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Rare Plants of the Central Valley California Native Plant Society Workshop – February 15, 2011 Carol W. Witham.

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1 Rare Plants of the Central Valley California Native Plant Society Workshop – February 15, 2011 Carol W. Witham

2 Workshop Outline Lecture Presentations – Introduction/Orientation – CNPS Online Inventory Handouts/Cheatsheets – Lasthenia – Endangered VP Grasses – Juncus – Limnanthes – Downingia Photographic Tours – Delta, Floodplain and Riparian – Alkali Mesic Grasslands – (Non-alkali) Grasslands – Vernal Pools Laboratory Exercises – Lasthenia – Endangered Grasses – Juncus (quiz) Closing Discussions – Course evaluations

3 Geographic Orientation

4 Delta, Floodplain and Riparian selected rare plants of brackish and freshwater marshes and riparian scrub and forest

5 Delta, Floodplain and Riparian Limosella subulata Scrophulariaceae (???) Leaves not septated Lilaeopsis masonii Apiaceae Leaves septated Mixed stand of Lilaeopsis & Limosella Occurs primarily on intertidal mudflats, but can occur in rip-rapped areas Best surveyed for by boat during low tide © Rob Preston © Aaron Arthur

6 Delta, Floodplain and Riparian Hibiscus lasiocarpus var. occidentalis Marshes Often in areas with tidal influence Cordylanthus mollis ssp. mollis Coastal salt or brackish marshes Suisun Marsh Cirsium hydrophilum var. hydrophilum Salt marshes Suisun Marsh © Kristiaan Stuart © Doug Wirtz

7 Delta, Floodplain and Riparian Eryngium racemosum Riparian scrub Primarily San Joaquin delta, often alkaline Lathyrus jepsonii var. jepsonii Fresh or brackish marshes Riparian scrub Aster lentus (Symphyotrichum lentum) Fresh and brackish marshes Suisun Marsh © James Reiter © Mark Fogiel © Chris Winchell

8 Alkali Mesic Grasslands selected rare plants of alkali mesic grasslands including scalds and slickspots

9 Alkali Mesic Grassland Atriplex cordulata Erect Branched below Scalds, playas and alkaline vernal pools Atriplex erecticaulis Erect Branched above & below Scalds, playas & pools Atriplex persistens Erect Staminate flowers in terminal spikes Alkali vernal pools © Chris Winchell © Rob Preston

10 Alkali Mesic Grassland Atriplex miniscula Prostrate Scalds, playas & pools Atriplex depressa Prostrate Leaves 2 ranked Scalds, playas & pools © Rob Preston

11 Alkali Mesic Grassland Atriplex joaquiniana Erect Fruit resembles fluted vase Scalds, playas & pools Atriplex subtilis Generally prostrate Scalds, playas & pools © Rob Preston © Zoya Akulova

12 Alkali Mesic Grassland Cordylanthus palmatus Soft hairs <1mm Mesic grasslands Cordylanthus mollis ssp. hispidus Stiff hairs >1mm Mesic grasslands and playas © Rob Preston © Doug Wirtz

13 Alkali Mesic Grassland Astragalus tener var. tener – short pods var. ferrisiae – long pods with pseudostipe Lepidium latipes var. heckardii stiff hairs >1mm mesic grasslands © Carol Witham

14 (Alluvial Terrace) Grasslands selected rare plants of (non-alkali) grasslands terraces above the valley floor

15 Grasslands Castilleja rubicundula ssp. rubicundula Pink corolla Open grassland, often serpentinite Monardella douglasii ssp. venosa Open grasslands, usually in heavy clay Recently rediscovered in Butte County Delphinium recurvatum Mesic grassland, sometimes alkaline © Vernon Smith © George Hartwell © Aaron Schustell

16 Grasslands Astragalus rattanii var. jepsonianus Grassland, oak woodland often serpentinite Calycadenia hooveri Grassland, oak woodland, generally rocky Blooms July-September Eastern San Joaquin Valley Calycadenia oppositifolia Grassland openings in various habitats Butte County endemic © Roxanne Bittman © Neal Kramer © George Hartwell

17 Grasslands Fritillaria agrestis Style branched Nectaries prominent Unpleasant odor Fritillaria liliacea Style branched Nectaries obscure Odorless or faintly fragrant Fritillaria pluriflora Style entire Odorless © Kelly Bougher © Carol Witham © John Dittes

18 Grasslands Lotus rubriflorus (Acmispon rubriflorus) Red flowers Grasslands & Woodlands Paronychia ahartii Mesic grassland, usually volcanics Also woodlands & shallow vernal pools © CNPS © Carol Witham

19 Vernal Pools selected rare plants of puddles, pools and playas typical vernal pools

20 Vernal Pools Chamaesyce hooveri Summer blooming Large playa-like pools Grasses in Orcuttieae Summer blooming No ligule Sticky/acidic exudate © Carol Witham © Chris Winchell

21 Vernal Pools Downingia pusilla Flowers < 2 mm 2 color morphs with different corolla shape Areas of low competition Legenere limosa Often apetalus Note peduncle below inferior ovary Multiple pool types © Carol Witham © Janell Hillman

22 Vernal Pools Gratiola heterosepala 3 sepals form a 2-thumbed mitten 2 corolla lobes yellow Areas of low competition Gratiola ebracteata © Carol Witham

23 Vernal Pools Limnanthes floccosa ssp. californica Endemic to Butte County Petals are supposed to have a ring of hairs at the base Occurs in vernal pools Limnanthes floccosa ssp. floccosa More widespread Note hairiness of outer sepal surface Most often occurs in vernal swales © Carol Witham © Rob Preston

24 Vernal Pools Juncus leiospermus var. ahartii Seeds not striate @ 10x Single fruits Mostly vernal swales Juncus leiospermus var. leiospermus Seeds not striate @ 10x Multiple fruits Mostly vernal swales Juncus digitatus Seeds striate @ 10x Multiple fruits Cascade foothills © Carol Witham © John Dittes

25 Workshop Wrap-up Juncus id quiz A.__________________ B.__________________ C.__________________ D.__________________ E.__________________ F.__________________ Essay questions – When and how of rare plant surveys – Take home message is why Course evaluation Resources – CalPhotos, but user beware! – CNPS Online Inventory

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