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1 Faraday Electronics Products Presentation
Power Supply Units. And Something More… Faraday Electronics Products Presentation

2 About Company FARADAY Electronics was found in 2008 in Ukraine.
FARADAY Electronics  is a registered trade and production mark. The Company is named after Michael Faraday, an English experimental physicist and chemist. Michael Faraday discovered electro-magnetic induction that made basis for up-to-date industrial production of electric power. The transformer was a key discovery in the history of mankind. Core principles of transformer operation have not changed for the last two hundred years, though, we have been able to bring to perfection functionality of impulsive power supply units of transformers. FARADAY Electronics is a modern innovative company engaged in developing projects and manufacturing electro-technical products and components. The Company performs a full circle of development, production and selling electronic products: from schemes, drawings and manufacturing every component to their transportation and delivery at Customer’s doorstep. FARADAY Electronics  is a professional team comprising engineers, designers, production men, programmers, managers, logisticians, accountants and legal advisors. At present the Company has opened its representative offices in four cities: Kiev (Ukraine): a research and development center, wholesales in Ukraine and Europe; Saint Petersburg (Russia): wholesales in Russian and Israel; Hong Kong and Shen Zhen (China): production, control line, logistics. In 2013, the Company produced and shipped more than a million of different power supply units to its partners.

3 Policy and Social Responsibility
Prime accent in manufacturing is made on products quality as we understand that application of high quality and optimal components as well as the best equipment ensures a long term operation of any equipment. Social responsibility for FARADAY Electronics is an integral part of business dealing; it is the main ingredient for Company’s success and the rule guiding us every day for many years. Such a position is closely tied with the sense of responsibility towards our partners, employees and customers. We are sure an effective dialogue, long-term and stable relations are impossible to build without investing into human potential and forming a conscious society. We are guided in our work by the following key principles: manufacturing high quality products and protecting environment; following laws and paying taxes; creating decent work places and caring of company employees; initiating and supporting our employees in upgrading their professional level.

4 Core Business The Company produces power supply units of proprietary design for security systems, fire prevention systems and for other appliances. A wide variety of products we manufacture helps us to satisfy practically all needs of our customers. It is also worth mentioning about power supply units supporting accumulator batteries for uninterruptable power supply, both simple and smart ones having a digital interface and are able to receive data on device status, battery charge level, temperature inside the device and other important parameters. Should any device completely meeting your preferences is absent from out products line we can develop and produce it. Contract production and development of printed wire-boards, keyboards (membrane and silicone), compound and other types of displays, as well as touch panels of any complexity, transformers and wire-wrap products. Engineering design and case goods production (parts made of plastic, rubber of any complexity as well as metal pressing) on a full circle basis. We can make press molds and stamps for your own production too. We also manufacture in-house products (apart from for power supply units) such as radio modules for controlling electromechanical locks, locks themselves, bank equipment, access devices to premises on the basis of RFID keys and iButton keys.

5 FARADAY Power Supply Units
Production and Structural Features

6 Our Power Supply Units 1. Power Supply Units in Aluminum Frame
FARADAY Electronics® power supply units in aluminum or metal frames including those with adjustable output voltage of V are applied in access systems, video control systems (not in the least degree due to ease of adjusting voltage if a cable supplying power to video camera is quite long), security systems and fire prevention systems in devices used in industry). Mechanical and thermal durability of frame, possibility to mount it to DIN rail and a wide adjustment range have made them the most popular devices among our customers. We constantly expand our model range. Currently, it consists of the following models: 18, 36, 50, 75, 120, 240 and 350 W. Low-end models (18-75 W) are made with output voltage adjustment of 12 to 24 V range which makes them universal ones (you can only purchase one model and use it for different levels of voltage (12-24 V). Models 240 W and 350 W are supplied in two versions with fixed output voltage (12 V and 24 V).

7 Our Power Supply Units 2. Power Supply Units in Plastic Frame
FARADAY Electronics® Power Supply Units in Plastic Frames are designed especially to power supply video cameras. The most popular models are12W/12V/1A, 18W/12V/1.5A, 24W/12V/2A, 36W/12V/3A, 60W/12V/5A; they are always available at the storage facility. You can also order these models with output voltage of 3, 5, 9, 15, 18, 24, 36, 48 В. Length and type of input/output cable, type of input/output socket-and-plug connection are defined by customer. For example, 19W/14.4v/PL model was especially designed and is currently supplied to Visit-Domophone Company (Tula, Donetsk, Moscow, Prague).

8 Our Power Supply Units 3. Power Supply Units in Wall Mount Plastic Frames Wall Mount Power Supply Units by FARADAY Electronics® are applied in video control systems, cable and satellite TV systems, sales register systems, charging devices and small sized devices with power consumption up to 18 W. Schematic technical solutions of these power supply units are very often used for developing Open Frame and OEM power supply units. Frames of these power supply units are intended for plugging into a standard socket of W. Cable length is output terminal are defined by customers. Power supply units with USB terminal are often used for charging iPads, mobile phones and wearable devices. The most popular models are 12Wt/WM and 18 Wt/WM with output voltage of 12 V with standard plug and socket units for video camera power supply which are always available at storage facility. Models with the following output voltage are always ready for an order: 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 36, and 48 W. Usually, we complete power supply units with output noise filter on cables.

9 Our Power Supply Units 4. UPS with Controlled Accumulator Battery
The most popular power supply units made by FARADAY Electronics ® are those with controlled accumulator battery. Low-voltage models of 30, 45, and 75 Wt (120 Wt model is under development) are presented in two lines: Smart and Simple. Main difference between them consists in electronics type controlling power supply units – analogue key or processor. We use technology with 100% automatic protection from short circuit at outlets, reverse polarity when connecting battery or unit thermal overload. After battery polarity is correctly connected and resistance under load is restored, a power supply unit is ready to get back to its normal operation and there is no need to repair or change a cutout! Simple Line Devices are used for power supply of video cameras, simple access systems and security systems. Smart Line Devises are a new word in an uninterrupted low-voltage power supply. Serial bus allows controlling electric current and charge resistance, cutoff current, temperature mode of power supply units and accumulator, internal resistance of battery (according to indirect data) and presence of an accumulator connected to power supply unit, as well as many other parameters. Our power supply units pass all test further to EN54.4 and its application is recommended as a part of fire prevention systems and fire fighting systems. Information about availability/absence of power supply in 220V power network, low voltage in accumulator batter (АКБ), problems in power supply unit or accumulator is fed to “clean contacts”. Power supply units sustain hot swapping of accumulators and get back to operation if connected to power supply of 220V or to an accumulator. Indication card is made of ergonomic design and can be mounted to s device top with self-adhesive layer (all that is needed is to drill a hole and stick the card)! We also produce 220W/220W UPS. Accumulator charging system in these models keeps working capacity of its battery for more that 5 years of an everyday use.

10 Specificity of Our Power Supply Units
Application of leading technologies and out-of-the-box ideas in research, development and manufacture has allowed us creating high quality power supply units with the following features: The most microsized frame in its class. Uninterrupted voltage on output at input voltage surge in the range of 60 V to 380 V. A wide variety of output voltage adjusted by multiturn resistor in the range of 3-5 V, 5-9 V, 9-15 V, V, V, V, V, V. 100% automatic protection of power supply units from input voltage surge, short circuit, protection from input voltage surcharge and thermal protection. Possibility to mount aluminum frames to DIN rail with specially developed quick release DIN holder. High degree of efficiency (more than 82%). Low level of noise and ripples. Conforming with international standards on security and compatibility. Our standard line of power supply units presents solutions able to satisfy even the most exacting customer. Customers looking for non-standard approaches are offered to have power supply units developed further to their Statement of Work.

11 Quality Warranty for FARADAY Electronics Power Supply Units
Power supply units are assembles at production facilities located in Shen Zhen, China. We insource the most important parts for our power supply units: transformers, coils, impedance coils, aluminum and plastic frames. 8 hours born-in-test program applied prior to packing ensures 100% workability of power supply units in every lot. Covering print cards and transformers with special hyper thermal polish enables using our power supply units in conditions of increased humidity and temperature. Application of Japanese and Taiwan components (electrolytic capacitors, PWM, MOSFET, diodes, and transformers ferrites) ensures that our power supply units will work for not less than 3 years. Regulatory certification and testing at production for noise and ripples, starting current, leak current, discharge voltage, EMI and EMC define a high quality of the end product. Our products are applied in such industrial areas as security systems, fire prevention systems, access systems, video control systems, medical equipment, data transfer systems, radio signal transfer systems, cash register equipment, industrial equipment and UPS systems.

12 Power Supply Units for LED Drivers
LED drivers from FARADAY Electronics® provide a reliable power supply for your needs. We offer solutions for several variants of frames and Open Frames. Our LED drivers illuminate flats, suits, streets and plants. 50W/EU model was specially designed for Laser Grafiti, a Saint Petersburg company. This model is equipped with two trimming resistors to adjust output voltage in the range of V and a resistor to adjust output current in the range of 1-2 A. Therefore, at present one model of a power supply units is used in five models of lamps.

13 FARADAY Power Supply Units with Integrated Lock Control
Production and Structural Features

14 Electric Lock Distant Control
Electromechanic Lock Elements Supply Units with Integrated radio module and Key Fobs Electromechanic locks produced by FARADAY Electronics stand out for their simple and reliable structure without any odd mechanical elements which, on one part, makes them very sustainable, and, on the other part, allows producing quite microsized devices among their own class. There are locks (both rim and in-built) for different types of cooler boxes and doors in our range of products. A unique power supply module is combined with radio module which also allows making an electronic part of construction a very reliable and space-saving one. It is possible to control with the help of a key fob or via a cable. Locks are made in vandal-proof frames with possibility to unlock when emergency. Our locks are applied in cooler boxes used for selling in public establishments.

15 Advantages of Using Our Power Supply Units for Equipment Manufacturers
Applying our integrated power supply units, you can get a whole range of advantages: FARADAY power supply units are equipped with precision trimming resistors allowing you, as an equipment manufacturer, getting an output voltage of a wide range which, on one part, makes it possible for you to obtain any required voltage but not only standard values, and, on the other part, it helps reduce the number of power supply units models you have to have at your storage facilities since one and the same model can be used in different appliances requiring, for example, voltage of 12, 18 and 24 V. On top of that, our power supply units significantly smaller in size than ordinary power supply units, and they have got a quality aluminum frame that allows downscaling the size of your appliances and improving heat removal. And, at last, if you buy our power supply units from us, you can be absolutely sure you will not buy a fake. Though, when purchasing our products or products of other international brands from resellers disguising themselves as representative offices, you may undergo a serious risk to buy a fake which more or less differs from the original.

16 Matter of Price or Price of Matter
We produce quality, well-designed and well-assembled products. Therefore, it is obvious our products cannot cost the same price as non-quality products assembled in a nameless Chinese garage that proudly names itself a factory, neither can our products cost the same as fakes of international bands. Still, in the end, our power supply units will cost you, as a manufacturer, much less. Firstly, at significantly lower per cent of defects, you will spend less on equipment servicing (which is your wages, transportation cost and cost of equipment temporary replacement). Moreover, when using our power supply units, you ensure yourselves from breaking your equipment because of a power supply unit. Also, since you can reduce the line of power supply units at your storage facilities, you will also be able to reduce your storage charges and lower risk of an absent power supply unit with the features required at this very moment. Finally, when applying FARADAY power supply units, you will cut costs the most invaluable for a manufacturer promoting its brand – reputational loss when equipment fails to function. Consequently, despite of a little higher purchase price of a device, eventually, it is much more profitable to apply FARADAY power supply unit than its cheap deficient equivalents.

17 Contract Manufacturing
We carry out card customized production of any complexity, sensor or membrane keyboards, frame and other products made of plastic, metal etc., as well as press molds production.

18 Printed Circuit Cards FARADAY Electronics takes orders for production of one- and two-sided, multisided, flexible, flexible-hard, aluminum, high frequency and ultra high frequency, especially complex, with metal end and half holes printed circuit cards with different covering. Average production term for cards with ADAPTER power control makes days, for cards with FLY power control – 14 days. Depending on the type of delivery (by air, sea or expedited one), the term of delivery may vary from 3 banking days to 12 weeks. Customer may very often have a wide range of printed circuit cards on one and the same kind of material, though the number of the card in the order is not that great; in such a case we offer to make a group half-finished multi article where we locate several different printed circuit cards. The cost of preparing production and the price per square decimeter will be incomparable less than if you order such cards individually. We offer a flexible discount system for our loyal customers depending on delivery type and order scope. Our long-term experience allows you avoiding many mistakes at design stage, laying out printed circuit card, generating Gerber files or ordering samples. Should you need any advice, please, forward any of your questions via order form or address your manager directly.

19 Contract Manufacturing
FARADAY Electronics provides services on products contract assembling. It is not only components assembling or producing printed circuit cards, silicone, membrane, metal or combined keyboards, LCD/TFT/LED displays and touch- panels, press molds and stamps for any materials. We receive drawings from you, and give you back finished and tested products in a package. This task is well-known and clear for us because we have got our own production of power supply units in China and we are aware how to produce quality and reliable serial products. We understand specificity of a distant production and, therefore, except for representative offices in Russia and Ukraine, we have opened our representative offices in Chine and Hong Kong. Our employees are domestic professionals engaged into engineering design of new products, purchasing components, controlling production and quality of finished products and logistics. We can assure you, if addressed our company, you will get a competent support from our specialists on every stage of our cooperation. We possess sufficient experience and well-running process flow. And, therefore, today we can offer you our services on contract manufacture of electronic products in China.

20 Press Molds FARADAY Electronics closely works with manufacturers of press molds and stamps in Southeast Asia. We cooperate with the same factories as companies of such level as Samsung, Ketler or BMW do. We purchase raw material for press molds in Germany, Japan and Sweden. We buy setup elements for press molds from Fodesco, Fesco, Camozzi, Schottli AG Mould Technology, Mold & Hotrunner Technology, StackTeck, Husky. Production technology allows us creating press molds with several planes for plug-and- socket connection, multi stage preemptive systems, systems with automatic fastening, sizing wedge systems, direct pressing systems, transfer molding systems or cassette systems. Our press molds are applied in hydraulic, pneumatic, power and other mold automatic systems. Molding precision makes 0,005 mm. Minimal number of punch-through actions starts from , maximal number (up to first repair work) is We perform engineering design and produce cold channeled/hot-channeled press molds, blow mold forms for PET bottles and thermal injection moldings. Apart from press molds, we also offer cast molding of finished products made of rubber (silicone), glass, metal, as well as casting powder metallurgy products, standard plastics and plastics with increased melting temperatures such as PEEK 4500, Ultrason E 2010 С6 and FITEX PPS RS-1340L. Out park of thermal plastic automatic equipment allows producing over-sized press molds for casting large-scaled parts. For example, if your product consists of several parts there is no need to make individual press mold for each of them.

21 Our Possibilities: Producing flexible, hard and combined printed circuit cards of any complexity out any currently known material; SMD, DIP and space assembling of any complexity; Assembling crystals according to Chip-On-Board technology; Installing non-standard electronic and mechanical components and cables; Components programming; Finished modules testing; Protective polish covering; Producing plastic and metal frames and assembling product into frame; Producing coil products (transformers, coils); Batching products with membrane or silicone keyboards, membrane control panels etc.; Testing finished products.

22 Thanks for Your Attention!
Our contacts: 9/2 Yerevanskaya str., Kiev 03087, Ukraine Tel.: You can also address to: Mobile: Skype: Skaternoy Andrey - FARADAY El

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