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Campbell Interest and Skills Survey MANA 5338 Summer 2010.

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1 Campbell Interest and Skills Survey MANA 5338 Summer 2010

2 Overview Basics of the Assessment 7 Orientation Scales 29 Basic Scales 58 Occupational Scales 2 Special Scales Score Patterns and Implications What do I do now?

3 Basics of the Assessment The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey is a survey of self-reported interest and skills. Its major purpose is to help individuals understand how their interest and skills map into the occupational world. 200 Interest Items – rate level of interest on a 6 point scale – strongly like – strongly dislike – scores indicate the strength of attraction for each occupational area 120 Skill Items – rate level of skill on 6 point scale – expert – no skill – score indicates level of confidence in performing well in the specified area

4 7 Orientation Scales 1. Influencing – make things happen 2. Organizing – bring orderliness and planfulness to the working environment 3. Helping – providing personal services 4. Creating – ability to create new products, new visions and new concepts 5. aNalyzing – comfortable with data and numbers 6. Producing – work with hands and see visible results of labor 7. Adventuring – physical activities and competitive situations

5 Basic Scales Influencing LeadershipLaw/Politics Public SpeakingSales Advertising/Marketing Organizing SupervisionFinancial Services Office Practices Helping Adult DevelopmentCounseling Child DevelopmentReligious Activities Medical Practice

6 Basic Scales (contd) Creating Art/DesignPerforming Arts WritingInternational Activ. FashionCulinary Arts aNalyzing MathematicsScience Producing Mechanical CraftsWoodworking Farming/ForestryPlants/Gardens Animal Care Adventuring Athletics/Physical FitnessRisks/Adventure Military/Law Enforcement

7 Occupations Influencing Attorney Financial Planner Hotel Manager Manufacturer’s Rep Marketing Director Realtor CEO/President HR Director School Superintendent Ad Account Exec Media Executive PR Director Corporate Trainer Organizing Secretary Bank Manager Insurance Agent Retail Store Manager Hospital Administrator Accountant Bookkeeper

8 Occupations (contd) Helping Child Care Worker Guidance Counselor Religious Leader Teacher K-12 Social Worker Psychologist Nursing Administrator Creating Commercial Artist Fashion Designer Liberal Arts Professor Librarian Musician Translator/Interpreter Writer/Editor Restaurant Manager Chef

9 Occupations (contd) aNalyzing Physician Chemist Medical Researcher Math/Science Teacher Computer Programmer Statistician Systems Analyst Producing Carpenter Electrician Veterinarian Airline Mechanic Agribusiness Manager Landscape Architect Architect

10 Occupations (contd) Adventuring Police Officer Military Officer Ski Instructor Test Pilot Athletic Coach Athletic Trainer Emergency Medical Technician Fitness Instructor

11 Special Scales Academic Focus Assesses attraction to and comfort in educational/academic settings, not academic success/failure Extraversion Assesses undifferentiated attraction to people and confidence in working with others

12 Score Patterns Develop Interests high, Skills lower Develop skill or enjoy as hobby Pursue Interests high, Skills High Include in top career choices Avoid Interest low, Skills low Exclude from top career choices Explore Interests lower, Skills high Transfer skills or rekindle interests

13 Campbell and MBTI Correlation Influencing ENT EST Organizing ISTJ ESTJ Helping ENFP INFP ENFJ INFJ Creating INF INT aNalyzing IST Producing IS ES Adventuring EN ES

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