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Special Interest Groups and Propaganda

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1 Special Interest Groups and Propaganda
Civics 11.3

2 Economic Interest Groups
Interest group based on a monetary interest Labor Unions: employees who work together to achieve common goals. Better Working Conditions More Pay Chamber of Commerce

3 Social Interest Groups
Many social Interest groups Private Groups Promote only special interests of its members NRA, NAACP, AARP Public Interest Groups Promote causes that affects the lives of Americans in General League of Women Voters Nonpartisan - not affiliated with a particular party.

4 Interest Groups and the government
#1 goal of interest groups is to influence public policy Concentrate on Courts, Elections, Lawmakers Political Action Committees (PACs)- collect money from members and donates it to a specific candidate

5 Lobbying Lobbyists – representatives of interest groups or Private company whose job is to contact law makers Provides law makers with facts that support their cause Interest Groups are protected by the 1st Amendment right to assembly

6 Regulations on Interest Groups
Laws restrict how much money they can give a candidate Ex-Public Officials must wait to become lobbyists.

7 Interest Groups use of Propaganda
Interest groups often use Propaganda to further their cause. There are 7 different types of propaganda The Bandwagon: join us and win Name-Calling Endorsement Stacked Cards Glittering Generality Just Plain Folk: Were just like you Transfer

8 Endorsement: Popular people publically support candidates


10 Name Calling: focusing on your opponents negative aspects


12 Transfer: associating patriotic symbols with a patriot

13 Glittering Generalities: The candidate will bring use peace and prosperity

14 Stacked Cards: showing two different takes one overly positive one overly negative

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