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Branding Strategy Templates © Practical Social Media.

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1 Branding Strategy Templates © Practical Social Media

2 Brand Strategy Templates © Practical Social Media Please review the webinar on brand strategy in the University prior to filling out these templates.

3 The Practical Social Media Example Mindset Target The solopreneur that has too much to do in a day already, no formal marketing expertise, no marketing staff and no dedicated marketing budget…but great aspirations for success! © Practical Social Media

4 Mindset Market © Practical Social Media Enter your Mindset Market here!

5 Your Emotional Brand Intelligence © Practical Social Media Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Where does your company fit onto Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs based on fulfilling unmet wants, needs or desires?

6 Market Opportunity Examples © Practical Social Media Do you see the influence of your Emotional Brand Intelligence on your Mindset Market? This is a shorthand of the opportunity that leads to what your company promises as a brand to do for your target market niche!

7 Market Opportunity © Practical Social Media Enter your Market Opportunity here!

8 Brand Promise © Practical Social Media

9 Brand Promise In the space below, can you please answer the following question, as if you were talking to a friend: © Practical Social Media What is it that your company promises to do for your customers? Make sure to include your emotional brand intelligence! Enter answer here!

10 Brand Strategy Platform: Generic © Practical Social Media For (Mindset Market), That (UNMET NEED OR DESIRE), (YOUR COMPANY NAME) promises to (BRAND PROMISE), By offering (POINT-OF-DIFFERENCE), Backed by (REASON TO BELIEVE), To address the need for (MARKET OPPORTUNITY), Since we understand (EMOTIONAL BRAND INTELLIGENCE).

11 Brand Strategy Platform: Lakeside Collision Center © Practical Social Media For people who are caught in the midst of a collision without a friend to turn to, (Mindest Market) That want the auto body repair centers and insurance companies care more about them than themselves, (Unmet Need or Desire) Lakeside Collision Center promises to place customers back in control of a situation gone terribly wrong, (Brand Promise) By offering expert advice and education around the best options to save time, money and hassles, (Point-of-Difference) Backed by the highest customer reviews and ratings in the greater Seattle area, (Reason to Believe) To address the need to return the balance of power in your favor at an incredibly vulnerable time, (Market Opportunity) Since we understand the ripple effect an accident can have on your life when you can least afford it. (Emotional Brand Intelligence) Click and change the text for your business.

12 Simplified Brand Strategy Statements Point-of-Difference: TBD Brand Promise: TBD Emotional Driver: TBD Easy to understand, share, act upon and remember. © Practical Social Media Write in your top three brand strategy statements here.

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