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Unit Six.   V- to make up for  Syn- expiate Atone.

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1 Unit Six

2   V- to make up for  Syn- expiate Atone

3   N- slavery, any state of being bound or held down  Syn – servitude subjection, dependence  Ant – freedom, liberty, independence Bondage

4   Adj- believable The credible story full of both loss and hope brought tears to my eyes.  Syn- plausible, acceptable, likely  Ant- unbelievable, implausible, improbable Credible

5   V- to pay for  We will defray the cost of the student lunches by covering the first $4 for each of them.  Syn - bear the cost, foot the bill Defray

6   Adj- hardworking, industrious, not lazy (The diligent student earned an A with flashcards and focused study time.)  Syn- assiduous, sedulous  Ant- lazy, indolent,  perfunctory, cursory Diligent

7   Adj- sad, dreary  ( My dog gave a doleful glance as I told her NO DOGS ON THE SOFA.)  Syn- sorrowful, mournful, morose  Ant- jaunty, buoyant Doleful

8   Adj- frightful, horrible, deathly pale (after vomiting for 3 days, I was a ghastly shade of gray.)  Syn- dreadful, appalling, grisly  Ant- pleasant, agreeable, attractive Ghastly

9   V- to hold back (The rainy weather hampered the progress of the road construction.)  Syn- hinder, obstruct, impede, inhibit  Ant- facilitate, ease, smooth the way Hamper

10   V- to shape or cut down with an ax, to hold to (I tried to hew the log into a paddle but ended up with a piece of kindlin’.)  Syn- chop, hack, adhere, conform Hew

11   Adj- poor, in a state of poverty, depleted  Syn- poverty-stricken, destitute, indigent  Ant – rich, wealthy, affluent, prosperous Impoverished Think poverty— Hoover carts from TKAM

12   Adj- never stop going, all the time; ex: the annoying kid’s incessant chatter  Syn- ceaseless, constant, uninterrupted  Ant- occasional, sporadic, intermittent Incessant

13   Adj- complicated, difficult to understand I opened up the hood, and the intricate display of wires freaked me out.  Syn- convoluted  Ant- simple, uninvolved, uncomplicated Intricate

14   Adj- easy to understand, clear, rational, sane ( Although he was 104, his speech and thoughts were still lucid.)  Syn- limpid, intelligible  Ant- murky, muddy, obscure, unintelligible Lucid

15   Adj- occurring or published after death (His artwork was sold posthumously. He never knew.)  Ant- prenatal Posthumous

16   Adj- overly neat, proper or formal, prudish ( prim and proper )  Syn- fussy, fastidious, squeamish  Ant- dowdy, frumpy, sloppy, untidy, loose Prim

17   Adj- grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcastic (Aunt Alexandra’s sardonic smile put Scout over the edge.)  Syn – mordant, acerbic, wry  Ant – bland, good-natured Sardonic

18   Adj- exceeding what is sufficient or required, excess (superfluous amount of turkey on Thanksgiving)  Syn- surplus, superogatory  Ant – necessary, essential, vital, indispensable Superfluous

19   V- to take the place of, to supersede (My dog supplanted/superceded the neighbor’s cat as least favorite animal on the street.)  Syn – replace, displace, oust Supplant

20   V- to jeer at, mock (n) an insulting or mocking remark (~the player who taunted Blindside’s Michael Oher was taken to the bus)  Syn- (v) - ridicule (n) insult  Ant – (v) cheer, acclaim (n) praise Taunt

21   Adj- holding fast, holding together firmly, persistent (The tenacious teen worked tirelessly to obtain an A.)  Syn – obstinate, stubborn, dogged  Ant – yielding, weak, gentle, slack Tenacious

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