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July 2010 VISION 2015 Strategic Direction Presented by: William T. Foley Chief Executive Officer.

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1 July 2010 VISION 2015 Strategic Direction Presented by: William T. Foley Chief Executive Officer

2 Cook County Health & Hospital System Cook County Department of Public Health Ambulatory and Community Health Network Provident Hospital Oak Forest Hospital John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center Cermak Health Services The Safety Net Healthcare System for Cook County 2

3 3 Process Timeline Action Items2Q20093Q20094Q20091Q20102Q20103Q2010 Discovery Community/Stakeholder Input Individual Interviews/Group Meetings Strategic Direction Developed Town Hall Meetings Passage of Health Reform Action Planning Financial Planning CCHHS Board Approves Strategic Plan Cook County Board Approves Strategic Plan

4 Current State Assessment Significant unmet healthcare needs. Large disparities in access to healthcare and location of healthcare services. System resources are disproportionately centered around inpatient environment. Can not sustain current service delivery model in the changing environment. Cost structure requires significant realignment to drive efficiency. 4

5 Uncompensated Care Costs: CCHHS vs. Leading Illinois DSH Hospitals Sources & Notes: 2009 DSH Hospital Report by HFS drawn from 2006 OBRA filings. Advocate, Resurrection, and Sinai DSH hospitals are aggregated.. 5 ($496,500M) $53,651M $32,474M $31,093M $19,239M $18,931M $17,593M $11,862M $11,748M $11,625M $11,504M $9,9845M

6 Disparities in Access 6 Median HH Income (2007) Sources: CCHHS; Microsoft MapPoint data CCHHS access points are not aligned with the poorer parts of the county, many of which have seen considerable population migration FQHC/CHC Locations ACHN Locations Hospitals CCHHS Locations and Median Household Income by ZIP Code

7 Ratio of OP Visits to IP Discharges, 2008 Source: National Association of Public Hospitals * Includes 600,000 visits paid by LACDHS to private community clinics for uninsured low-income patients. Compared to other Major Public Health Systems CCHHS Focuses on Acute Inpatient Services 7

8 8 The Impact of Healthcare Reform There will remain a significant patient population with no insurance coverage. Declining federal funding. Increasing numbers of patients will have a choice. Fewer uninsured and underinsured. Increase in available healthcare dollars.

9 The Impact of Healthcare Reform Pre-Reform: 850,000+ Uninsured Post-Reform: 225,000+ Uninsured Cook County 9

10 GUIDING PRINCIPLES Shift to a population-centered vs. hospital-centered health delivery model. Enhance accessibility to services. Align service delivery with population demand for services. Build specialty care capability to fulfill unmet needs. Extend primary care services through partnerships. Provide quality-cost effective healthcare. Focus on service excellence, employee satisfaction, and leadership development. Strengthen CCHHS image in the market. 10

11 To deliver integrated health services with dignity and respect regardless of a patient’s ability to pay; foster partnerships with other health providers and communities to enhance the health of the public; and advocate for policies which promote and protect the physical, mental and social well being of the people of Cook County. 11 Mission

12 Vision In support of its public health mission, CCHHS will be recognized locally, regionally, and nationally —and by patients and employees—as a progressively evolving model for an accessible, integrated, patient-centered, and fiscally-responsible healthcare system focused on assuring high-quality care and improving the health of the residents of Cook County. 12

13 Core Goals I.Access to Health Services II.Quality, Service Excellence, and Cultural Competence III. Service Line Strength IV. Staff Development V.Leadership 13

14 GOAL I: ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE SERVICES 1.Eliminate System access barriers at all delivery sites. 2.Strengthen the ACHN network; develop Comprehensive Community Health Centers at selected sites. 3.Redevelop Oak Forest Hospital as a Regional Outpatient Center. 4.Restructure Provident Hospital as a Regional Outpatient Center, focused inpatient facility, and maintain emergency services. Alternatively, continue to pursue collaboration with the University of Chicago Medical Center. 5.Rebuild Fantus Clinic and restructure as a Regional Outpatient Center. 14 Priority Actions by Goal

15 GOAL II: QUALITY, SERVICE EXCELLENCE, AND CULTURAL COMPETENCE 1.Implement System-wide performance improvement initiatives. 2.Implement System-wide service excellence and cultural competency initiatives. GOAL III: SERVICE LINE STRENGTH 1.Continue to develop/strengthen key clinical services. 2.Develop the infrastructure to support clinical services. 15 Priority Actions by Goal

16 GOAL IV: STAFF DEVELOPMENT 1.Dramatically improve staff recruitment, training, and development of systems and processes. 2.Implement a full range of initiatives to improve staff satisfaction levels. GOAL V: LEADERSHIP & STEWARDSHIP 1.Develop CCHHS leadership for today and for the future. 2.Continue to strengthen the stewardship responsibilities of System Board and management. 16 Priority Actions by Goal

17 Patient-Centered Accountability System-Wide Care Management Acuity Primary Care Specialty Care Emergency Care Inpatient Care Post Acute Care Patient-Centered Care Ready access to full continuum of services Top-quartile quality & service excellence System-wide case management + care coordination Integrated patient records Provider partnerships to complement System capabilities 17

18 Range of Services Primary Care Comprehensive Community Health Centers Regional Outpatient Centers Acute Care Rehab & Post- Acute Care  Primary Care/ Urgent Care  Rotating Specialists  Basic Diagnostic & Treatment Services  Primary Care  Multi-specialty Care  Urgent Care  OP Surgery  Imaging  Pharmacy  Public Health  Behavioral Health  Oral Health  Heath Educ./ Community Rooms  Emergency/trau ma/acute inpatient care  Inpatient stabilization and short stay  Primary Care/ Urgent Care  Basic Diagnostic & Treatment Services 18

19 Facilities Primary Care Comprehensive Community Health Center Regional Outpatient Center Acute Care Rehab & Post- Acute Care  ACHN Clinics as Primary Care Centers  Partnerships with FQHC’s, CHC’s, and other agencies  ACHN Clinics as Primary Care Centers  Partnerships with FQHC’s, CHC’s, and other agencies  Fantus  Oak Forest  Provident  John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital  Provident Hospital  Partnerships 19

20 Expanded Outpatient Locations CCHC ROC ACHN Sites Ambulatory Community Health Network Northwest CCHC (new site) Northwest CCHC (new site) West CCHC – Cicero Oak Forest ROC South CCHC- Cottage Grove Provident ROC Central ROC – Rebuilt Fantus Comprehensive Community Health Center Regional Outpatient Center 20

21 Source: CCHHS, ICS Analysis Forecast for Primary Care and Specialty Care Visits 2006 – 2015 50% Increase from 2009 to 2015 21 Actual Visits Projected Visits 21

22 Source: CCHHS, ICS Analysis 2009 Forecast Growth of Primary Care and Specialty Care Visits at Provident and Oak Forest 22 25K 105K 35K 150K ProvidentOak Forest

23 Redistribution of Annual Operating Cash Oak Forest$55M Provident$17M Total Savings$72M ($40M)Outpatient Services ($23M)Enhance Service Lines/Infrastructure ($9M)Build/Strengthening Partnerships ($72M)Total Investments Cash Savings from Operations Investments in Reconfigured Operations 23

24 County Subsidies 2009 - 2015 (in millions)* FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12FY13FY14 FY15 * Subsidies do not include the following indirect costs: Workers Compensation, Malpractice Insurance, Self-Insurance Settlements, Pension, Debt Service Charges. Actual Subsidies Strategic Plan Without Strategic Plan 24

25 Strategic Capital Requirements 2011 - 2015 Capital Cost$20112012201320142015 IT Infrastructure $57.4M Fantus Rebuild $92M PC clinic expansion/upgrade $9M CCHC clinic expansion/upgrade $13M Provident restructuring $12M Oak Forest redevelopment $19M Forecasted Strategic Capital Requirements $202.4M 25

26 Improved Access to Healthcare Services Improved Customer Service/Patient Satisfaction Growth in Services to 900K Outpatient Visits by 2015 Accountable and Patient Focused Workforce Performance Driven Leadership Improved Infrastructure Expected Benefits 26

27 A Plan for Growth that is cost neutral To meet the demands of Healthcare Reform Invest in our people Professionalize our organization and build a new image Build strong partnerships to serve more people that are in need of our services Improve our facilities and technology Key Messages 27

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