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Extraterrestrial Evolution

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1 Extraterrestrial Evolution
Barlowe’s Aliens Classified By Tera Reid

2 Progenitor: Solaris 700 billion tons Organic entity Devoid of O2
Organized Intelligence

3 Progenitor: Solaris

4 Mimoids Soft Ones Intelligent Gaseous Feed on Sunlight Black Cloud
Interstellar hydrogen Absorbs sun/star energy

5 Mother Large, intelligent organism Camouflage – large boulder
Omnivorous Females - Stationary

6 Mother Cryer silicon-based plant Unity 18% Oxygen Czill
Mobile plant intelligence Absorbs carbon dioxide, water Dextran Carnivorous Semi-mobile Intelligent females

7 Cryer  Cygnostik Cryer  Garnishee Similarities: Metallic gray tone
2.0 – 2.5 meters Intelligent forms Convergent Evolution with Bipedal Species Similarities: Tree shaped *Omnivorous, like Mother* Cryer  Garnishee


9 Slash  Mesklinite Radiate  Sirian
Loss of tentacles Gain of 18 pairs of legs Gain of tentacles, fur Inherited eyes Velantian -Serpentine -12 limbs

10 Independent

11 Common Evolutionary Trait Chosen: Wings
Cinruss* Overlords Old One*

12 Insectoid Evolution Demu Cinruss Chulpex Overlord 4 limbs
Bipedal Hard Chiton Exoskeleton Loss of Wings 6 limbs Now bipedal Overlord Wings Sustained

13 Evolution of Exoskeleton
DirDir Flexible skin like bone Antennae Pnume Body Armor Wings Exoskeleton Mandibles Flexible Overlord

14 Tentacle & Winged Evolution
Wings Trait  Ixtl 4 arms, 4 legs Derivative of the tentacles Riim - Bipedal - Bird-like Ixchel - 4 arms, 2 legs - Derivative of tentacles - Bipedal The Thing Tentacle hands 4 limbs Shapeshifter

15 Old One  Ishtarian  Demon
Tentacles to Limbs Moss – Body Leaves – Mane Both plant and animal life 6 limbs to 4 limbs Fur instead of Plant

16 Puppeteer  Sulidor  Dilbian
Back to 1 head Bipedal, thicker fur Elongated nose Maintains 4 limbs Brainless heads Shortened nose to muzzle Thinned fur; bear-like

17  Tran  Vegan  Ruml Mammalian Broad, not strong 4 fingered hands
Weak, flexible 6 fingered hands Marsupials Narrow pelvis Cannot stand fully erect

18 Ruml  Athshean -evolved from tree dwelling primates after a more human species on Athshe became extinct Fur, Closer to erect, no pouches


20 Uchjinian Appears Genderless Range in color Pliable smear of matter
Float freely Abyormenite Genderless Six tentacles Polarian Teardrop shape Muscular socket and wheel

21 Abyormenite

22 Gowachin  Thrint  Merseian
-Reptilian Scales Merseian Mammalian Faint scales Salaman - Amphibious - Amphibious - Smooth, wet skin - Webbing Lithian Amphibian to Reptile Development Gowachin  Salaman  Lithian

23 Amphibian  Humanoid Guild Steersman - Humanoid Webbed Feet & Hands

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