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The Forest Conservation Fund of Jamaica. The Forest Conservation Fund The FCF is the result of a Debt-For-Nature Swap Agreement signed in 2004 by the.

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1 The Forest Conservation Fund of Jamaica

2 The Forest Conservation Fund The FCF is the result of a Debt-For-Nature Swap Agreement signed in 2004 by the Governments of Jamaica and the United States of America. The Agreement followed on the enactment by the US Government in 1998 of the Tropical Forest Conservation Act (TFCA) to offer eligible developing countries, options to relieve certain debt owed to the US. These payments would then be used to support local tropical forest conservation activities.

3 The Swap Agreement Under the Swap Agreement, the United States Government forgave US$6.5-M of Jamaica’s debt which when combined with the US$1.3–M paid by TNC, resulted in approximately US $16 – M worth of debt being paid into the Forest Conservation Fund by the GOJ. The payments are over a period of 19 years, and will fund tropical forest conservation activities in Jamaica.

4 The Payment Schedule Payments are made pursuant to the fee schedule of the FCA Amounts are paid in local currency but based on the equivalent of the allocated US amount set out in the schedule Finite amount of money is therefore available for disbursement on an annual basis

5 The Forest Conservation Agreement Parties - The GOJ, TNC and the Jamaica Protected Areas Trust (JPAT) Contents of the FCA General definitions Appointment of Oversight Committee Role of Fund Administrator Grant Making Procedures Eligible Entities Eligible Activities Priority Sites

6 JPAT The Jamaica Protected Areas Trust was incorporated in 2004. JPAT has several basic objectives, one of which is to receive the TFCA monies deposited by the GOJ. It has a four member Board Was one of the three signatories to the Forest Conservation Agreement (FCA).

7 OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE A Oversight Committee manages the FCF Members – Seven members (3 Permanent and 4 Term). Current Membership PERMANENTTERM GOJJIEP / PSOJ USGJPAN TNCMLG&E JHTA

8 FUNCTIONS OF THE OC Supervise the grant application process; Review and make final determinations on the acceptance of grant proposals; Determine the amounts and terms of payments of FCF Income; Determine when funding is to be withdrawn from FCF Grant Recipients; Approve annual budgets and project plans submitted by Grant Recipients;

9 FUNCTIONS OF THE OC Oversee the administration of the Receipt Accounts; Establish and dissolve Advisory ad hoc Committees / Working Teams; Review the investment management of the FCA Income; and Review annual management budget of the Fund Administrator (FA).

10 FUND ADMINISTRATOR The Environmental Foundation of Jamaica was appointed in November 2005 as the FA. Functions of the FA include - Publicize the availability of grants of FCF Income; Solicit proposals for grants from potential FCF Grant Recipients;

11 FUNCTIONS OF THE FA Conduct a preliminary analysis of potential FCF Grant Recipients; Review and analyze all grant proposals received; Deliver the signed FCF Grant Recipient Agreement to the OC and make grant awards and disbursements in accordance with Oversight Committee funding decisions;

12 FUNCTIONS OF THE FA Evaluate, monitor and audit the FCF Grant Recipients activities in accordance with written instructions received from the OC; Provide administrative services to the OC; and Exercise any other responsibilities or powers requested by the OC in writing.

13 FCF STRATEGIC PLAN Five year Action Plan and One year Work Plan; Establishes the five Working Teams / Advisory ad hoc Committees of the OC and outlines the Terms of Reference for each; Provides a guideline for the OC to implement its mandate regarding the disbursement of FCF grant income.

14 OC WORKING TEAMS Five Working Teams - Priority Setting Management Mechanisms Grant Making and Investment Philosophies Communications Monitoring and Evaluation

15 FCF INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY The final payment from the GOJ will be made in 2024 but a decision has been taken by the OC to create an Endowment Fund rather than a Sinking one. This will ensure the continuity and sustainability of the FCF and as such not ALL of the FCF Income will be paid out in Grants.

16 ELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES Establishment, restoration, protection, and maintenance of forest reserves, parks, and protected areas; Development and implementation of scientifically sound systems of natural resource management, including land and ecosystem management practices; Training programs to increase the scientific, technical, and managerial capacities of individuals and organizations involved in conservation efforts;

17 ELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES Restoration, protection, or sustainable use of diverse animal and plant species; Research and identification of medicinal uses of tropical forest plant life to treat human diseases, illnesses, and health- related concerns; and Development and support of the livelihoods of individuals living in or near a tropical Forest in a manner consistent with protecting such tropical forest.

18 INELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES FCA Income CANNOT be used - To create or disseminate political propaganda, or attempt to influence legislation or government act or decision, In any political campaign; Where a Conflict of Interest exists; In such a manner that violates, or could violate, the provisions of the Inter- American Convention on Corruption and any implementing national laws or similar applicable statutes or regulations.

19 ELIGIBLE ENTITIES Non-governmental environmental, forestry or conservation organization of, or active in, Jamaica; Any other appropriate local or regional entity of, or active in, Jamaica; or Individuals via an intermediary (NGO, CBO etc.) In exceptional circumstances the GOJ.

20 NON-ELIGIBLE ENTITIES The Fund Administrator and its employees; Any Person whose employee, officer or director is a Member of the OC or a member of an Advisory Committee; and Any other Person designated by the OC as a Non-Eligible Entity

21 PRIORITY SITES 1. Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park (Blue Mountain Forest Reserve), adjacent National Water Commission lands, plus buffer areas of unprotected closed broadleaf forest in the Rio Grande, Swift River, Buff Bay, Morant, Yallahs, Hope and Wag Water watersheds 2. Cockpit Country Forest Reserve, plus outlying Forest Reserves, and adjacent areas of closed broadleaf forest 3. Litchfield Matheson’s Run and Stepheney-John’s Vale Forest Reserves, adjacent Crown lands, outlying Forest Reserves (Bull Head and Mount Diablo) extending into the upper portions of the Rio Minho, Rio Cobre and Rio Bueno/White River watersheds, Crown lands in the Dunn’s River watershed, and the Dry Harbour Mountains

22 PRIORITY SITES 4.Inland portion of Negril Protected Area, plus the forested area in and around Dolphin Head Mountains (Retirement, Raglan Mtn., Geneva and Bath Mtn., Quasheba Mtn. and Baulk Pen) and Burnt Savannah 5.Portland Bight Protected Area, Terrestrial portion of the Portland Bight Sustainable Development Area located in the lower Rio Minho and Rio Cobre watersheds 6.Other forest reserves and Crown lands managed by the Forestry Department such as Gourie, Ballintoy Forest Reserve, Hellshire and Lowe River Forest Reserves 7.Spring Vale and Bogue Forest Reserves plus the Upper and lower Black River Morasses


24 GRANT MAKING FCF Grant funding will be accessed via two means – A Call for Concept Notes A request for an Expression of Interest Two (2) Calls will be made per year

25 CALL PROCESS Notice will be published requesting the submission of a Concept Note; The Concept Note will include basic information. A standard form will be used by all applicants; Once deemed eligible and of interest to the OC a further request will be made for the submission of a detailed Proposal;

26 CALL PROCESS The request for the Proposal is not a guarantee of receipt of FCF funding; A Help Desk will be open during the eight weeks given for the submission of the Proposal to assist applicants. Proposals will be reviewed using established criteria which shall include but not be limited to the objectives of the Call.

27 AGENDA 2007 Call for Concept Notes to be made in January and July 2007; Request for Expressions of Interest to be published in July 2007; Short term activities Capacity building Training Studies

28 AGENDA 2007 Long Term activities Forest establishment Targeted intervention in the - Southern portion of the Blue and John Crow Mountains Forest Reserves / National Park - Yallahs Watershed Cockpit Country Upper Rio Minho Watershed

29 NEXT STEPS Finalisation of the Grant Making Procedures Manual Development of a Communications Strategy for the FCF


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