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Industrial Security 2010 Worldwide Security Conference.

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1 Industrial Security 2010 Worldwide Security Conference

2 Industrial Security Policy Forums Represent Army on Industrial Security Policy Government Industrial Security Working Group (GISWG) –Government only working group to discuss updates in policy as it relates to Industrial Security –Chaired by Defense Security Service National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee (NISPPAC) –Chaired by the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) –Representation includes: DoD, Agencies and 7 appointed members of Industry that collectively represent all of industry NISPPAC is responsible for recommending changes in industrial security policy through modifications to Executive Order 12829, “National Industrial Security Program” (NISP), as amended, its implementing directives, and DoD 5220.22-R, “Industrial Security Regulation,”. The NISPPAC advises ISOO on all matters concerning NISP policies, including recommended changes to those policies, and a forum to discuss policy issues in dispute.

3 Industrial Security Regulation AR 380-49, Industrial Security Program has undergone a complete revision –Expands the Authorities and Responsibilities Provides responsibilities for Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs)/ Contract Monitors (CMs) Requires a Command Industrial Security Specialist (ISS) be delegated in writing to oversee and administer the industrial security program –Provides policy and guidance for cleared contractor facilities and embedded/integrated contractors on an Army installation, for which the Commander retains security oversight and inspection responsibilities –Facility Security Clearance Procedures –Foreign Ownership, Control and Influence National Interest Determinations –Security Training and Briefing –Procedures on preparing, reviewing/revising and distributing the DD Form 254, DoD Contract Security Classification Specifications (to include the required signatures) –Oversight Reviews and Reporting Requirements –Subcontracting Requirements

4 National Industrial Security Program (NISP) Manual, Volume 2, Industrial Security Procedures for Government Activities (Replacement for DoD 5220-22-R, Industrial Security Regulation, December 1985) –Informal review (February 2010) –International Chapter 14 informal review (March 2010) –Personnel Chapter 6 not provided to date Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO), proposed change to 32 C.F.R. Part 2004, Implementing Directive for Executive Order, 12829, as Amended, National Industrial Security Program for National Interest Determinations (NIDs) –Formal review (November 2009) –Public comment in Federal Registry (January 2010) and then release –Effective May 6, 2010 –Incorporated Change 1, June 8, 2010 (includes all COMSEC (classified and unclassified), or export controlled information, as it relates to classified contracts under a Special Security Agreement) DoD 5220.22-M, NISPOM –Draft comments due to ISOO 23 July 2010 Updates

5 Army DD Form 254 Handbook –This guide contains step by step procedures for completing the DD Form 254. –VTC on 9 July 2010 for Commands Army working group to update AR 715-30, Secure Environment Contracting –Change to include all classified contracts (No current contract/acquisition regulation that provide policy and/or guidance) DSSA DoD Security Specialist Training –Basic Industrial Security for User Agency Personnel (ISOO1.08) –Introduction to Industrial Security (ISO11.16) DSSA DD Form 254 Preparation On-line Course Working Group –Online fillable DD From 254 Areas that explain what is to be entered into the sections Automatic fill-ins for certain sections

6 DD Form 254 Fillable Form

7 DD Form 254 Assistance

8 Industrial Security Team Industrial Security Lead Ms. Lisa Gearhart 703-601-1565 Industrial Security Specialist Ms. Pamela Spilman 703-601-1567

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