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Halton Neglect Strategy Launch Event GRADED CARE PROFILE AND TOOLS.

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1 Halton Neglect Strategy Launch Event GRADED CARE PROFILE AND TOOLS

2 2 How to identify Graded Care Profile South Gloucestershire Practice Toolkit

3 3 Graded Care Profile Evidence Based Approach Informed by Observations and Chronologies Common Language and Understanding

4 4 Graded Care Profile Simple score basis Professional Judgement still crucial

5 5 Graded Care Profile Endorsed by Halton Children’s Trust and Halton Safeguarding Children Board as the tool to use in cases of neglect at all levels of Halton’s Levels of Need Framework.

6 6 Graded Care Profile Strengths and achievements >>> <<< Difficulties and problems 1 All needs met 2 Essential needs met 3 Some essential needs unmet 4 Many essential needs unmet 5 Most or all essential needs unmet Universal Services Level 1: Universal Plus Level 2: Multi-agency Planning Level 3: Multi-agency Plan to Protect from Harm

7 7 South Gloucestershire Toolkit Range of tools which can be used to inform whether the Graded Care Profile is required – does not replace

8 8 Case Studies 3 Case Studies Discuss key issues On tables use South Gloucestershire Toolkit/Graded Care Profile to decide which level of Halton Levels of Need Framework each case should sit.

9 9 Case Studies Feedback and Questions

10 Next Steps Multi-Agency Training on Graded Care Profile (GCP) from September 2014. HSCB will monitor implementation and effectiveness of strategy on identification of neglect and improved outcomes for children and young people Expectation that use of GCP will become more evident in multi and single-agency audits of practice 10

11 Conclusion Launch does not replace training! Feedback and evaluation – please complete Thanks go to all the multi-agency partners who worked on the development of the neglect strategy – a true partnership! 11

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