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Information and planning that makes the difference.

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1 Information and planning that makes the difference

2 Perspectives Consulting Group We combine surveys and focus groups, with analysis and strategic planning, to meet the needs of school districts throughout the United States. Note: to manually view slide show, press space bar to advance slides

3 Benefits of Research Your district receives essential information that is not available through any other source You can prioritize district resources to most efficiently meet needs and improve services Your planning is based on benchmarking data about the performance, preferences, and priorities of the district

4 SurveysParentGraduate Community Staff Student

5 A Parent Survey: Identifies parents’ opinions of the top issues facing the district, so important issues are addressed appropriately Prioritizes parents’ needs and expectations and measures how well the district is meeting those needs Shows parents’ perception of the district compared to other districts, and how to maximize student retention

6 A Community Survey: Measures satisfaction with district budget priorities and spending, which can indicate financial support for the district Shows issues of concern for the community, such as safety, gangs and drugs, so an appropriate response can be made Discovers information sources used, and preferred, so communication efforts can be maximized

7 A Staff Survey: Brings forward concerns about student and district issues, allowing important concerns to be addressed Determines staff perceptions about budget, curriculum, and scheduling issues, to further school improvement efforts Measures participation and interest in training and conferences, so the value of programs can be measured

8 A Student Survey: Discovers unmet student needs that impact their educational performance and personal well-being Measures satisfaction and concerns with their educational experience to improve learning and development Evaluates staffing issues such as instructor involvement and support, to ensure they are receiving the help they need

9 A Graduate Survey: Evaluates how well classes and curriculum prepared them for post-graduate work or education, so future classes and curriculum can be optimized Measures how graduates feel their education achieved district goals such as social responsibility, healthy citizens, citizens in the global society, and knowledgeable citizens

10 All Surveys: Evaluate facility issues such as safety, cleanliness, appearance, maintenance Obtain demographics such as age, income, race, gender Assess communication methods, issues, preferences

11 Your Objectives = Our Priority When we work with a school district, our first priority is to understand your objectives. What does your district want to know, and how will it help the district make informed and effective decisions? All of our work is based on a complete understanding of your objectives, and the unwavering commitment to provide the information needed to meet those objectives.

12 Our Advantages We analyze the data collected and develop reasoned, logical conclusions which are presented to you in an easy-to-read format. When we start your project, you will get a specific, guaranteed date of completion. We guarantee our price once the contract is signed. This allows you to budget the cost of your research.

13 For More Information Visit our Website @

14 Explore the CD-ROM Resources you will find: Community Survey Case Study Sample Report General Information

15 Contact Us E-mail Phone 269.657.5400 or 800.PCG.9994 Fax 269.657.0500 P.O. Box 496 Paw Paw, Michigan 49079

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