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Near East Aviation A Magazine of Commercial Air Transport.

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1 Near East Aviation A Magazine of Commercial Air Transport

2 Published monthly Distributed world-wide on newsstands and by subscription. First issue: May 2008

3 Mission   Publisher’s Intent: We strive to be the first serious, superbly written monthly magazine dealing exclusively with the booming industry of commercial air transport in the Near East.   Values: We aim to give the smaller players in the Near East aviation arena – whether they be professional aviation individuals, airlines, airports, maintenance bases or catering operations – the same meticulous and balanced analysis and critical outlook as we would give to the larger players.   Editorial Ability: We plan to raise the bar with professionally written stories, edited by only the finest editorial staff. We aim to be the best-written English-language monthly in the entire region.   Policy: We will not be recycling press releases or relying solely on striking photographs for this publication, but rather on the balanced, informative and investigative columns, opinions and features and on the excellence of language.

4 Service Covering every aspect of commercial aviation from Morocco to India, and Malta to Ethiopia, this publication – from cover to cover – will address timely topics with in-depth coverage. From Casablanca to Calcutta, from Catering to Cabin Service, the magazine will be a must-read for every aviation executive, airline industry worker, frequent traveler and aviation enthusiast interested in the Near East. Our monthly articles will focus on a myriad of subjects dealing with airlines, airports, and aircraft maintenance and flight safety, all written in a serious yet entertaining tone. (Think: The Economist meets Business Traveler.) From aircraft manufacturers in Seattle, Montreal, Sao Paolo and Toulouse, to the airline investment analysts in London, Zurich and New York, to the parts suppliers in Tokyo and Hamburg, to the catering executives in Hong Kong and Frankfurt – who all have an ever- increasing interest in staying informed about all aspects of commercial air transport in the Near East – this magazine will be a must read. It will be subscription and ad-driven, distributed widely at all major newsstands and airports, and also sent free of charge to every airline CEO in the Near East. With such a serious publication, investors all over the world will feel more confident dealing with this region. Another part of our service will involve organizing aviation events and workshops to bring the movers and shakers of the Near East commercial air transport world closer together. Near East Aviation will also be the publication to turn to for networking and executive jobs in the airline industry. Our Employment ads section will be the place to find other jobs related to aviation in the Near East.

5 Service -1 Content Menu News Photographs Monthly Columns Features Employment Ads

6 The first section of the magazine will be devoted to the ‘Month In Review’ giving our readers an overview of the latest developments in commercial aviation in the Near East. The broad geographical swath of the ‘Near East’ will allow us to also provide coverage on the emerging aviation markets in places like Armenia, Bangladesh, Libya and Ethiopia. Within the news section will be a ‘market watch’ briefing, detailing the latest aircraft orders, sales and deliveries of aircraft in the Near East. Also within the news section, we will include brief financial analysis and opinions of current market trends related to aviation. News

7 Photographs We plan to use ample photos of both interior and exterior of aircraft, airports and maintenance and catering facilities.

8 Monthly Columns A series of monthly columns will cover different topics of interest to our readers. There will be a short section of traveler’s tips and inside track information specific to the region’s airports and business aviation, an executive profile (featuring an airline CEO or similar), an aviation employee profile (featuring a baggage handler, flight attendant, air traffic controller), a Business Aviation Update, Airport Report (each month we will cover one of the region’s airports), Safety and Maintenance Update, and a section on the In-Flight experience (catering, cabin service, luxury travel). The last page of the magazine will be a first person essay detailing a trip taken in our region by a Celebrity. In short, the publication will not only be informative but will have a lighter, more readable side to it, appealing to a wider audience.

9 Features Every month we will have a cover story and in-depth feature focusing on an airline, an airport, a catering or a maintenance / engineering / technical innovation, a safety issue, or an investigative report. (ie Etihad Airways Celebrates Five Years of Service, Doha’s New Airport: What the Future Looks Like; India’s Ailing Airports; Air India Re- Invented; Saudia Arabia’s New Open Skies; Safety In Iran; Report from Libya; Addis Ababa Maintenance; etc.)

10 Employment Ads The last section of the magazine will have ads relating to aviation employment – both executive and general – from throughout the Near East.

11 Service - 2 Sources Freelance Agencies

12 Freelance The magazine will be written by freelance aviation reporters based all over the region. Photographs will also be commissioned from freelance photographers.

13 Agencies The magazine will subscribe to various aviation news agencies, providing up to the minute developments in the industry.

14 Service - 3 Range Aviation Travel Community

15 Covering all aspects of commercial aviation in the Near East, the wide range of subjects allows the editor to mold each month’s columns and features to best suit current events and travel trends. Aviation

16 Travel The tips, insider track information and features also fall under the general umbrella of travel, where we discuss issues of interest to any person traveling within this region (duty free shopping, airport hotels & restaurants, etc). This wider range will afford us to make the publication more accessible to a larger audience.

17 Community By also focusing on the every day workers and aviation executives dealing with the Near East, we will help form a more cohesive aviation community by providing space for employment ads and workshops. Our organized events, workshops and conferences will become a forum for networking and aviation education unique to the region.

18 Service - 4 Design  Suggested size: 20 x 27 cm  Number of pages: 72 + covers  All printed 4 colors  Suggested paper: 120 grs semi- glossy

19 CONTENT   Aircraft   Airlines   Airports   Catering   Maintenance   Safety   Hotels   Restaurants   Shopping   Profiles   Opinions

20 Content - 1  Aircraft: The Month-In-Brief and Market Watch sections will detail the current aircraft orders and deliveries in the Near East, complete with photographs, engine and configuration details. A section on Private Jets will also detail the latest news in Business Aviation  Airlines: Every issue will feature an airline – whether it be a complete history and profile, a catering innovation, a fleet and branding redesign, a maintenance feat, a safety mishap, or any myriad of topics relating to our region’s airlines.  Airports: Every issue will feature at least one airport and, in addition, the traveler’s tips and insider-track sections will be of interest to travelers passing through the various airports in the region.

21 Content - 2  Catering: The ‘Kitchen Confidential’ team will visit Flight Kitchens, interview Celebrity Chefs involved with airlines, and offer updates on the latest catering innovations offered on board Near Eastern airlines.  Maintenance: We will cover the various aspects of this subject through profiles of maintenance facilities around the region, innovative companies and individuals devoted to keeping the Near Eastern skies safe and aircraft operating at full potential. Technical and engineering lingo will be kept to a minimum to keep the stories readable to a wider audience.  Safety: Depending on current events, we will investigate the latest safety issues in the region and report on current trends and regulations as they are implemented throughout the Near East

22 Content - 3  Hotels: In our Travelers Tips and Insider Track sections we will offer reviews and tips on the best airport hotels, and the most aviation-friendly hotels.  Restaurants: In our Travelers Tips and Insider Track sections, we will offer reviews and tips on the best airport restaurants and eateries, the best restaurants close to airports or major airline offices and any other tips of interest to our readers.  Shopping: In our Travelers Tips and Insider Track sections, we will highlight duty free shops, the latest gadgets of interest to frequent travelers and a variety of other products such as luggage and electronics, specifically geared to the frequent traveler, with an eye towards products tailored especially for the Near East consumer.

23 Content - 4  Profiles: Every issue will have a selection of profiles of airline executives, airline and airport workers, providing a more cohesive vision of the aviation community of the Near East.  Opinions: Part of the News and within the Market Watch sections, the Opinion column will allow airline analysts from around the world to give us their view on the current trends in Near East aviation markets.

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