharge from the penis or the vagina –Bumps or spots

47 PRCH © 2007 Curable STDs Chlamydia Gonorrhea

48 PRCH © 2007 Treatable STDs Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) –Can cause cervical cancer and genital warts Herpes HIV and AIDS

49 PRCH © 2007 If You Think You Have Been Exposed to an STD Get tested –STD clinics offer confidential screening –If the test is positive, follow your doctor’s advice for treatment Talk to your partner(s) and tell them to get tested

50 PRCH © 2007 Preventing Pregnancy and STDs

51 PRCH © 2007 Section 6: Your many choices Tips for making your choices Emergency contraception Pregnancy

52 PRCH © 2007 What You Can Do to Prevent Pregnancy 1) Abstinence 2) Barrier Methods 3) Hormonal Contraception

53 PRCH © 2007 What You Can Do to Prevent STDs 1) Abstinence 2) Male Condoms, Female Condoms, and Dental Dams

54 PRCH © 2007 Abstinence #1 way to protect yourself  What do I consider to be abstinence?  Is it right for me?  Is it right for my partner?  Am I comfortable communicating my intentions to your partner?

55 PRCH © 2007 What can I do that is safe? Dry humping (with clothes on) Masturbation Sexual talk (chatting/IM, phone sex, sharing fantasies)

56 PRCH © 2007 Masturbation: A Safe Form of Sex Both males and females can and do masturbate Causes no physical harm and there is no risk of pregnancy or STDs Can relieve stress, tension, and sexual desire Familiarizes you with your body

57 PRCH © 2007 If you decide you are ready to have sex…

58 PRCH © 2007 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Have Sex  Am I emotionally ready to have sex?  Do I trust my partner?  Do I feel pressured into this decision?  How do my religious beliefs, spiritual beliefs, and values affect my choice?  How will I feel after?

59 PRCH © 2007 What should you do before having sex for the first time, or with a new partner?  Get tested  Discuss past exposure to STDs  Discuss boundaries  Talk to your doctor and develop a pregnancy and STD prevention plan

60 PRCH © 2007 What should you ask when making an appointment?  How much will my visit cost?  Can my partner come with me?  Are services confidential?  Are you going to call my house?  Are you going to mail my test results?

61 PRCH © 2007 Tips for Talking to Your Doctor  Be honest  Ask questions  Ask for an explanation

62 PRCH © 2007 Things That Will Not Protect You from STDs and Pregnancy Douching or washing after sex Withdrawing before ejaculation Using plastic wrap instead of a condom

63 PRCH © 2007 Hormonal Contraception Birth Control Pills The Vaginal Ring The “Shot” The Patch IUD 54 mm 4 mm

64 PRCH © 2007 STD Prevention: Condoms and Dental Dams Most effective means of preventing STDs (besides abstinence) To be effective, you must use a new condom EVERY time you have sex For oral sex, use condoms or dental dams to cover the penis, vagina, or anus

65 PRCH © 2007 Barrier Methods Condoms –Male condoms Latex Lambskin Polyurethane Female condoms (polyurethane) Cervical Cap Diaphragm

66 PRCH © 2007 Is there a right and wrong way to use a condom? YES!

67 PRCH © 2007 Things to Remember About Condoms Always check the expiration date and look for damage to the wrapper or condom before using Never use a condom more than once Using two condoms at once does not offer increased protection You have to use the condom the entire time you have sex

68 PRCH © 2007 Other Things to Remember About Condoms Do not use oils, lotions, or Vaseline anywhere on the condom (either inside or out) Use lubricants (or lube) specifically designed for use during sex!

69 PRCH © 2007 Choosing What Is Right for You Very personal decision How well each method will work for you?  How effective is it?  How will it fit into your lifestyle?  What are the side effects?  Is it affordable? Remember: oral contraception does not provide STD protection

70 PRCH © 2007 Is there anything you can do to prevent pregnancy? The condom breaks? You forgot to take your pill? Sex was forced? What if:

71 PRCH © 2007 You can take Emergency Contraception (EC) YES!

72 PRCH © 2007 Emergency Contraception Plan B ® –Will not work if you’re already pregnant –Pills you can take up to 5 days after unprotected sex –Work best the sooner you take them –If you are >18, you need a prescription If you are 18+, you can get EC over the counter –The Emergency Contraception Hotline: 1-888-NOT-2-LATE

73 PRCH © 2007 If you or your partner get pregnant, what are your options? Continue Pregnancy –Adoption –Parenthood End Pregnancy –Abortion

74 PRCH © 2007 Questions?

75 PRCH © 2007 Useful Websites Sex, Etc. Go Ask Alice!

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