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Intestinal obstruction

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1 Intestinal obstruction

2 1.  Complete mechanical small bowel obstruction can cause dehydration by: A Inducing vomiting. B. Decreasing intestinal absorption of water. C. Causing secretion of water into the intestinal lumen. D. all of the above.

3 2. Commonest cause of intestinal obstruction: A. Tumors B. Inflamatory
C. Adhesions D. Intraluminal

4 3. All are true except: A. Jejunum is characterized by valvulae conniventes B. Ileum is featureless. C. Haustral folds completely pass across the width & regularly placed. D. Two fluid level in small bowel considered normal.

5 4. All are the signs of strangulation except:
A. severe colicky abdominal pain B. fever C. tenderness with rigidity D. shock

6 5.  The most helpful diagnostic radiographic procedure in small bowel obstruction is: A. CT of the abdomen. B. Contrast study of the intestine. C. Supine and erect x-rays of the abdomen. D. Ultrasonography of the abdomen.

7 6. What is the following radiological element which reveal a gall stone ileus? A. Air under diaphragm. B. Air-fluid level of small gut. C. Pneumobilia. D. Enlargement of parieto-colic groove.

8 7. Most reliable sign of non-viability of bowel A. absent peristalsis
B. loss of normal shine C. loss of pulsation in mesentry D. green or black color of bowel

9 8 Most common variant of intussusception is A. Ileoileal B. Ileocolic
C. ileo-ileo-colic D. colocolic

10 9. “Constipation is present in intestinal obstrution”it does not apply in all except A. Richter’s Hernia B. Intussusception C. Gallstone obturation. D. Mesentric vascular occlusion

11 10. Indication for urgent surgery are all except :
A. Failure of conservative management B. Adhesions & bands C. Tender, irreducible hernia D. Strangulation

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