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From Transactions to Key Account Mastery: The Point of Strategic Inflexion By Pasquale Scopelliti.

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1 From Transactions to Key Account Mastery: The Point of Strategic Inflexion By Pasquale Scopelliti

2 Your Second Placement – or What to Do as Soon as Your First Placement Closes o Transitioning From Filling Openings To Improving Your Client’s Performance


4 Your homework: - Make a list of all the companies at which you’ve placed only one person - Call them up - Get your second placement to work on, immediately

5 You must create a new and higher mode of thinking as well. You must consider how you may improve your client companies’ performance.

6 The greatest strategic shift you can make is simply to CARE. What does performance mean to your clients? How can you, as a recruiter, have any real impact on their performance at all? If you add this to your thinking, you will naturally transition from single placements to multiple placements with your best clients.

7 Strategic Relationship – How To Win Key Accounts o Gaining Access to Your Client’s Business Plans (From Placements to Client Purpose)

8 What actually is a Key Account? 1. Three placements or more in a given calendar year, and 2. Two continuous years or more of uninterrupted service.

9 Why do companies hire people at all? - There actually is always a purpose. - Even when they don’t know what that purpose is, companies always strive to accomplish things. - There are no accomplishments possible without people.

10 Key Account performers learn what their clients’ ultimate purposes are. They find the people required to execute those purposes successfully.

11 The simple term for a client company’s ultimate purposes is “Business Plan.” - Make the commitment to procure and internalize your Key Accounts' Business Plans. - Become the most important resource in achieving your Key Accounts’ ultimate success.

12 Heart-to-Heart, Real Conversations, o If You Work At It, You Will Feel OTHER People’s Emotions

13 You have two goals: 1. Making your second placement and 2. Moving from tactical to strategic service Both of them place a heavy burden of learning on your shoulders. What is the source of that learning?

14 You learn how to make a second placement, as well as how to win Key Accounts, by learning what your clients think and feel. You’re already a virtual genius of this art whether you know it or not. If you commit to the mission of feeling what your clients feel in your own heart and gut, you will succeed, instantly.

15 Urgency drives the first placement. Value drives the second. You won’t get to real value without knowing what your clients think and feel.

16 The second placement is the result of both: - The value you generated in the first AND - Your client’s recognition of that value. They have to want more!

17 In building Key Account relationships you must learn what the company itself thinks, feels and needs. Feeling the emotions of the company's leadership provides you with an unstoppable competitive edge and an unbeatable service advantage.

18 Picture the firm as if it were a painting: The individuals you serve and speak to are elements in the picture, But the firm is the entire image itself.

19 As you listen to and feel the thoughts and emotions of the leaders, you will glean a greater sense of the thoughts and emotions of the firm itself. Key Account mastery comes from serving that greater sense, and doing so with confidence and sensitivity to the benefit of the firm.

20 Once you complete this point of inflexion, your recruiting career and future will never be the same.

21 Pasquale Scopelliti Get a free copy of Pasquale's Recruiting-Success White Paper called "The Switch" by going to In "The Switch", Pasquale reveals one of the most important secrets of success employed by the clients he's helped become producers in the top 1% of recruiters. When you learn to "Flip The Switch" and keep it on, you will start building the placement business you deserve.

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