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Special Interest Groups and Propaganda Civics 11.3.

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1 Special Interest Groups and Propaganda Civics 11.3

2 Economic Interest Groups Interest group based on a monetary interest Labor Unions: employees who work together to achieve common goals. – Better Working Conditions – More Pay Chamber of Commerce

3 Social Interest Groups Many social Interest groups Private Groups – Promote only special interests of its members – NRA, NAACP, AARP Public Interest Groups – Promote causes that affects the lives of Americans in General – League of Women Voters – Nonpartisan - not affiliated with a particular party.

4 Interest Groups and the government #1 goal of interest groups is to influence public policy Concentrate on Courts, Elections, Lawmakers Political Action Committees (PACs)- collect money from members and donates it to a specific candidate

5 Lobbying Lobbyists – representatives of interest groups or Private company whose job is to contact law makers Provides law makers with facts that support their cause Interest Groups are protected by the 1 st Amendment right to assembly

6 Regulations on Interest Groups Laws restrict how much money they can give a candidate Ex-Public Officials must wait to become lobbyists.

7 Interest Groups use of Propaganda Interest groups often use Propaganda to further their cause. There are 7 different types of propaganda 1)The Bandwagon: join us and win 2)Name-Calling 3)Endorsement 4)Stacked Cards 5)Glittering Generality 6)Just Plain Folk: Were just like you 7)Transfer

8 Endorsement: Popular people publically support candidates


10 Name Calling: focusing on your opponents negative aspects


12 Transfer: associating patriotic symbols with a patriot

13 Glittering Generalities: The candidate will bring use peace and prosperity

14 Stacked Cards: showing two different takes one overly positive one overly negative

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