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Home Care Special Interest Group Chris Anderson- Chair.

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1 Home Care Special Interest Group Chris Anderson- Chair

2 Agenda Goals and Objectives of the SIG Steering Committee Development Membership Drive Program Development Communication Strategies

3 Goals for the Home Care SIG Provide a forum for individuals within or supporting a common segment of the health care industry to share ideas, create a voice within the HCCA, and further the educational development of the compliance professional.

4 So What Can We Do? Network Share Information regarding home care issues Educate other home care and non-home care compliance and business professionals Conduct home care specific HCCA offerings including teleconferencing, meeting tracks, focused meetings, etc. Take full advantage of what the term “special interests” means!

5 Steering Committee Anyone willing to devote some time to the development of the SIG Ability to participate in calls and assist in the execution of development goals Membership – Public – Private/Non-Profit – Governmental Liaison – Legal – Health System – Finance

6 Membership Development How do we grow the SIG to 100 members? – Letter Campaign – Networking Health System Existing Membership New Non-HCCA Members – How do we reach the “Mom and Pops”? Locally- MiniSessions (Based out of the Regions) State Associations National Associations – SIG Fees- $150/year

7 Program Development Educational Opportunities for the Home Care Compliance Professional – Skills and Issue Development – Targets Freestanding/Chain Health System – How can HCCA benefit these groups? – What can the SIG do to champion Home Care causes?

8 Communication Plans Email List – Starts Today Bulletin Development? – Contribution! Meeting Planning Are we ready to launch?

9 Next Steps Access to Compliance Today- Drum Up Interest- Chris Anderson- Upcoming Steering Group Finalized- May 15 Define Scope-May 30- SC Examine SIG FeesHospice/DME Regional Promotional Sessions List Serv- Email Communication System- Chris Anderson Sign Up Sheet/Workshop Postings Home Care Section- HCCA Website Tap Into State Association Newsletters NAHC- June Audio Call- Chris Anderson Top Ten Needs Lists- Solidify Offerings- 1 st Qtr. 2003 Meeting Offering – High Risk Home Care Issues – Best Practices in Home Care – Home Care Tools and Techniques – Skills Development – HIPAA for Home Care- How To’s – Develop a reliable knowledge forum

10 Contact Chris Anderson Vice President, Audit Services and Quality Assurance, Chief Compliance Officer Gentiva Health Services 3 Huntington Quadrangle, 2 S Melville, NY 11747 631-501-7390

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