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Making IT Better at Genentech Monica Kumar Technical Lead, Collaboration Services.

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1 Making IT Better at Genentech Monica Kumar Technical Lead, Collaboration Services

2 Agenda  Background  Calendar interoperability  Interoperability as a strategy  Conclusion – looking ahead

3 Background  Founded in 1976 by venture capitalist Bob Swanson and biochemist Dr. Herbert Boyer  Focused on drug discovery efforts to address unmet medical needs.  Today, Genentech manufactures and commercializes multiple therapies that treat serious or life-threatening medical conditions in the areas of oncology, immunology, and disorders of tissue growth and repair.

4 Background 19,000 Employees / Consultants 500+ Admin Professionals Google collaboration platform 80,000 Employees / Consultants Highly global Microsoft Exchange Google Decision Interoperability Focus 20072009 2011 gCal Roche Merger

5 Calendar Interoperability Key Challenges  Multiple calendaring platforms  Global organizations  Heavy meeting culture  Heavily leveraged Admin professional staff  User accounts – different identity management systems

6 Calendar Interoperability What have we done so far?  Google Calendar Connector for Free/Busy data  Google added ‘Always Send’ functionality  No CAL licenses required for Gene accounts created in Roche AD  Partnering with Google to build and test MAPI solution  Microsoft pushed hot fix for delegate issue for Outlook 2007  Using SMTP/.ics files as transport layer requires client and user intervention  Primary SMTP address and display name need to be the same on both identity management systems  Outlook 2010 handles colons in description or title of event  Attendee status not visible when relying only on.ics files

7 Calendar Interoperability What remains to be done? Continued improvement to address functionality gaps Free/Busy event details across systems Conference room booking across systems Exchange 2010 Interop Google new calendar infrastructure migration and interop assurance with continued partnership Consolidation of duplicate accounts  Genentech Admin access to manage Exchange calendars for global execs

8 Calendar Interoperability Communication early and often!  Organization Change Management and Google guides  Working Smart Globally initiative  Best practices for interoperability for Roche and Genentech global teams/users  Google University for different target audiences  Google Sites to keep customers informed of any known issues

9 Calendar Interoperability – Pain & Progress  Calendar will not be ‘perfect’ due to differences until vendors align on ICAL standards  OCM/Training critical – Product Development Working Smarter Globally satisfaction 35% to 67% in six months  PT/Global Partnering OCM underway; high-pain result of no OCM engagement to-date  US$1.01M Calendar Interoperability vs. US$8-16M ‘Rip and Replace

10 Interoperability Strategy – What is it?  Interoperability is a strategy, not a project or short–term fix. Interoperability is more than Calendar Interoperability  Interoperability is:  Enable the business to be nimble as new technologies are introduced.  Technologies support and are built on open standards – build bridges not silos.  Technologies enable, and do not hinder, our other strategies (e.g. Mobility, Communication, Collaboration, Client Platforms, etc…)  Maximize ROI on legacy solutions not yet ready to be sunset  Fast and Flexible, not ‘Perfect’  Just as innovation is not an end-state, interoperability is an innovation- enabling strategy, not an end-state.

11 Interoperability is core to our “4As” Vision High Level ObjectivesHow we plan to achieve it Deliver hassle-free audio and video communication over various channels Enable any-to-any communication Use iPhones and soft-phones in place of desk phones. Embed “click-to-call/chat/etc” capabilities in our business processes Facilitate easy content creation and sharing Enable interoperability between Google and Microsoft. Leverage consumer cloud-based content creation tools Compliment email with social networks and browser capabilities. Delight our end-users by making our client platforms as frictionless as possible High performance desktops/laptops/tablets and smartphones User segmentation model - offer the right device to end-users based on their job Provide easy to use applications and seamless access to business processes from anywhere Applications optimized for all devices Certificate-based authentication & application on-demand VPN 4G and 802.11n Fast Speed Wireless Communication Collaboration Client Platforms Mobility

12 Interoperability Strategy Helps Drive Unforeseen Business Value: Example - Desktop VC Integration Video Interoperability Bridge

13 Interoperability enables innovation: Example Peeps inspires

14 Interoperability enables the Business: Example: gDocs/Autonomy Project “It takes me 20 seconds to find what used to take me 20 minutes…or never…to find.” -Research Scientist, gRED BetterFasterCheaper Intuitive and Easy to use Consolidated file/document storage Anywhere, anyone, any device, any time Significant productivity gains Faster search 90 days to implement “Training through tipsheets” Faster internal AND external collaboration No additional license cost (incl. with $50/user/year Google license) $60K project budget No document management system implementatio n cost Zero Infrastructure

15 Conclusion: Calendar alone shouldn’t drive the decision to rip and replace Innovation did not stop while we have been working to make Google Calendar Interoperable with Exchange Calendar…

16 Looking ahead: Improve interoperability TeamActivity 1Existing teams (Tactical) Improve interoperability of current solutions through existing roles plus reinstated central coordination. Collaboration Ensure global teams can easily communicate and collaborate. Identity Ensure it is quick and simple to create and access applications. Applications Ensure global teams can use global applications on any supported device. Connectivity Make it easy for travelling workers to connect on the road or while visiting other campuses. User pain

17 Continued Rapid Innovation Demands That Devices and Applications, Old & New, Work Together Interoperability enables the business to be nimble as new technologies are introduced, legacy solutions are not yet ready to be sunset, and business acquisitions are integrated

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