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Rebuilding Galveston County. “Partying with a Purpose” to help our neighbors of Galveston County! Saturday,May 16 th, 2009.

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1 Rebuilding Galveston County

2 “Partying with a Purpose” to help our neighbors of Galveston County! Saturday,May 16 th, 2009

3 The Houston Parrot Head Club’s “Mud Bug Ball” The Houston Parrot Head Club’s creedo is “Party with a Purpose”! The Mud Bug Ball epitomizes that philosophy! Each year HPHC Parrot Heads, friends, families, and community members come together for one night to truly “Party with a Purpose”. This is the 8 th year for this HPHC fundraiser. Each year has seen this event grow and the ability to help local charities has grown with it! The Galveston County Recovery Fund Last year’s Mud Bug Ball raised over $19,000.00 for the Ronald McDonald House-Houston. We hope to do as well this year for our recipient Charity; The Galveston County Recovery Fund For more information visit

4 Hurricane Ike Slams Ashore September 12-13, 2008  Category 2 storm; Category 4 flood  500 miles wide  Winds 110 mph  Storm surge 13 feet behind Seawall  Eye 2.5 hours

5 Map of Galveston County

6 Satellite Photo of Galveston Island Sept. 12, 2008

7 In Galveston 75% of all homes flooded or damaged – $970 million in damage 100% infrastructure system failure $700 million in uninsured damage to UTMB $60 million in uninsured damage to The Strand $34 million in uninsured damage to Moody Gardens Estimated 25 percent of 54,000 population has not returned

8 Mounting Pressures on the Island UTMB furloughs 3,800 employees Shriners’ Hospital announces closing Public schools lose 35% of students Galveston ISD furloughs 20% of staff Galveston College announces layoffs Social service infrastructure overloaded 95% of churches damaged Catholic diocese to consolidate 85% of public housing uninhabitable Tourism-based economy/events falter Ad valorem tax in decline

9 On Bolivar Peninsula 18 foot storm surge 22 deaths/7 still listed as missing 6,000 residents prior to storm; 2,500 now Not a single home or business without damage Entire subdivisions vanished Highway 87/Rollover Pass washed out Ferry closed until December Major industries shattered

10 In Upper Bay Communities Three lives lost in flooding San Leon and Bacliff areas battered by 10-12 foot seas 563 homes or 60 percent totally destroyed 30% of homes/properties are abandoned Fish, shrimp and oyster industries have collapsed, causing massive unemployment Both churches devastated

11 Ike’s Toll in Human Terms Total number of FEMA registrants:70,588 Total number of maximum awards to date: 1,154 Total households over 60 years old:13,813 Total Number of DHAP Eligible 6,500 Total Homeowners 55% Total Renters 45% Uninsured/Underinsured for flood 53/31%

12 Galveston County Recovery Fund Created in October at the urging of Houston philanthropic organizations wanting to help via a primary conduit Comprised of representatives from County United Ways, Kempner Fund, Moody Foundation, Permanent Endowment Fund, City and County Government Serves as repository for large and small contributions and also solicits funding for rebuilding and recovery efforts Initial and Immediate Purpose is to fund:  Reconstruction of homes and rebuilding of communities  Restoration of social service and religious infrastructure  “Unmet needs” without other available funding  Emerging, unanticipated needs

13 1: Rebuilding Homes in Galveston County A partnership with Galveston County Restore and Rebuild (GCR2) Galveston County Recovery Fund provides financial support; GCR2 oversees rigorous case management prior to re-construction eligibility. Qualifying Criteria for Assistance Exhausted insurance, FEMA, SBA Need determined by case manager $15K plus volunteer labor To-Date Results 48 families back home 180 homes under construction 7.590 volunteers providing assistance 133,733 volunteer hours $2.6 million volunteer investment

14 2: Restoring Social Support Infrastructure Providing Emergency Assistance Grants to Social Service Agencies  Demonstrated losses and need  Gap funding grant up to $10K  Designed to stabilize/not rebuild  Awarded $100K since January, with applications pending Grants to Religious Organizations  Demonstrated losses and need  Gap funding grant up to $10K  Designed to help restore worship and outreach services  30 applications county-wide being reviewed for $120K in funding  Site visits part of process

15 3: Providing for Unmet Needs Up to $1,500 in emergency funding per family is used to stabilize qualifying families; funds issued directly to vendors. Appliances Immediate mortgage assistance Immediate tax assistance Car repairs Child care Food and supplies Furnishings

16 4: Responding to Emerging Needs Realization that we lack knowledge about recovery Embracing idea that needs may emerge that were not anticipated Affording flexibility in case opportunities emerge (e.g., matching funds) Example: mental health counseling for PTSD Example: need for Volunteer Center

17 Collaborative Partners in Rebuilding Primary Partners GCR2 and faith-based groups from around U.S. United Ways of Galveston and of Galveston and Mainland Social Service Agencies Partners for Case Management Catholic Charities Mainland Children’s Charities Grace Communities SOS Boat People Lutheran Disaster Services Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

18 Resources for Rebuilding Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund The Moody Foundation Mary Moody Northen Endowment Moody Methodist Permanent Endowment Jamail Foundation/Galveston Mayor Bill White Ike’s Gulf Coast Recovery Fund Governor Rick Perry’s Ike Recovery Fund Bank of America President & Mrs. Barack Obama IndoAmerican Foundation Zales Foundation Biloxi Business Leaders McGovern Foundation Presidents Bush and Clinton Recovery Fund*

19 Galveston County Recovery Fund Gifts Received or Pledged – 03/09 Harris & Eliza Kempner Fund Moody Permanent Endowment Fund Mary Moody Northen Foundation The Moody Foundation Mayor Bill White’s Ike Recovery Fund Gov. Rick Perry’s Coastal Recovery Fund McGovern Foundation Journey Foundation United Way of Galveston Mainland Communities United Way Bank of America Zales Foundation Indo American Foundation Biloxi Businesses and Individuals Individual Gifts * Awaiting word on other potential gifts GOAL = $5 Million

20 FIRST STEPS Mobilize Quickly to Respond, Stabilize and Recover Rebuild 250 – 300 homes Restore social service and religious infrastructure Recover families to pre-Ike status by supporting unmet needs Respond to unanticipated, emerging needs

21 For all the suffering he caused, Hurricane Ike has also presented us a tremendous opportunity for a “ do-over.” If all we hope to do is return our community to September 12, 2008, then we have missed the point. NEXT STEPS Breathe, Plan and Re-Invent

22 8 th Annual Mud Bug Ball May 16 th 5pm to 12 am Mulligans and More 14440 Stuebner Airline, Hou. TX 77069 Live Music by Jerry Diaz and Hanna’s Reef and John Reno All the crawfish you can eat, live auction, silent auction, raffles, dancing, requiste Conga Line! To pre-register, become a sponsor, or for questions visit Or email

23 With Special Thanks to... Mulligans and More Sysco Foods

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