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 SGA Election Interest Meeting January 23, 2014 7:00 p.m. Shiloh Room.

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1  SGA Election Interest Meeting January 23, 2014 7:00 p.m. Shiloh Room

2 Election Commission  John Keny (Commissioner)  Jake Baker  Paige Atchley  Martin Walker  Jordan Frye  Lindsay Lee  Ryan Ray

3 Key Dates  February 2 nd - Candidates may begin getting signatures  February 6 th - Mandatory Election Meeting, 8:00 pm, Shiloh Room  February 21 st - All appendices and signatures are due in UC Room 315D  February 24 th - Candidates may begin speaking engagements

4 Key Dates  March 31 st - Candidates may begin distribution of campaign materials  April 2 nd & 3 rd - Voting  April 3 rd - Results announced, UC Shiloh Room

5 SGA Elections  This is the time in which we choose new representatives for Student Government  Candidates may seek an Executive Position: Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Student Services Director, and Board of Trustees Representative  Candidates may also run for Student Senate for particular constituencies that represent his or her academic college or place of residence

6 SGA Elections  Governed by Election Packet (Found on  Any questions about rules or elections in general  Email  Office hours in SGA Office (Room 315E), Monday and Wednesday 12:15 pm-1:15 pm

7 Student Body President  Represent the Student Body  Sit on various committees and boards (e.g. Athletics Board and Alumni Board)  Oversee the Executive Branch of SGA  Appoint students to various positions within SGA

8 Student Body Vice President  Oversees Student Senate and Freshmen Council  Oversees the Freshmen Council application and interview process  Planning two Welcome Week events and organizing help with Freshman Move-in Day  Serving on SGA Executive Council

9 Student Services Director  Administrative head of 8 Student Services Committees  Advise and help organize committee events and legislation  Seek funding for events  Engage with the Administration about Student Services related initiatives  Work with the President, VP, and Chief of Staff on Executive Branch related issues

10 Board of Trustees Representative  2 year position  Year 1 is as a non-voting member  Year 2 is as a voting member  Serve as student representative on the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees  Make decisions affecting things such as tuition  Attend Winter, Summer, and Fall Board of Trustees meetings  Nominations are sent to the Governor by the Chancellor  Winning this election does not guarantee the position

11 Graduate Student Senate President  Serve as contact between graduate students and the administration  Organizing and running monthly GSS meetings  Filling committee positions  Attend regular meetings  Ensure smooth operation of GSS travel award  Oversee GSS Fun Run and New Graduate Student Orientation

12 Student Senate  Present legislation  Serve on a Student Services Committee  Attend bi-weekly Senate meetings on Tuesdays  Attend a luncheon with the Chancellor and other administrators

13 What is a Campaign?  Any group of at least ten (10) students with at least two (2) executive candidates meeting the requirements set forth by the Office of the Dean of Students. A political party’s purpose is to promote candidates for the Student Government Association elections. All political parties must register with the Office of the Dean of Students before commencing or engaging in any activity. (Election Packet F.III.D)

14 So what does that mean?  A campaign is a group of students who share common ideas and back a particular candidate  Campaigns consist of Executive Candidates, Senators, and Volunteers  Campaigns can be 100 people or 10 people (Both have been successful)  Can only have 20 executive campaign members (as defined in the election packet) but as many general members as it wants  Candidates may run as an independent as well  It’s not too late to get involved with a campaign or start your own

15 Campaign Finances  Total operating budget of a campaign is the combined value of monetary and non- monetary donations  This value cannot exceed $12,500  Any item purchased to be used by a campaign or candidate between February 6 th and April 3 rd must be listed on the CVR (Campaign Value Reports)  Monetary Donations are any cash that the campaign spends  This could include a candidate spending his or her own money or any cash donations to the campaign.  This cannot exceed $5000 and must be listed on the CVR  Non-monetary Donations are any items donated to a campaign  This could be McDonald’s giving gallons tea to a campaign  The value of these donations must be listed on the CVR

16 Why You Should Get Involved  Great way to: 1. Meet new people 2. Serve fellow students 3. Further leadership abilities  Make your voice heard on campus  Work with various administrators on many different issues

17 Questions?

18 Next Time  Mandatory Interest Meeting is Thursday, February 6 th, 2014 at 8:00 pm in this room  Any candidate that plans on running for an executive position must attend this meeting  A more detailed explanation of the rules will occur at this meeting

19 #VolsNeed

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