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Obstacles to Critical Thinking

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1 Obstacles to Critical Thinking
Unmet survival needs Prejudice, bias and oppression Unreflective acceptance of societal and cultural attitudes and beliefs Stereotypes Blind obedience and deference to authority Habit Loaded language Limited access to information (uncertainty) One-sided thinking Psychological blocks (anxiety, depression, trauma, consumerism, arrogance, etc.) Cognitive heuristics Relativism

2 Key Critical Thinking Skills
Analysis Examining data and weighing evidence Critical reading Observation and description Self-reflection Expression Assessing relevance

3 4 Tools of Critical Thinking
Surveillance Tools Analytical Tools Synthesis (Synthesizing Tools) Problem-Solving Tools

4 Frame of Reference involves…
Experience Prior knowledge Assumptions and background beliefs Values

5 Frame of Reference affects…
Considerations of relevance Methodology Evidence utilized Interpretation Receptiveness to alternatives

6 Key Dimensions of Diversity
Frames of reference Power relations Language and Culture Values Religion Race and Ethnicity Social Class Gender Age Orientation Ability

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