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COMMON INTEREST Leveraging the data and sensor rich environment.

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1 COMMON INTEREST Leveraging the data and sensor rich environment.

2 Sensor Rich Environment Two cameras – forward and rear facing Fingerprint reader Pulse reader Compass G-force monitor GPS location device IR transmitter – control the TV, cable remote, etc. Near field sensor (environment aware) 10 times the battery life of the unit it replaces Linked to the Internet Storing data in the cloud Everyone is a connected sensor platform – there are 1.3 million android platforms activated per day. (

3 Software Rich Environment When hardware is available – software will follow Linked to the Internet Storing data in the cloud 1.3 million android apps, 1 million Apple apps Approximately 40,000 new apps per month An estimated 56 billion smart phone apps were downloaded in 2013 – we only have 7 billion people on the planet

4 A simple example – Cargo decoder Duplicates the hazardous material book Provides instant access Is searchable Subject to constant updates Its free

5 Real-time high granularity data Low cost sensors, cell backhaul infrastructure, satellite communication, and GPS positioning = real-time high granularity data. Everything will be a connected sensor platform.

6 Massive data coming on line TXDPS is migrating from historic databases to newer more nimble and accessible databases. Vehicle registration, drivers license, accident reports, etc.

7 Potential mass impact Southern corridor with year-round access Largest land port on the planet

8 Potential mass impact This map is 15 years old. It does not reflect the impact of the Laredo land port.

9 Forces at play More sensors available – with more software (apps) More connections available, cell, blue tooth, near field, ad-hoc WiFi, etc. More dedicated devices – Ardunio, waspmote, etc. More data, more accessible, and at higher granularity from industry and from government

10 What next? (a visit to the obvious) Law enforcement should share data Protect privacy Improve granularity – share what matters Improve access to data – put it on-line ALL OF IT YOU CAN! Industry should share data Best practices Drug/alcohol statistics – put it on-line ALL OF IT YOU CAN! Actuarial horsepower Copy the public sector Empower the sensors that already exist Provide real-time feedback Encourage the digital natives

11 Waze – an example Gathers real time data from driver/sensors Wave your hand over the phone Talk to the phone to contribute Work through the single word menu to give details of your data Listen to the advice Waze provides

12 Waze – an example Provide real-time feedback Warnings Suggestions for a better route Offer to update others of ETA Show other users Keep score of your contributions and the time you have saved others

13 Questions?

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