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Arts & Business / Belfast City Council Link Initiative 2007 - 2008 Session 7: Creative Business Selling Avoiding the creative guilt trip… and funding it.

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1 Arts & Business / Belfast City Council Link Initiative 2007 - 2008 Session 7: Creative Business Selling Avoiding the creative guilt trip… and funding it along the way Justin Magee

2 creativebusinessselling  What are you selling/ providing?  Is it better/ different from the competition?  Is it new or novel?  Does it have the edge?

3 creativeindividuality  Is your personality evident in your product?  Is your product/ service IP protected?  Can you keep ahead of the competition?  Be the only one to provide a different approach to the business your are in

4 creativeguilttrips  It takes time away from core business  It takes money which I don’t have  I have other deadlines -which is most important?  My Boss thinks I am wasting valuable time  I love being creative so it must be wrong!

5 creativeexemption  The creativity process is your core business  Being creative will earn you money and there are other funding opportunities  Creative R&D needs to be balanced with cash flow business  Creative R&D is Tax claimable and can makes leaders from companies = happy boss  To starve creativity is wrong for you and the wider industry

6 24% NI Design consultancies are evolving in discipline : Trans-disciplinary = Creative Promiscuity National average =17% [Design Council 2005] creativebusinessfacts

7 GLOBAL ISSUES 2003- South Korea Government: Launch of an aggressive design policy towards a world leading knowledge based economy by 2010. [others have followed in response] Europe as a nation needs to understand that “it is necessary to invest properly in the development of design as an integral aspect of economic growth” [Thomson M 2004]

8 Business survey 2006; from the hundred most innovative companies and the top four were of course Apple, Google, 3M and Toyota, and what the commentators were saying was that these people were innovative because they were focusing right at the front end of innovation, they were putting a lot of effort in to the discovery end of innovation as opposed to not simply the delivery, or even the creative design phase in the middle, they were looking at unmet needs and emerging trends and change [Meyerson 2007]

9 Research by the Design Council shows that over a ten-year period, UK quoted companies identified as effective users of design out-performed the FTSE 100 by 200 per cent. But too many UK companies spend nothing on design, which shows that design- led planning is not part of mainstream business thinking [Darling 2006] New research from the Design Council confirms that, for SME’s adding value through design is ‘best for boosting competitiveness’ [Design Council 2007]

10 creative R&D case study

11 Homer goes to Chiropractor with a sore back! Dr. Steve: We don't actually crack backs. It's merely an adjustment... OK, you're going to hear a loud cracking sound. Homer: Hey, it feels a little better. Dr. Steve: I thought it might. Now I need to see you three times a week for many years. Home again, Homer hurts his back racking leaves and complains that Dr. Steve didn't help his back. Bart, his son, asks if he had been doing the exercises Dr. Steve prescribed. Homer, of course, hadn't followed the DC's instructions. Meanwhile, Homer falls backward over his trashcan and dents it. The fall relieves his pain. Bart: The trash can must have un-kinked your back. Homer: That's not a trashcan, it's Dr. Homer's miracle spine-o-cylinder, patent pending. Homer opens a clinic in his garage[The Simpsons 2001]

12 creative R&D case study Skeletal Joe spinal mapping method Product design my expertise Clinical practice new R&D Software development future income?

13 Clinician: Here comes one of those Arty people trying to know what he doesn’t know Arty person:How can I convince these experts that what I have might offer benefit? Moment of madness:Join a clinical research group and Do a PhD!!!!! Typical R&D issue problem identification

14 Measuring the profile and form of the skeletal spine is difficult: Loaded + relaxed spine Entire spine Serial monitoring Need for 3D analysis problem identification

15 ModalityAccuracyCostSpinal Capture Invasive EntireLoaded (IRMER 2000) MRI (* Upright MRI) High High (most) sections*YesNo CT High (most) HighYesNoYes X-rayHigh sectionsYes Posture-pro No publications MediumYes No Spinal mouseGlobal only (Mannion et al 2004) Business Service Yes No BioPrintGlobal only (Nomand et al 2002) Business Service Yes No InclinometersLow Yes No Flexible rulerLow (MacKenzie 1996) LowYes No MacKenzie T.C., Techniques for measuring Lumbar curvature and lumbar shape of the spine: A literature review, Exploring new horizons…Pioneering the 21 st century, RESNA 1996 p43 Mannion et al, A new skin-surface device for measuring the curvature and global and segmental ranges of motion of the spine: reliability of measurements and comparison with data reviewed from the literature, Eur Spine J vol. 13, 2004, p122-136 Nomand et al, Reliability and measurement error of the Bio-tonix video posture evaluation system-part 1 inanimate objects, JMPT vol. 25 no 4, p246-250 problem identification

16 hypothesis The entire static, loaded spine of a healthy individual can be accurately measured for the purpose of serial monitoring, using: External bony landmarks (+ body markers) 2D digital photography 3D computer modelling

17 objectives To develop a software product and protocol for clinicians Measurement: linear (mm) and angular (° ) dimensions: CobbCentroidHPTCentroid Cervical Spine (neck) Lumber Spine (back) J Magee 2006DE Harrison 2001

18 objectives Dreyfuss & Dempster independent research Dreyfuss describes a family of ergonomic manikins: Joe, Josephine & Joe Jr. Who is/ What is ‘Skeletal Joe’? How might they move? Dempster, W.T., Space requirements of the seated operator. Wright-Patterson Airforce Base, Ohio, 1955, pp. 55–159 Dreyfuss H, Designing for People, New York: Simon & Schuster, 1955, p26-43

19 content development Data collation  White males and females  American, European, Middle Eastern & South African sources  18-65 years old  Normal healthy spines Outcomes  Detailed spreadsheets (M&F)  2D engineering drawings (M)  3D computer model(M).PDF

20 content development

21 creative R&D case study


23 content development Body Marker Image registration grids Posture Rig

24 content development

25 enterprise milestones Feb 2005 Body Marker initial patent application March 2005 Body Marker prototypes produced April 2005Brandt Translations partner company identified computer programming outsourcing Oct 20052D to 3D mapping process ethical approval (Health Science IRRB) May 2006Modified Patent for filing June 2007Ulster Spine Centre partner company identified validation using Adani x-ray system Jan 2008Skeletal Joe articulation model evaluation ethical approval (Health Science IRRB)

26 funding process DateAward Body Award/ programme Success Rate Project*Applicants/ Co-applicants Amount 2001AHRBInnovation Award scheme NoBio-Interactive 3D (Digital Human) None£48,667 2002DCALCSFYesOrthopedXNone£44,323 (+£51,000 UU) 2003DCALCSFNoBig Chief animationT Zeeman£45,158 2003NESTAInnovation and Invention NoBig Chief AnimationT Zeeman£37,946 2003RCUKNational Business Plan Competition YesOrthopedX – 1 st stage short list NoneTraining programme (value = £1K) 2004AHRCResearch Leave Scheme NoDigital Human Project None£9,009 2004dtiKTPYesStreet Play LeisureD McKeag£104,000 2005DEL/ UUHEIF8YesSpinal imaging aparatus J Winder B McClelland £1,513

27 DateAward Body Award/ programme Success Rate Project*Applicants/ Co-applicants Amount 2005Interreg III MIDASYesSpinal imaging algorithm J Winder B McClelland £14,000 2005NORIBICTSPYes1 year consultancy contract S McGilloway UUTech Ltd. £3,000 2005dtiKTPYesDecora Blinds*D McKeag£300,000 2005dtiKTPYesNorthstone*D McKeag£144,000 2005NORIBICWINYes1 year contractS McGilloway UUTech Ltd. £9,240 2005RCUKAcademic Fellowships YesDigital Human Project Until 2012 K Mey I Montgommer y £250,000 2006DEL / UU HEIF8Yes3D Camera leaseJ Winder W Mcknight R Baggs (RVH) £3,000 funding process

28 DateAward Body Award/ programme Success Rate Project*Applicants/ Co-applicants Amount 2006Invest NIDDPYes3 years consultancy S McGilloway UUTech Ltd £7,840 (so far) 2006NI HPSSRRG8 Cohesion Fund YesSpinal Imaging Algorithm J Winder B McClelland £3,000 2007DEL/ UUHEIF8YesSpinal Imaging Algorithm J Winder B McClelland £4,000 2007DEL/ UUHEIF8YesReinventing the wheel (Business & Design) K Hutchison B Henderson S McGilloway M Cullen R Hodge £5,000 2007DEL/ UUHEIF8YesManufacturing software *S McGilloway G Moore £4,000 2007DEL/ UUHEIF8YesGames Design Workshops M Cullen M Callaghan £5,000 2008DEL/ UUHEIF8No2 nd life server system *M Callaghan M Cullen S Wilson £5,000 2008DEL/ UUHEIF8YesBetter design for better well being M Gillespie S McGilloway £5,000 funding process

29 DateAward Body Award/ programme Success Rate Project*Applicants/ Co-applicants Amount 2008DEL/ UUHEIF8NoMoCap*T Quigley E Wallace M Mc Neill £5,000 2008DEL/ UUHEIF8YesiThink*M Mulvenna + 6 £5,000 2008DEL/ UUHEIF8NoAnime Society*M Callaghan M Cullen S Wilson £5,000 2008DEL/ UUHEIF8No2 nd Life real estate purchase *M Callaghan M Cullen S Wilson £5,000 2008DEL/ UUHEIF8YesDigital sketchingS McGilloway£1,760 200825K Awards NISPPendingEmotionalise*L Bond T Quigley R McClean S McCann A Bannon £25,000 Total Applied for Total Secured Success Rate £ 938,676 (£963,676) £ 777,886 20 / 24 = 83% funding process

30 dissemination / credibility/ exposure Skeletal Joe Model Magee JDM, McClelland B, Winder J, 2007, “A human shape modelling method for quantifying inter-vertebral measurement” IPEM Human Shape: How can measurements and modelling improve outcomes for patients with profound abnormalities of posture? Magee JDM, 2006, “Skeletal Joe Mapping Method”, RRG8 Away Day, Imaging Group, Burrendale Hotel, Co. Down Magee JDM, McClelland B., Winder J. 2005, “Discovering Skeletal Joe Median”, Humanizing Work and Working Environments, HWWE2005 International Ergonomics conference paper and proceedings, Guwahati, India (ISBN 81-8424-124-0) Magee JDM, 2005, “Discovering Skeletal Joe Median”, Academic Poster, RRG 8 Away Day, Speaker, Belfast Castle Magee JDM, 2005, “Discovering Skeletal Joe Median”, Northern Ireland Medical Imaging (NIMI) Forum, Academic Poster, Abstract and Speaker, Malone House, Belfast Magee JDM, 2005,“Medical Device for Spinal Imaging”, The Research Office, Speaker, Northern Ireland Science Park, Queens Island, Belfast Magee JDM, 2005, “Spinal Mapping using Body Surface Geometry”, RRG8, Imaging Group, Belfast Castle Spinal Imaging Method Arthur K, Magee JDM, Winder J, 2007, “A Landmark image registration using an object model approach” IPEM, Human Shape: How can measurements and modelling improve outcomes for patients with profound abnormalities of posture? Magee JDM, 2005, Medical Devices, RRG8 & R&D Office, Queen’s Island Belfast Magee JDM, 2005, Spinal mapping, RRG8 Imaging Group presentation, Belfast Castle Magee JDM, 2003, Knowledge Club: Economy Northwest- Life &Health Sciences. prototype demonstration (UUM) March 2003 Intelligent Multimedia international conference (UUM) Magee JDM, Quigley TM, Lyons S, 2003 “Designing a prototype with elements of virtual behaviour”, Eurographics Ireland Chapter, Coleraine (ISSN 1649-1807)

31 The Issues: University V’s Commercial sector Universities recognise the R&D need (20% of time) Creative Industries need to recognise the R&D value (common practice in science and engineering businesses) Creative Industries Strategy (Invest NI):  initially up-skilling  Content Creation (the knowledge base) These can be achieved through R&D at a % which works for you or your company. creative research&development

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