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P4RH (Puso, Puson, Pananampalataya at Pulitika) Engaging the Heart, Sexuality, Faith, and Politics of the Citizenry towards Promotion of SRHR Presented.

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1 P4RH (Puso, Puson, Pananampalataya at Pulitika) Engaging the Heart, Sexuality, Faith, and Politics of the Citizenry towards Promotion of SRHR Presented during the 7 th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive, Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR) at the PICC, Manila with the Parallel session theme, “SRHR Engagement with Religion”

2 Background 96.71 million Filipinos (2012) 82% of Filipinos are Catholics High Total fertility rate of 3.3 (NDHS 2008) compared to SouthEast Asian neighbours with 2.4 in 2010. (Population Reference Bureau, 2013) Adolescent fertility rate of 54 per 1000 live births third highest in South East Asia

3 Background 26.7% of mothers giving birth to their first child are teenagers Maternal Mortality Rate increased from 162 per 100,000 live births in 2006 to 221 in 2010 (Family health survey, 2011) 15 maternal deaths due to pregnancy complications Increasing HIV-AIDS incidence from 1 case every tree days in 2000 to 1 case every two hours in 2013 (DOH)

4 Background 48.9% contraceptive prevalence rate among married women of reproductive age Unmet family planning need remains high at 19.3%, 10.5% for birth spacing and 8.8% for limiting births. (Family health survery 2011)

5 Background Reproductive Health has been a highly controversial issue A decade-long debate in congress for the RH bill (The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health, and Population and Development Act) The Catholic church has been the strongest opposition to the RH law

6 Background The opposition claims that the RH law is anti-life, anti-family, and will lead to promiscuity and proliferation of abortion. 71% of Catholics favour a nation policy on RH (SWS 2008)

7 Catholic Church Interventions Catholic run clinics and health facilities only promotes NFP; Catholic health care providers refuse to provide RH services; Local government officials enacting laws that ban the provision of artificial birth control methods; Political lobbying to impede the passage and implementation of the Reproductive Health Law; Spreading false information about contraceptives and RH in general

8 “Any measure intended to prevent births within a national, racial, ethnical, or religious group is considered genocide.” - Former Senator Kit Tatad






14 Objectives To encourage critical awareness and engagement of citizens in social issues and in the electoral and legislative policy reforms on SRHR To clarify misconceptions on RH Motivate people into assert their right to RH information and services


16 Method From July 2012 to March 2013, C4RH conducted 23 fora attended by 3,748 participants in partnerships with 9 schools, 5 barangays, and 9 civil society organizations.

17 9 SCHOOLS: (NCR) Philippine Normal University (PNU) College of Arts & Sciences, University of the Philippines (UP) College of Education Diliman, UP Manila-Student Council, Philippine Electronics and Counication Institute of Technology(PECIT); (Leyte) UP-Tacloban (Eastern Samar) Borongan National Comprehensive High School (HS), Eastern Samar State University (ESSU), Sulat National HS, MacArthur High,

18 5 BARANGAYS: Bgy. Camarin (Caloocan), Bgy. Citrus (San Jose), Bgy. UP Campus (QC), Bgy. Bagong Silang, Matandang Balara,

19 9 CSOs: Compostela Valley Cebu, Legaspi, Urban Poor (Kadamay), NUSP, GWC, INSA, Multi-sectoral Alliance, and KKK

20 Strategy: In each forum, there are 4 speakers representing the following perspectives: 1.Puso ng bayan or the “heart of the community” who speaks in behalf of the local community and contextualize the realities and struggles of communities in relation to SRHR.

21 2. Pananampalataya or the “voice of faith” who presents an alternative and progressive perspective from the religious sector on how Catholics can be guided by their conscience in making decisions on everyday challenges like RH and FP. A theologian or a religious usually takes this role to clarify values and theological misinterpretations particularly on gender, RH, and sexuality.

22 3. Pulitika or the “voice of politics” or a local government official who explains that healthy constituency is a goal of good governance and that health should not be compromised regardless of religious, political, or economic pressures.

23 4. Puson or the “voice of the RH advocate” who presents the facts and figures about how Catholics practice Family Planning and promote RH despite the conservative views of the Church. Usually this is presented by a medical practitioner to clarify medical misconceptions on RH

24 Common Questions Is contraception a sin? Is masturbation a sin? Will NSV (no scalpel vasectomy) affect virility? Are contraceptive pills carcinogenic? Will you get infected with HIV & AIDS by kissing or hugging a person?

25 Common Misconceptions You cannot get pregnant if you only do it once, or you wash immediately. Condoms have holes. You can’t possibly get HIV because you carefully choose your sexual partners. AIDS is God’s punishment for men having sex with men. RH Law and sexuality education will promote sexual promiscuity particularly among the youth.

26 The discussions were very useful inputs to the questions that ordinary folks ask with regards to reproductive health and their faith. Among Catholic audience, their concerns about committing sin and their lack of information about reproductive health were very much apparent.

27 Future directions (beyond 2014) There is much to be done in order to clarify misconceptions and change mindsets and behaviours. The use of multi- perspectives in the discussions helps people see the relevance of SRHR and eventually their right to SRHR information and services.

28 Thank You!!

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