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CMV Theatres By Cody Sutton Mitch Macrow Vanessa Furuli.

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1 CMV Theatres By Cody Sutton Mitch Macrow Vanessa Furuli

2 CMV Theatre Mission Statement To Provide the Billings Heights and the surrounding area with new means of entertainment in an exciting, clean, positive atmosphere.

3 Strengths Customer Service –Comfort –Cleanliness –Served at tables

4 Weaknesses Costs –Lack of experience (new business) –Entering a mature market –Ways of absorbing some costs Location

5 Opportunities Population of Billings, MT –Rapidly Growing 2000 census: 89,847 2006 census: 101,182 (up 10.9%/ 11,281) –Largest metropolitan area in MT –Families 2000 census: 61.67% of Billings population are families

6 Opportunities Cont. Target Heights Population –2005: 21,237 people in the Heights area –2025 Projection: 28,692

7 Opportunities Cont. Market Share for Yellowstone County –15.88% –21,237(population of Heights) 133,762(population of Yellowstone County)

8 Opportunities Cont. Market Share for Billings, MT –21.99% –21,237(population of Heights) 101,182(population of Billings)

9 Opportunities Cont. Citizen Survey 88% of residents state that there are not adequate entertainment or restaurant options in the heights Citizen survey on economic development: –160 people surveyed –140 said they strongly or at least moderately disagree that there are adequate entertainment options in the Heights

10 Threats Other Cinemas –Carmike theatres –Amusement Park Drive-In Other Entertainment Options –Bowling, Zoo, Geyser Park, Metrapark events, Stay at home fun (including renting movies), the mall, sporting events, etc.

11 Objectives Offer entertainment for people of the Billing’s Heights and surrounding area Control 20% of the movie theatre market in Billings, MT (1 out 5 movie theatres) Strive to have the most comfortable theatre in town

12 Why go to the Theater? Audience can watch movie in privacy of their own home DVD Plasma TVs Home Projectors New introduction of Blu-ray Survey by Movie Advisory Board and Nielson Entertainment –1700 moviegoers who saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

13 -If the DVD of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" were available for sale (for between $19.99 and $24.99) or rental (at your usual rental fee) on the SAME DAY it premiered in the theatres (last Friday 7/7/06), would you have: -A. Bought the Pirates DVD and not seen it in the theater -B. Rented the Pirates DVD and not seen it in the theater -C. Still seen Pirates in the theater -D. Still seen Pirates in the theater and also bought the DVD -E. Still seen Pirates in the theater and also rented the DVDSurvey

14 Results

15 Our Audience Education Resource Information Center –Motion pictures account for 53% of the total U.S. spectator amusement expenditures. –Sex: Males were found to hold a more favorable attitude toward movies and attend them more than women. –Age: Statistics ahead.

16 Audience Analysis Motion Picture Association of Worldwide Market Research –Annual Study –2005 Statistics –U.S. Population

17 United States





22 Who Attends? US –Young moviegoers continue to represent most of the movie-going audience. 12-29 years of age = nearly half of annual theatre admissions Billings Ages 10-29 = 27.6% of Billings Population –25,625 people Ages 10-29 = 28.7% of Heights Population –6,707 people

23 Wynsong Statistics Manager of Wynsong in Billings –Average $2.90 per person that enters the theatre on concessions. –Average week day brings in 600-800 people. –Average weekend brings in 2,000-3,000 people. –Primary audience is interested in family movies. (G and PG) Ex. Shrek, Santa Clause, Finding Nemo, etc.

24 Wynsong Statistics Cont. 12 and Under = 38% –228-304 people weekdays –760-1140 people weekends 13 to 64 = 54% –324-432 people weekdays –1080-1620 people weekends 65 and up = 8% –48-64 people weekdays –160-240 people weekends

25 Decision Making Process Problem –People need entertainment, including movies. –There is a lack of entertainment options in Billings, specifically in the Heights. –Location Only current movie theaters are located in Billings on the West End. No Heights location.

26 Information –Word of mouth –Yellow pages (movies section) –Newspaper (movie listings) –Flyers around MSU Billings and Rocky Campus –Radio and TV advertising Decision Making Process

27 Alternatives –Stay at home (and watch a movie) –Other entertainment options (sporting events, amusement parks – Geyser Park, shopping, bars, etc. –Other theatres (Carmike cinemas and Drive – in) Decision Making Process

28 Why Us? –Comfort – Reclining seats and dual arm rests –Cleanliness –Customer Service – table with servers on balcony Decision Making Process

29 Evaluation –We offer a MUCH more comfortable, cleaner, and better customer oriented environment than other theaters in town –Our theater is new and fun – it has a balcony which offers a new experience compared to the other movie theaters in town –Location – we conveniently serve entertainment needs for people of the Heights specifically, and then the surrounding area based on location Decision Making Process

30 Means – End Chain Product –Movie Theater in the Heights –High Definition, big screen, cinematic adventures

31 Means – End Chain Cont. Attributes –Comfortable Seats Dual Arm Rests Reclining position –Balcony New experience (servers at the tables) Social aspect –Cleanliness –Location (Heights)

32 Means – End Chain Cont. Physical Consequences –Comfortable –New aspect to the movie theater experience –Theater is viewed as clean –Heights people have a movie theater that is more convenient

33 Means – End Chain Cont. Psychological Consequences –People feel at home –Can watch movies and also socialize, don’t feel like they are missing out on anything –Little worries about germs –FUN!! The Heights can be cool!

34 Means – End Chain Cont. Values –“Home away from home” –“Good first date” –“Watch the movie, not the sticky floors” –“Entertainment in the Heights”

35 Perceptual Map

36 Place Strategy –Direct sales strategy Quick moving lines Good customer service Concessions are tasty –Web Site

37 Place Objectives:

38 Brand Positioning “CMV Theaters is a clean, comfortable, and most importantly convenient entertainment option for the Heights”

39 Price Objectives: –Meet Competition Average Adult Ticket ($5.17) Our Price: $7.50 (Avoid a price war – Status Quo Pricing) Oligopoly DON’T rock the boat

40 Promotion Objective –To inform and persuade potential movie go- ers –New in the market entering a mature market

41 Promotion Attention (New theater entering a mature market) –Yellow Pages –Newspaper –Flyers (MSU Campus, Rocky Campus, etc.) –Radio –Create Brand Awareness (Sporting events, float in parade, promotion car, billboard, etc.)

42 Promotion Interest –Yellow Pages –Newspaper –Flyers (MSU Campus, Rocky Campus, etc.) –Radio –Punch Card (Watch 10 movies, get one ticket free)

43 Promotion Desire –Comfort –Customer Service –Alcohol

44 Promotion Action –Punch Card –Advertising –Web Site

45 Citations U.S. Census Bureau Motion Picture Association of America Interview: Wynsong Manager Sony (Blu-ray PR News Today (Pirates Survey) Wikipedia Encyclopedia The City of Billings Online’ CNN Money

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