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What is The Congressional Award?  The Congressional Award is a public/private partnership created by Congress to promote and recognize initiative,

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3 What is The Congressional Award?  The Congressional Award is a public/private partnership created by Congress to promote and recognize initiative, service and achievement in America's youth. The Congressional Award provides a unique opportunity for young people to set and achieve personally challenging goals that build character and foster community service, personal development, and citizenship.

4 What is The Congressional Award?  Through The Congressional Award, the U.S. Congress challenges young Americans to challenge themselves, and recognizes young people who set and achieve goals in four program areas.

5 Four Program Areas  Voluntary Public Service  Personal Development  Physical Fitness  Expedition/Exploration

6 Voluntary Public Service  Sharing your time and talents with others is an important part of The Congressional Award program.  This requires sensitivity, perception of need, and determination.


8 Voluntary Public Service Guidelines  Up to Four Different Goals  Spread Out Your Hours  Activities Must Benefit Community at Large  Public Organizations  Non Partisan

9 Voluntary Public Service Sample Activities  Animal Care shelter work  Camp Volunteer  Beautification Projects  Library Work  Hospital Volunteer  Red Cross  Tutoring

10 Personal Development  Expand your horizons while developing individual interests, social and life skills.  Pursue a new interest or advance to a higher level in an ongoing interest.


12 Personal Development Guidelines  Up to two Different Goals  Measurable, Definite Task  Part-time Work if you are a Full-time Student  Educational Activities, if employed Full-Time  Plan Individually or Part of a Group

13 Personal Development Sample Activities  Arts and Crafts  Career Development  Conservation/Environment  Leadership Training  Creative Writing  Theatre/Acting  Language Study

14 Physical Fitness  Improve your quality of life through participation in fitness activities.  The Congressional Award challenges you to achieve a measurable goal in a team sport or individual physical activity.


16 Physical Fitness Guidelines  Up to two Different Goals  Goals cannot be Competitive  Goals should be Specific and Measurable  Include Current Fitness Level  Remember, Fitness Activities do not have to be Strenuous in Order to be Challenging

17 Physical Fitness Sample Activities  Team Sports  Weight Lifting  Running, Jogging, or Walking  Skiing  Dance  Golf  Develop Your Own Work-out Routine

18 Expedition/Exploration  Challenge yourself through an interaction with the wilderness or by immersing yourself in an unfamiliar culture.  The Congressional Award allows you to choose between an Expedition or Exploration.


20 Expedition/Exploration Guidelines  Develop a Spirit of Adventure and Discovery  Organize, Prepare, Plan and Execute  Work Individually or as a part of a Team  Be Self-Sufficient  Inexpensive - Does Not Have to be Costly  Be Safe!

21 Expedition/Exploration Sample Activities  Camping / Wilderness Hiking  Bicycle Tour  Visit a Museum  Study Abroad  Outward Bound  Visit a new city  Explore a new Environment

22 Program Requirements There are six levels of the Award—Bronze, Silver, and Gold Certificates and Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals. Each level is cumulative. Time spent on one Award is carried on to the next level.

23 Program Requirements – Hours Certificate Level  Voluntary Public Service30 60 90  Personal Development15 30 45  Physical Fitness15 30 45  Expedition/Exploration One Two Three (number of days)  Minimum Total Hours60 120 180 Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold

24 Program Requirements – Hours Medal Level  Voluntary Public Service 100 200 400  Personal Development 50 100 200  Physical Fitness 50 100 200  Expedition/Exploration One Two Four (number of consecutive overnights)  Minimum Total Hours200400800 Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold

25 Program Requirements - Months  Certificate Bronze/Silver: N/A  Certificate Gold: 6 months  Bronze Medal: 7 Months  Silver Medal: 12 Months  Gold Medal: 24 Months

26 Month Requirements  One must accumulate the requisite hours over at least 12 months (not necessarily consecutive) of activity in each activity area.  Months are cumulative  Months are counted only once in the same activity area, meaning if you document two PF activities during the same six-month period, you will only get credit for 6 months of activity, not 12.

27 How Can I Participate? Register & Choose an Advisor Register & Choose an Advisor Set Your Goals Achieve Your Goals Receive Your Award Move to the Next Level

28 Register  Fill out the Registration Form and Waiver. Mail to the National Office with the $10 Registration Fee.  Or Register online at and follow the instructions.

29 Choose an Advisor  Select an Advisor to help guide you through the Congressional Award program.  Advisors can be anyone other than your parent, relative or peer that is over the age of 18.  Examples of Advisors include neighbors, teachers, scoutmasters, guidance counselors, youth leaders, or coaches.

30 Set Your Goals  Set goals in each of the four Program Areas with the help of your adult Advisor.  Goals should be measurable, achievable, worthwhile, challenging and fulfilling.  Use the Program Book as a guide when setting your goals.

31 Achieve Your Goals  Work at your own pace toward your goals.  Keep accurate records such as timesheets, journals or write-ups.  Record your hours and a description of your activities in your Congressional Award Record Book.  Record Books are mailed directly to the participant and can be found on our website.

32 Receive Your Award  Once a participant has earned the Bronze or Silver Medal, a ceremony is planned locally in which the participant's Member of Congress presents The Award.

33 Receive Your Award  Gold Medal earners are invited to come to Washington, DC, to receive their Award in an annual ceremony at the U.S. Capitol.

34 Move to the Next Level  Work with your Advisor to set new goals for the next level of the Award.  You may select new activities or continue with your current goals and activities.  Remember, all hours are cumulative.

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