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Famous Film Score Composers Kenneth Beck Enterprise HS Music Applications.

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1 Famous Film Score Composers Kenneth Beck Enterprise HS Music Applications

2 John Williams  Born in Queens, New York February 8, 1932  Conductor of the Boston Pops and London Symphony Orchestra  Attended UCLA, Los Angeles City College, and Juilliard.  Most nominated composer in Oscar history with 42 nominations for Best Original Score

3 John Williams  Thundering theme pieces for major science fiction and fantasy films  Extensive use of leitmotifs in scores  Often scores the films of Steven SpielbergSteven Spielberg  Known as the composer of some of the most recognizable themes in the history of film

4 John Williams  Indiana Jones  Early Harry Potter movies*  Jaws  Olympic Theme  Star Wars (all)  E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial  Jurassic Park (all)  Superman  Catch Me If You Can  Hook  Home Alone (All) **Was to do all of HP films, but chose other films instead ** (Memoirs of a Geisha over HP4)

5 Hans Zimmer  Born in Hesse, Germany Sept. 12, 1957  Self-taught through collaboration and experience  If Steven Spielberg didn’t have the loyalty with John Williams as he has had for years, Zimmer would be Spielberg's counterpart.

6 Hans Zimmer  Uses elements from the characters culture in the music.  tribal chants in The Lion King  Ukulele in Pearl Harbor  Guitar with vocals in Gladiator.  Mixes synthesizers with real instruments and soloists  Often uses solo cello and acoustic/electric guitar.  Frequently works with DreamWorks Animation

7 Hans Zimmer  Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3  Batman Begins  The Dark Knight  The Dark Knight Rises  Driving Miss Daisy  Inception  The Lion King  Kung Fu Panda 1-2  Madagascar 1-3  Shark Tale  The Dilemma  Sherlock Holmes  The Ring  Weatherman  Mission Impossible (all)  Gladiator  Rain Man


9 Assignment: How is music used in the movie selected?  As you are watching:  Write down examples of how music is used in the previous ways discussed  Listen to the different types of songs that are played…  Are they in the background  Are they being performed  Is it important to the storyline?  Who is the film score composer and how does the music of this film fit his trademarks?  Hint: It is one of the two composers we just discussed.  Your answer should not be less than an page in length.

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