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Timebank Welcome to the SWEL Timebank Potluck and Orientation! Exchanging Gifts Through Time SWEL.

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1 Timebank Welcome to the SWEL Timebank Potluck and Orientation! Exchanging Gifts Through Time SWEL

2 Agenda for Orientation Eat, meet, and enjoy yourself! SWEL Timebank Overview Core Values Membership Process Community Building Game Orientation

3 What is SWEL? Transforming a vision of a vibrant Timebank into a reality. SWEL stands for Shoreline, Woodway, Edmonds, and Lake Forest Park. Based on a well proven model-

4 What is a Timebank? Neighbors helping neighbors, one hour at a time. – If you help someone, that hour goes into your Timebank account as a Time Hour. – You spend that Time Hour by having someone else do something for you. All hours are valued equally.

5 What is a Timebank? Timebanks use a low overhead, self-organizing system to match unmet needs with unused resources. Using a password-protected, web-accessed database, members – list what they want to give and receive – arrange the exchanges via the website and emails.

6 SWEL Timebank Core Values WE ARE ALL VALUED CONTRIBUTORS Everyone’s time is equally valuable Reciprocity is key--we all have something to give, and we all have needs Communities strengthen individuals

7 Exchanges create community

8 Services are varied Note: You don’t need to be an expert in something to offer it - think of what you enjoy doing and then imagine that a neighbor might benefit from that.

9 Membership Process Anyone can join. Attend an orientation (you are!). Complete an application (hopefully tonight!). We complete the criminal background check and personal reference checks. You will then receive an email when your account is activated!

10 Membership Dues SWEL’s annual membership dues help sustain us! $75 for household $40 for individuals $15 for college students and seniors $15 for people with income < $25,000 $5 for high school students Become a founding member and get an 18 month membership!

11 Game Who has a skill to share with the Timebank? Who wants to receive that skill?

12 Orientation Agenda Taxes Criminal Background Checks Key Items from the Member Policies How to Use the Software Questions and Answers Distribution of Applications Sign off Applications/Check ID

13 Taxes The IRS has ruled that Timebanking is not taxable. Why? – no contractual obligation – no monetary equivalent of a “time hour” (all valued equally) – Timebanking is volunteering

14 Background Checks We run a criminal background check, and check at least one personal reference. However, each member is responsible for determining if they are comfortable interacting with another member prior to arranging the exchange. We encourage members to meet each other in a public location (at one of our monthly potlucks, etc.) prior to meeting privately.

15 Key Items from the Membership Policies The SWEL Timebank is a coordinating agency ONLY. We cannot guarantee the performance of anyone who is referred. Prior to receiving a service, you will want to ascertain the competency of the server to deliver the service to the extent that meets your level of comfort.

16 Key Items from the Membership Policies Expenses for any materials used will be the responsibility of the recipient. Expenses should be agreed upon before the service is delivered. Please let us know if there are any disagreements or concerns related to an exchange. Respect your exchange partner’s privacy and confidentiality. Don’t give your password to the online database to others.

17 Key Items from the Membership Policies Respect your exchange partner’s home, property and valuables. Refrain from smoking, or bringing pets to your exchange unless invited. Post and maintain at least one offer and one request on the website. Try to check your account regularly to see if there are requests. Note that goods can’t be exchanged, only services. (The website does have an area for goods, but this shouldn’t be used)

18 Individual Debt Limit There are times when your needs are greater than your contribution. – It is okay to have a negative balance. – If you accrue a -10 hour balance, staff will check in with you.

19 Youth Participation There is no age restriction. Parent/Guardian approval is required for those under 18. The parent/guardian is responsible and determines whether the child – will have his or her own account or – share the parent’s account; – determine if sufficient supervision is provided, – what exchanges are appropriate, etc.

20 Using the Software Once your application, criminal background check and reference check are complete, we will activate your account. You will get an email with instructions for using the software. – We will credit your account with one Time Hour for completing this training! Once your account is activated, you can log on, and click on “give and receive”, and fill out what services you would like to give and receive. Then you can start exchanging services!

21 Last Slide! Questions? Did everyone sign in? Application/Photo ID Check Thank you for your time!

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