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Chapter 5 Male Sexual Anatomy and Physiology

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1 Chapter 5 Male Sexual Anatomy and Physiology

2 Erection Coordinated by autonomic nervous system Arteries expand Capacity for erection is present at birth Psychogenic (mind) physiogenic erections (body)

3 Penis Size Penis size is seen as a symbol of virility
Erect penises show less variation than flaccid Size NOT related to sexual satisfaction Penile augmentation #1 cosmetic surgery for British men Genital retraction syndrome (GRS) Koro, shrinking into body

4 Concerns about Sexual Functioning
Phimosis Extremely tight foreskin Circumcision Hygenic value & risk for STDs? Medical risks Mutilation, shock, psychological trauma American Academy of Pediatrics moderate opposition Sexual satisfaction

5 Male Genital Health: Penis Health-Care Issues
Cleanliness Smegma (dead skin cells, can cause infection) Allergic reaction to vaginal secretions Injuries Don’t use vacuums! Penetration

6 Male Genital Health: Testicle Health-Care Issues
Penile Cancer Over 50, multiple partners, poor hygiene, herpes Testicular Cancer Rare More common in young men (15 to 34 years old) Hard or irregular mass Survival > 90% if detected early Most have normal sexual pleasure post surgery

7 Male Genital Health: Prostate Cancer
Higher among Black men Lower survival rate too Genetic, hormonal, nutritional factors Lacks easily detectable symptoms Digital rectal examination Prostate specific antigen Detectable by blood test

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