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1 North Seattle Community College FY 2007-2008 Budget Presentation June 11, 2007.

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2 1 North Seattle Community College FY 2007-2008 Budget Presentation June 11, 2007

3 2 Key Points FTE’s reduced by 312 Last FY Total budget reduction $1.2 mil $500K cut July 1, 2006 $763,000 cut July 1, 2007 Tenure buyout successful, but Need additional reductions or more $

4 3 Key Points cont. Hit 98% of FTE target FY 06-07 Target 3,795 FTE, hit 3,721 Can count international students this yr. Hit 105.5% with international counted NSCC has $460K reserve account

5 4 Key Points Cont. Majority of $ from North’s budget cut going to South; some to Central and SVI

6 5 Brief Financial History Fiscal Yr. 99-00 ($1,333,131) Deficit Fiscal Yr. 00-01 $493,556 Balance Fiscal Yr. 01-02 $529,192 Balance Fiscal Yr. 02-03 $1,052,326 Balance Excess enrollment $194,508 Excess tuition $99,342

7 6 Financial History cont. Fiscal Year 03-04 $1,361,176 Balance Incl. Excess Tuition $354,625 Incl. Excess Enrollment $123,188 Fiscal Year 04-05 $924,636 Fiscal Year 05-06 $176,410

8 7 Budget Process for FY 07-08 BPT, College Council, Executive Team working together (process continues) Used “two bucket” process Asked for “Flat” budget by macro unit Unmet needs process (one time funds) Budget development still in progress Carry-forward funds still unknown Had only $176,000 in CF last fiscal yr.

9 8 Budget Process Cont. Budget development principles approved by College Council/BPT June 7, 2006 $1.2 Mil &FTE reduction announced at all- college meeting on June 13, 2006 Met with College Council on March 20 and May 1, 2007 to discuss budget process

10 9 College Council Members Kurt Simmons, Chair Chair Deanna Li Jane Lister-ReisJenny Mao Maria PazRodolfo Franco Rachael MendonsaVladimir Vilkevich Matt AyerVacant Kim ChapmanRyan Packard

11 10 C.C. Members cont. Chris PageTherese Quig Member at-large Student (vacant)

12 11 Budget Planning Team Alan Ward, ChairKellie Nakano David BittenbenderJane Lister-Reis Tom BraziunasKatherine Riley Francesco FedericiDennis Schaffer Tom GriffithSuzanne Scheldt Alice MellingMichael Shaw

13 12 BPT Members cont. Kurt SimmonsDennis Yasukochi Vladimir Vilkevich Ron Woods

14 13 BPT Sub-Committee Tom BraziunasFrancesco Federici Tom GriffithAlice Melling Kurt SimmonsDennis Yasukochi Suzanne Scheldt

15 14 BPT Sub-committee Worked hard! Held many meetings Overriding Recommendation The college should develop and implement a well articulated planning process for adding or eliminating instructional programs. This program viability process should be integrated with other planning initiatives at the college.

16 15 BPT Sub-committee After a lot of number crunching and using different analysis techniques, we are short! $554,384 for faculty S & B $202,005 tenure buyout costs Don’t Panic!

17 16 Sub-committee cont. Specific recommendation: The college should balance the currently projected 2007-08 operating budget deficit through a combination of the following: Reduce spending Reallocate existing funding Increase available funding

18 17 Recommendations cont. Reduce Instructional Operating Spending by Separating Entrepreneurial/Experimental Programs Support these programs from non-operating or temporary funds until proven Create separate instructional budget for this purpose (this would save $203,455) Radiology Technology (save $125K)

19 18 Recommendations Cont. Reduce spending through enrollment management Potential savings from eliminating some classes with 10 or fewer students Would save $262,000

20 19 Recommendations Cont. Reallocation of existing funding: Continuing Ed. $50,000 Education fund $12,500

21 20 Specific Recommendations Add $100K more from Int’l revenue Add $25K from Running Start Reduce contingency reserve by $100K; different than “true” reserve Tap select fund balances $50K



24 23 How Did the Process Go?

25 24 Not Well!

26 25 College Failed!

27 26 What Happened? Third Category emerged! Requests for new positions Increases in existing budgets Unmet needs S/B one-time expenditures Requests $1 mil over last year

28 27 The Third Process-Weed or Flower?

29 28 The Third Process Needs that are ongoing New positions Position reallocations (upgrades) Restoration of funds cut in past years Cover costs that are escalating

30 29 Who Did Good Job on Request? Student Services

31 30 Who Else Did Good Job? Education Fund A

32 31 Who Else? Library and Media A

33 32 What’s Next? Receive initial allocation from District Stick to “flat budget” requests Finalize total resource availability Prioritize unmet needs and fund what we can Prioritize the “3 rd process” list, fund by reallocating $ and using new money

34 33 Initial Budget Allocation Several different budgets from Olympia New biennium 2007-09 Tuition increase 2% (credits 11 to 25) 1% tuition increase budgeted by SCCD 1% tuition backfill

35 34 Initial Budget Allocation cont. New Money Tuition $83,000 Equipment $28,000 Student Persistence $41,070 Budget cut ($28,280)

36 35 Initial Allocation Cont. New FTE’s Allocated by SBCTC General Enrollments 10 @ $4,900 Adult Basic Ed. 15@ $6,050 I-BEST 7@ $9,750 Transfer Math Sci. 11@ $8,750 Total $ $304,250

37 36 Initial Allocation cont. Other FTE’s (need to apply) ECE Math & Science (100 sw) Workforce Hi-demand


39 College Council Recommendations Will Prioritize Unmet needs June 19

40 39 Budget Challenges Financial effects of negotiations unknown Low enrollment “ripple effect” Food Services deficit Under funded budgets PT faculty Facilities and grounds maint.

41 40 Budget Challenges, Cont. Enrollments Still Under Target

42 41 Questions?

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