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Deer Population Goal Setting: Process and Team Members

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1 Deer Population Goal Setting: Process and Team Members
MN DNR Roundtable January 2015 Leslie McInenly, Section of Wildlife, MN Department of Natural Resources

2 Today Quick Review of Process Advisory Teams Questions
Solicitation and selection Composition Questions

3 Why a Public Process? To help us better understand the diversity of perspectives Work with citizens to conserve/ manage state’s natural resources Outcome: Ecologically and socially acceptable population goals that reflect the DNR mission Implement management to work toward goals beginning in Fall 2015

4 Who? Anyone with an interest in deer management - hunters - residents
- resource users - etc. Collect data from statistically valid surveys - hunters - landowners Collect input from meetings, questionnaires, comment Representative advisory teams review data, information & input

5 What is the process? Background Information
Public Input (Meetings and questionnaire) Advisory Team Meetings (March 2015) Public Comment (April 2015) DNR Finalizes Recommendations (June 2015)

6 Where? 2015 Blocks Superior Uplands Arrowhead NC Plains Moraines
Pine Moraines East Central Uplands Sand Plain – Big Woods

7 DNR Stakeholder Surveys: June 2014 – January 2015
Collect information about public desires/opinions Recipients selected randomly to provide a statistically representative sample Differ from public input opportunities which may include some bias. In , surveyed landowners (>2 acres) and hunters in all 5 goal blocks.

8 Example Survey Results
Goal Block 3: Pine Moraines Perception of deer population around property (or area hunted) and surrounding areas n Too high About right Too low Hunters 685 6% 40% 54% Hunting Landowners 564 11% 47% 41% Non-hunting Landowners 303 18% 63% 20%

9 Advisory Team Solicitation and Selection
Application period (10/6 – 11/17) 264 applicants Selection of ~15 applicants/team Identification of additional appointees beyond the initial selection as needed Over 250 individuals responded to the open call for nominations. Min = 37; max = 86 - blind review by area and program staff (~20-30) - team selection by regional manager, reviewed by Division and confirmed by Commissioner Team members were selected to represent the various interests in deer management as well as provide good, geographic representation of the permit areas. All members have some personal connection to the goal block and personal familiarity with deer populations in the permit areas.

10 Advisory Team Roles Represent various interests
Members of the team are expected to: - attend at least one public meeting to listen - be open and honest with each other - bring representative perspectives from their background or interest group Work toward consensus-based recommendations Provide population goal recommendations for DNR consideration

11 2015 Advisory Teams Superior Uplands Arrowhead (15) % Unaffiliated - >87% Hunters Authorized Representatives: Treaty Authority, Fond du Lac Band, Izaak Walton League, Sugarloaf - North Shore Stewardship Assoc., MDHA, MFRC, Lake Cty Land Dept./MACLC, TNC, USFS NC Plains Moraines (16) - 63% Unaffiliated - 88% Hunters Authorized Representatives: Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, MDHA, Minnesota Naturalists Association, TNC, USFS, White Earth Natural Resources Hunters = hunted deer during past 3 years

12 2015 Advisory Teams Pine Moraines (15) East Central Uplands (17)
- 60% Unaffiliated - 93% Hunters Authorized Representatives: Cass County Land Dept./MACLC, MDHA, QDMA, TNC East Central Uplands (17) - 53% Unaffiliated - >76% Hunters Authorized Representatives: Crow Wing Land Services/MACLC, GLIFWC, MBI, MDHA, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, QDMA, TNC

13 2015 Advisory Teams Sand Plains – Big Woods (15)
- 80% Unaffiliated - 80% Hunters Authorized Representatives: MDHA, TNC, Three Rivers Park District

14 Process Updates Now Soon April Public Meetings Background Info
Team Info Online Questionnaire April Team Recs Public Comment

15 651-259-5198

16 Goal Block 1: Superior Uplands Arrowhead
Jerry Berding Scott Mead (IWL) Chuck Dryke Craig Merriman Chris Dunham (TNC) Shawn Perich (MFRC) Nathan Eide (MACLC) Dan Ryan (USFS) Andy Edwards (1854) Mick Schrage (FDL) Josh Goutermont Molly Thompson (NSSA) Bill Lannon Brad Trevena (MDHA) Rose Maslowski Appointees to-date; final teams may have additional members pending confirmation

17 Goal Block 2: NC Plains Moraines
Scott Abel Jessica Kish Doug Applegren (MDHA) Dickson Lewis Kelly Barrett (USFS) Doug McArthur (WENR) Mark Cook Steve Mortensen (LLBO) Tim Evens Dennis Neitzke Eric Henderson Katie Pata (MNA) Todd Holman (TNC) Ray Vlasek Jason Kilanowski Ross Williams Appointees to-date; final teams may have additional members pending confirmation

18 Goal Block 3: Pine Moraines
Travis Bartnick (MACLC) Russel Johnsrud Bill Faber (CLC) Peter Lodermeier (MDHA) Heath Fosteson John Maile (Camp Ripley) Phil Goeden (QDMA) David Schiller Matt Graeve (TNC) Tanner Schmitz Chris Guelcher Randy Thompson Dallas Hudson Cindie Van Tassel Darwin Huwe Appointees to-date; final teams may have additional members pending confirmation

19 Goal Block 4: East Central Uplands
Kelly Applegate (MLBO) Nick McCann (GLIFWC) John Barsody Mackenzie Perry (QDMA) Jacob Frie (MACLC) Angie Schilling Jim Gerwing Gary Thompson (MDHA) Brooks Johnson (MBI) Nathan VanRisseghem Chris Johnson Kathy Von Bank Tad Johnson Mark White (TNC) Marcus Marsh Scott Zwick Darren Mayers (SWCD) Appointees to-date; final teams may have additional members pending confirmation

20 Goal Block 5: Sand Plain – Big Woods
John Carlson John Moriarty (TRPD) Meredith Cornett (TNC) Dan Pakulski Matthew Doth Steve Ranallo (MDHA) Greg Graves Barry Rhineberger Dean Kleinhans Travis Schultz Scott Maricle Diane Smith Dave Medvecky Rick Wagner Erik Mottl Appointees to-date; final teams may have additional members pending confirmation

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