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PMBA Chapter 1 Marketing: The Art and Science of Satisfying Customers

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1 PMBA Chapter 1 Marketing: The Art and Science of Satisfying Customers with Duane Weaver

2 OUTLINE What is Marketing? The 4 Ps of Marketing Eras in Marketing
Needs vs. Wants Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Not-for-profit Marketing Avoiding Marketing Myopia

3 Organizational Function Responsible
What is Marketing Production and marketing together create utility—the want-satisfying power of a good or service (can be in the form of a product, service, idea or experience) Type of Utility Description Examples Organizational Function Responsible Form Conversion of raw materials and components into finished goods and services Dinner at Swiss Chalet; iPod; shirt from Mark’s Work Wearhouse Production Time Availability of goods and services when consumers want them Dental appointment; digital photographs; LensCrafters eyeglass guarantee; Canada Post Expresspost Marketing Place Availability of goods and services at convenient locations Soft-drink machines outside gas stations; on-site day care; banks in grocery stores Owner-ship Ability to transfer title to goods or services from marketer to buyer Retail sales (in exchange for currency or credit-card payment)

4 Definition of Marketing
Marketing Companywide consumer orientation with the objective of achieving long-run success Does it have to be “long run”? Involves: Analyzing customer needs Obtaining the information necessary for design and production that match customer expectations Satisfying customer preferences Creating and maintaining relationships with customers and suppliers


6 Four Eras in the History of Marketing
Exchange process—activity in which two or more parties give something of value to each other to satisfy perceived need

7 Emergence of the Marketing Concept
Created the need for greater consumer orientation—business philosophy incorporating the marketing concept that emphasizes first determining unmet consumer needs and then designing a system to satisfy them

8 Converting Needs to Wants
Effective marketing focuses on the benefits resulting from goods and services Example: Need for water to satisfy thirst converted to a desire for CocaCola Companies must pay attention to what consumers want Example: Demand for smarter cell phones and wireless services In your case study groups provide an example of a need and a want. Be prepared to discuss your choices with the class. (5 minutes)

9 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Source: Solomon, et. al, 2009

10 Characteristics of Not-for-profit Marketing
Purpose is to generate revenue to support their causes Must compete with other organizations for donor’s dollars Must often market to multiple audiences EVEN THOUGH the goal is not profit, they still must MARKET themselves.

11 Avoiding Marketing Myopia
Marketing myopia—management’s failure to recognize the scope of its business

12 From Transaction-Based Marketing to Relationship Marketing
Focus is on developing customers into repeat, loyal customers—increasing the lifetime value of the customer Goal is to move customer up the loyalty ladder: Repeat customers are a source of “word-of-mouth” marketing Advocate Loyal supporter Regular purchaser New customer

13 Developing Partnerships and Strategic Alliances
Relationship marketing also applies to business-to-business relationships with suppliers, distributors, and other partners Strategic alliances Partnerships in which two or more companies combine resources and capital to create competitive advantages in the market Example: Yahoo! and TiVo blending some of their services Not-for-profits often raise awareness and funds through strategic partnerships

14 Eight Universal Marketing Functions

15 THANKYOU for Your Time! Let’s look at Strategic Planning and the Marketing Process next

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