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Recovery from a devastating storm in September 2008 in Northwest Indiana.

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1 Recovery from a devastating storm in September 2008 in Northwest Indiana


3 13+ inches of rain fell on Northwest Indiana in 2 days












15 Started To Appear




19  Lake County, IN – 15,261  Porter County, IN – 1,350  La Porte County, IN – 1,332

20  Instrumental in obtaining $12.7 million in funding from the Lilly Endowment that was critical to operational success  Established Steering Committee dedicated to seeing mission through to end to ensure close, detailed attention to mission  Steering Committee delegated authority to Subcommittee Chairs tasked with responsibility to create qualification policies for all phases of process  Created a comprehensive Policy & Procedure Manual

21  Program Director was chosen who had history of unique model and system implementation, team building skills and strong media background  Extreme organization required to meet grant timeline for completion  Developed parallel strategies to ramp up operations to meet grant timelines while planning shut-down operations  Detailed reporting on expenses & progress


23  Set reasonable goals and make them work  Gain efficiency where ever possible  Work harder than you think possible  Measure progress objectively  Fix it immediately if it didn’t work well – and be ok with the do-overs  Track results obsessively  Remain kind, caring and considerate

24  Contact EVERY FEMA Applicant!  Help EVERYONE who qualifies to the greatest extent possible.

25  Developed 4 week project to contact people in Q4 2009  Invited volunteers to make outbound calls - 6 workstations  Goal was to make an estimated 15,000+ outbound calls, 8am to 8pm Monday thru Saturday  Introduced Amish ladies to phones!  8-9 calls per hour per person on average  Mission completed – ON TIME  Total budget – MINIMAL (6 phones & headphones, donated computers, office supplies)

26  Lake County, IN – 14,229  Porter County, IN – 1,240  La Porte County, IN – 1,212 93% FEMA APPLICANTS CONTACTED


28  Initial use of 211 NWICA as gatekeeper into the LARRI process until Case Management could be set up. 211 continued to act as referral agency for unmet needs not offered by LARRI  Realtor as Chair of Unmet Needs Committee  Employed independent, experienced case managers to guide clients through qualification process  Required all Case Managers to complete UMCOR training

29  Case Managers had equal case loads  Set amount of time allotted to process each case  Reviewed by Case Manager Supervisor for completeness and probability of Unmet Needs Committee approval  Case turned over to Construction of complete damage assessment and cost estimate and returned to CM  Title search done on property to assure no liens  Client signs off on scope of work  Case Manager Supervisor signs off and Case scheduled for Unmet Needs Committee review/approval or denial  Case scheduled for Construction Committee review/approval or denial  Unmet Needs & Construction Committees meet back to back to process cases ready for approval or denial

30  Must be the homeowner  Must have spent FEMA funds correctly  Must have applied for SBA loan  Order of submission to Unmet Needs & approvals determined by income level & special circumstances; i.e. disabilities, etc.  FIRST PRIORITY: at or below poverty level income  SECOND PRIORITY: 100% or less above poverty level income  THIRD PRIORITY: 200% or less above poverty level income  FOURTH PRIORITY: 300% or less above poverty level income

31  Lake County, IN – 3,086  Porter County, IN – 151  La Porte County, IN – 158 18.9% of total FEMA applicants

32  5 Teams Overseen by Construction Manager  Each headed by Team Leader responsible for material ordering, scheduling/oversight for contractors  Site Supervisors and volunteers moved from job to job to complete build-out  As many as 30 jobs per Team in progress at any given time  Supply driver & Home Depot delivery for all sites  All material & tool kits on site for day construction began  Specialty Mechanical Team to do minor electrical & plumbing jobs not requiring inspection

33  Repair assessment done by Construction Manager & Estimator prior to case being submitted to Case Management & Unmet Needs Committees for approval  Home Depot estimating software used in-house at LARRI office for pricing all building materials  Mechanical estimates done by approved contractors from bid list supplied by NWI Building Trades on rotational basis  Title searches conducted on all properties that met qualifying criteria for LARRI help  Separate Scope of Work developed for contractors and construction teams for each site and reviewed prior to site opening for work – all work approved by Client  All costs tracked to stay on approved budget

34  In-house use of HD estimating software  5 area HD stores for supply availability  Discounted pricing - same day pick up  Free delivery over certain $$ amount  Material guaranteed ready for LARRI Driver  Helped set up “LARRI STORE” for clients in LARRI offices – all clients received SAME quality  Small materials room on-site delivered by HD  2% cash back from US Communities – more $$ to help people  Volunteered on work sites annually

35  High degree of mold remediation required to ensure health of workers and residents  Ground water pressures damaged more foundations that was originally thought  Even though deferred maintenance, roof repair and replacement was agreed to be necessary to safeguard internal home repairs

36  Constructive business relationships established with local government & business leaders across three counties  Constructive relationships established with local building departments to ensure code & permit compliance, inspections & approvals  Developed good working relationships & cost saving measures with more than 50 local contractors  Plumbers agreement for sewer check valves  Electricians agreement for outlet replacements

37 208 Major renovations under $10,000 437 Major renovations over $10,000 Includes 5 total rebuilds & 26 families relocated 18.9 % of total LARRI cases

38  44 completed in 2009  294 completed in 2010  307 completed in 2011

39  More than 5,200 volunteers assisted for a total of more than 222,000 hours  Engaged assistance from national faith based volunteer groups. National sites at LARRI set up by:  CRWRC, now World Renew  MDS, Mennonite Disaster Services  BDM, Brethren Disaster Ministries  AmeriCorps NCCC – 6 rounds

40  Had use of 5-7 housing opportunities for volunteers  Use of churches & schools for large groups  Participated in Disney GIVE A DAY/GET A DAY promotion to attract several hundred additional volunteers  Attracted national youth groups  400 Southern Baptist World Changers & Lutheran Hands volunteers in one week in July  Obtained Home Depot grant to repair parks and public areas in Gary, East Chicago, Hammond, Lake Station & Portage

41  Created strong media presence in NWI & Chicago with over 60 media contacts  Established media partnership with leading regional newspaper for continual coverage  Created outdoor awareness campaign for volunteerism  Created Champions of Hope presentations for churches, business & service organizations  Celebrated & publicized home blessings upon completion of work for rebuilds & relocations

42  We tracked & planned everything and shared results with employees & volunteers  Created LARRI team building opportunities by implementing employee events and activities  LARRI softball team  LARRI day at Railcats baseball game  Monthly birthday celebrations for personnel and volunteers to create fellowship time and to celebrate accomplishments

43  Keeping local communities involved in effort for the long haul. Many thought everything was over despite extensive media coverage  Offering “volunteer only” projects to FEMA applicants prior to having been qualified for LARRI help drained resources needed for construction efforts  Continued free muck & guts to anyone who asked used too many volunteer resources needed for reconstruction efforts  And, of course, getting organized...


45  In the second quarter of 2011, OFBCI (Office of Faith Based & Community Initiatives) for the State of Indiana offered a $50,000 grant to start COADs to continue communicating, learning, assessing and be ready to act in the event of future disasters.  The ensuing organization that formed in January 2012 was named NWI COAD:  NORTHWEST INDIANA COMMUNITIES ORGANIZED TO ASSIST IN DISASTERS  Many of the new COAD’s original members had served on LARRI’s Steering Committee.

46 NWI COAD Mission Statement NWI COAD agencies and volunteers proactively look for ways to mitigate against disasters at the local level by sharing programs, policies, information, joint planning and training.

47 American Legion, American Red Cross of Greater Chicago Region, American Red Cross of Northwest Indiana, American Red Cross, External Ops, Center for Life Change, Duneland Family YMCA, Div Emergency Disaster Services, Director, EMA Volunteer, Family and Youth Services Bureau, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Geminus Corporation, Hope Crisis Response Network, Humane Society Calumet Area, IN Department of Homeland Security, Indiana Department of Health, INVOAD, Jasper County EMA, La Porte County American Red Cross, La Porte County EMA, Lake Area United Way, Lake Co. Homeland Security/EMA, Lake County EMA, La Porte County EMA, LARRI Director, LCDHS Ham Radio, LCMS IN Disaster District Response, Lutheran Emergency Response Team, March2Recovery-Catholic Charities, Meals on Wheels, Methodist Hospital EAP, Michigan City Chaplains Division, North Township Trustee, Northwest Indiana Community Action, NWICA 211, Pettit Accounting, Porter County American Red Cross, Porter County EMA, Porter County Health Department, Porter County Safe Schools, Purdue Extension Service, Salvation Army of W. MI & NWI, Senior Advocate, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, UMCOR, United Way of Porter Co., Fiscal Agent, World Renew

48  District One Task Force District Planning Council  HSIN- Homeland Security Information Network The sharing group, now titled Lakefront Infrastructure Security Group NWI District 1  District 1 Bioterrorism and Community Stakeholders.  District 1 Bioterrorism and Community Stakeholders.  RCPT- Regional Catastrophic Planning Team Chicago Area

49 Tornado drill testing community response. Mental health at reception center at off site hospital, in the field with District 1 first responders, with United Way spontaneous volunteers and at Prompt Ambulance drilling a mock morgue and family assistance center.

50  11 hospitals participated with District 1 Task Force, local police and fire, hazmat, mental health and other agencies.  United Way Volunteer Center successfully tested spontaneous volunteer center enrollment.  Family assistance center set up at La Porte Hospital with mental health, CISM, spiritual care and social services.  211 Weekend Call Center contacted and could begin data sharing so that operators could respond.  American Red Cross successfully tested system to locate individuals in a disaster…Patient Connection for hospitals and Safe and Well for the general public.



53 United Way of Porter County, Lake Area United Way, Methodist Hospitals and the NWI COAD sponsored a two day CISM workshop for 40 participants on Emotional and Spiritual Care in a Disaster.

54  District 1 Task Force Responders Went to New Jersey During Super Storm Sandy  Members of the District 1 Task Force Emergency Management Operations went to the aid of the communities of Southern Indiana during the tornado disaster and to Long Beach in NY during Super Storm Sandy

55 We stand ready We stand ready to respond! JOIN US!

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