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Visions of a High Tech U.S. -Cuban Economic Relationship

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1 Visions of a High Tech U.S. -Cuban Economic Relationship
Kenneth Flamm Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs University of Texas at Austin

2 High Tech Means an Outward Looking Development Strategy
High tech is global markets and an international business model Key elements High tech/services niches: Leverage strength in education/literacy “Official” biotech strategy can only work if fully plugged into global trading system, foreign partners/markets Competition with Asia, Rest of Latin America E.g., take some of Spanish language software localization business from Argentina

3 Cuba Already Participates in Global Open Source Community

4 Cuban Internet Infrastructure a Critical Issue for Economic Growth
Very poor connections to rest of the Net Good connections a distant and expensive dream on current trajectory Tangled history in first years of new century

5 Cuba Joined the Online World in the 1990s
Year of introduction of international connectivity for (BITNET/UUCP) and IP networks

6 Latin American NRENs, ~ 2002

7 Latin American/European Networking Overtures
2002– EU-funded CAESAR feasibility study of Latin America-EU network links – CLARA (Cooperación Latino Americana de Redes Avanzadas, Uruguay-based nonprofit consortium of Latin American NRENs) and EU undertake EU-funded ALICE (America Latina Interconectada Con Europa) networking project Cuba is member of CLARA Links to ALICE 80% subsidized by EU Cuba offered subsidy for proposed connection Existing fiber runs under Caribbean very close to Havana Cuba declines

8 Integración a Redes Académicas Internacionales Red CLARA

9 Central America & Caribean Submarine Cables, ~2003
Arcos Plan Puebla-Panamá in Planning Process

10 The Current Game Plan

11 But existing Cuban backbone supports shorter, cheaper, shallower links

12 Red Nacional de Fibra Óptica Desarrollo futuro
Stgo de Cuba Holguín Bayamo Camagüey Nueva Gerona Matanzas V. Clara Cárdenas Colón Sagua la Grande Puerto Padre Manzanillo Palma Soriano Mayari San Cristóbal Moa Sandino Trinidad Nuevitas Pinar del Río Guantánamo Las Tunas C. de Avila S.Spíritus Artemisa San José Placetas Florida Varadero Jovellanos Cienfuegos Morón

13 Cancun, Caymans, Jamaica, Bahamas Turks…and FL… all short and cheap

14 A lot of investment needed
A lot of investment needed! -Estimated K individuals with access to Internet in Cuba -Official data on University computers/Net show poor access

15 US & Cuban Strategic Interests
For US, migration and drug interdiction are primary Economic gains from trade & investment likely to be relatively small For Cuba, economic gains and security guarantees primary Rapprochment will require package that addresses all of above “Looser” political system in Cuba may well have less ability to deliver US objectives

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