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Extraterrestrial Evolution Barlowe’s Aliens Classified By Tera Reid.

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1 Extraterrestrial Evolution Barlowe’s Aliens Classified By Tera Reid

2 Progenitor: Solaris 700 billion tons 700 billion tons Organic entity Organic entity Devoid of O2 Devoid of O2 Organized Intelligence Organized Intelligence

3 Progenitor: Solaris Solaris Mimoids Gaseous Mother Plant Independents Bird-likeSeal-like

4 Mimoids Soft Ones -Intelligent -Gaseous -Feed on Sunlight Black Cloud -Interstellar hydrogen -Absorbs sun/star energy

5 Mother Large, intelligent organism Large, intelligent organism Camouflage – large boulder Camouflage – large boulder Omnivorous Omnivorous Females - Stationary Females - Stationary

6 Mother Cryer Cryer - silicon-based plant - Unity - 18% Oxygen Czill Czill - Mobile plant intelligence - Absorbs carbon dioxide, water Dextran Dextran - Carnivorous - Semi-mobile - Intelligent females

7 Similarities: -Metallic gray tone – 2.5 meters - Intelligent forms Cryer  Cygnostik Convergent Evolution with Bipedal Species Cryer  Garnishee Similarities: -Tree shaped *Omnivorous, like Mother*

8 DEXTRAN Dextran Slash Mesklinite MedusanRadiate Sirian

9 Slash  Mesklinite Radiate  Sirian Slash  Mesklinite Radiate  Sirian Loss of tentacles Gain of 18 pairs of legs Gain of tentacles, fur Inherited eyes Velantian -Serpentine -12 limbs

10 Independent Independent Old Galactic Nervous system Host bodies Bird-likeSeal-like

11 Common Evolutionary Trait Chosen: Wings Common Evolutionary Trait Chosen: Wings Cinruss* Overlords Old One* Cinruss* Overlords Old One*

12 Cinruss Loss of Wings 6 limbs Now bipedal Chulpex Insectoid Evolution Demu 4 limbs Bipedal Hard Chiton Exoskeleton Wings Sustained Overlord

13 Evolution of Exoskeleton -Body Armor - Wings Overlord Flexible skin like bone Antennae DirDir Exoskeleton Mandibles Flexible Pnume

14 Tentacle & Winged Evolution Wings Trait  Riim - Bipedal - Bird-like Ixtl -4 arms, 4 legs - Derivative of the tentacles Ixchel - 4 arms, 2 legs - Derivative of tentacles - Bipedal The Thing -Tentacle hands - 4 limbs - Shapeshifter

15 Old One  Ishtarian  Demon Both plant and animal life Tentacles to Limbs Moss – Body Leaves – Mane 6 limbs to 4 limbs Fur instead of Plant

16 Puppeteer  Sulidor  Dilbian Back to 1 head Bipedal, thicker fur Elongated nose Shortened nose to muzzle Thinned fur; bear-like Maintains 4 limbs Brainless heads

17  Tran  Vegan  Ruml -Mammalian - Broad, not strong - 4 fingered hands - Weak, flexible - 6 fingered hands -Marsupials - Narrow pelvis - Cannot stand fully erect

18 Ruml  Athshean -Fur, Closer to erect, no pouches -evolved from tree dwelling primates after a more human species on Athshe became extinct

19 Seal-like shape Uchjinian PolarianAbyormenite Gowachin Thrint Merseian Salaman Lithian Guildsmen Cygnan

20 Uchjinian Appears Genderless Range in color Pliable smear of matter Float freely Abyormenite -Genderless -Six tentacles Polarian -Teardrop shape -Muscular socket and wheel

21 Abyormenite TyreeanMaster RegulTriped

22 Gowachin  Thrint  Merseian - Amphibious - Smooth, wet skin - Webbing Gowachin  Salaman  Lithian Thrint -Reptilian -Scales Merseian - Mammalian - Faint scales Salaman - Amphibious Lithian -Amphibian to Reptile Development

23 Amphibian  Humanoid Guild Steersman - Humanoid - Webbed Feet & Hands

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