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Table of Contents micropayment™ – Copyright 2009 Your One-Stop Service Provider – The Benefits Statistics & Analysis – Your ControlCenter Finances – Secure.

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2 Table of Contents micropayment™ – Copyright 2009 Your One-Stop Service Provider – The Benefits Statistics & Analysis – Your ControlCenter Finances – Secure and Reliable Accounting micropayment™ Data Center Becoming a micropayment™ Partner Fast & Easy – Technical Integration Partnerships Your micropayment™ Representative micropayment™ Products TÜV Partnerships & Certificates micropayment™ – Company Introduction Call2Pay – Payment by Telephone HandyPay – Payment by SMS ELV – Payment by Direct Debit CreditCard – Payment by Credit Card eBank2Pay – Payment by Online Bank Transfer

3 1. micropayment™ – Company Introduction Get to know micropayment™ GmbH micropayment™ GmbH is a leading provider of e-payment solutions, offering a wide range of professional products, services, and systems in the area of Internet billing. 10,000 active business customers Five certified payment methods Company-own data center National & international payment methods Personalized customer consulting Professional integration team Company Overview micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

4 2. TÜV Partnership & Certificates Secure Online Payment Partnership with the TÜV Rheinland Group & TÜV SÜD AG Together with the TÜV Rheinland Group – a leading international consultancy for quality assurance – we analyze online services with the aim of achieving standardized and transparent payment processes. Tested and Certified TÜV – Tested customer satisfaction TÜV – Certified Internet billing micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

5 3. micropayment™ Products micropayment™ – One Provider for All Payment Needs With five different e-commerce and content billing solutions to choose from, micropayment is your all-around service provider for professional online payment. plug'n pay One solution – Numerous benefits Call2Pay Payment by telephone HandyPay Payment by SMS ELV Payment by direct debit CreditCard Payment by credit card eBank2Pay Payment by online bank transfer micropayment™ – Copyright 2009 Customer registration is not required and payments are processed in real-time.

6 3. Call2Pay – Payment by Telephone Call2Pay – The Anonymous Payment Method The easy way to pay Call2pay is specially designed for digital content billing (e-books, music, online games, premium content, etc.). This telephone-based payment method is extremely popular among end customers and web-site operators because it's so easy to use. No customer registration required Anonymous payment Works with landlines and mobile phones Billing accurate to the cent New: MultiCall™ feature Call2Pay Benefits UK BelgiumFranceItalySpain micropayment™ – Copyright 2009 Germany AustriaSwitzerlandNetherlands

7 3. HandyPay – Payment by SMS HandyPay – SMS Payment Using a Mobile Phone For fast payment on the go SMS TAN method Well-known payment solution Fast & easy payment Supports all mobile phone providers Bill up to €4.99 per transaction HandyPay Benefits Online content billing is fast and easy with HandyPay. HandyPay is the perfect solution for anonymous payment, regardless of customer location micropayment™ – Copyright 2009 Germany Austria Switzerland

8 Supported by all banks High customer acceptance Blacklists, fraud protection, SSL encryption Validity check SecurePIN &AccountCheck 3. ELV – Payment by Direct Debit With online direct debit billing (German: elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren, or ELV) you can reach 70 million bank accounts in Germany. This makes direct debit is one of the most popular and frequently used forms of payment. Direct Debit Benefits ELV – The Direct Debit Solution The classic e-commerce payment method micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

9 3. ELV – AccountCheck, SecurePIN & Collections AccountCheck With AccountCheck, the end customer must log onto his or her online banking system once in order to prevent fraudulent transactions. Collections The latest collection methods and professional collection agencies insure the above- average recovery of outstanding accounts payable. Free to use Low cancellation rates 99.9% accuracy Features High customer acceptance Secure identification Use w/ Collections solution Features Optimized collections No basic fees Legal dunning proceedings Benefits SecurePIN With the micropayment™ SecurePIN function, end customers provide additional verification of their identity by placing a phone call Optional Security Solutions for Direct Debit Billing micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

10 3. CreditCard – Payment by Credit Card CreditCard – The International Solution VISA · Mastercard · American Express The credit card is the oldest online payment method. The inclusion of a credit card payment option for the purchase of online content is a must due to its strong acceptance and widespread international use. High customer acceptance PCI certified connection 128-bit SSL encryption Direct contracts 3D SecureCode CreditCard Benefits micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

11 3. eBank2Pay – Payment by Online Bank Transfer eBank2Pay – The Fast Way to Transfer Money Directly PIN & TAN payment procedures eBank2Pay is a new and innovative payment option for online money transfer. eBank2Pay combines the advantages of many classic payment methods and can be used for customer payment of digital as well as physical goods. No payment cancellations Bank-independent No customer registration Fees as low as 1% of transaction cost Supports 99.9% of banks eBank2Pay Benefits Germany AustriaSwitzerlandNetherlands micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

12 4. Your One-Stop Service Provider – The Benefits Familiar with this problem? On average, five payment methods are needed. The result is disappointing: 5 different providers 5 different interfaces 5 different account statements 5 different companies to deal with We have the solution! One platform from one provider offering all modern payment methods. One Solution for All Needs ALL FROM ONE PROVIDER! One Provider – One Solution – A Clear Advantage micropayment™ is your "one-stop" service provider for online billing. Save time and money by relying on us for all of your online payment needs micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

13 4. Your One-Stop Service Provider – The Benefits Registration-free Payment Methods Increased revenues Fewer aborted transactions Higher customer satisfaction Your Benefits 11 One Provider – One Solution – A Clear Advantage micropayment™ – Copyright Fast payment process No third-party registration Uninterrupted purchase process Benefits Cost savings Time savings Simple integration Your Benefits One interface One statement for payment services One point of contact Benefits All from One Provider

14 5. ControlCenter – Statistics & Analysis The ControlCenter – A Wide Range of Possibilities The ControlCenter is a web-based interface available to our partners following log-in. Real-time statistics Analysis functions & revenue monitoring Professional reporting tools Payment generator Configuration of your payment systems Project & campaign management Management of customer & bank data Account statements in PDF format Some ControlCenter Features micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

15 5. ControlCenter – Statistics & Analysis ControlCenter Screenshots Statistics in Flash Detailed statisticsPayment generator Customer data management Technical documentationTools & features micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

16 6. Finances – Secure and Reliable Accounting Account Statements Our first priority is the punctual and reliable payment of your revenues. Customer accounts are settled on a monthly basis. Revenues are transferred to a bank account of your choice. No revenue minimum Various payment options Weekly payment Bi-weekly payment Separate payment for different payment methods Payment to foreign & domestic accounts Detailed transaction record in the ControlCenter Account statements in PDF format Features micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

17 7. micropayment™ Data Center Our Data Center Insures Constant Availability and Error-Free Operation Unlike most payment-solution providers, we maintain our own data center. Strong security and performance guarantee the optimal function of all payment systems. Redundant design Direct backbone connection Certified high-performance servers Company-own dialing technology for Call2Pay Permanent backups Continuous monitoring of all processes Company-Own Data Center micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

18 8. Becoming a micropayment™ Partner 1. Register for free 2. Add a project 3. Activate your desired payment methods 4. Integrate the payment URL 5. Watch the revenues roll in One-Time Registration – A Full Range of Services No set-up costs – No follow-up costs – No basic fees Five simple steps: One-Time Registration – A Full Range of Services Register with micropayment™ and take advantage of our experience and solutions micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

19 9. Fast & Easy – Technical Integration A Wide Range of Possibilities You can custom configure all payment windows using our payment generator and adapt them to your existing Internet presence. Optional API interfaces also enable custom branding of payment windows. Up and running in 5 minutes Payment generator in the ControlCenter 5 payment methods – 1 interface Logos & graphics for your shop Integration as iframe or pop-up API integration ABO can be realized via API Cost-free technical support Advantages micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

20 10. Partnerships micropayment™ – Partnerships We currently serve more than 10,000 business customers, including: TOMORROW FOCUS AG – since October 2007 TOMORROW FOCUS AG and the publishing house Hubert Burda Media are leading providers of online digital content. Tigavision GmbH – since October 2007 Since 1997 Tigervision has operated a website with career opportunies for music- industry newbies, a forum for music fans, and an extensive database of songs for all tastes and occassions Cybermedia GmbH – since February 2006 Cybermedia publishes a special-interest magazine for home-theater afficianados. The magazine addresses a wide range of topics, including the latest technologies and current news. eload24 AG– since June 2007 The Internet is today's source of information. eload24 offers how-to guides on all subject areas for direct download. micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

21 10. Partnerships micropayment™ – Partnerships We currently serve more than 10,000 business customers. Motor Presse Stuttgart GmbH – since November 2006 "Auto Motor und Sport," a motorsports magazine, is available in print and online versions. The magazine's core qualities are authenticity, currentness, and impartiality. Our business is founded on lasting partnerships and close cooperation with leading IT companies Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk e.V. – since January 2008 "Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk" is a non-profit foundation that strives to improve the lives of children. micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

22 11. Your micropayment™ Representative Now it's your turn! Professional Payment Service Telephone: Web: (+49) 30 – micropayment™ GmbH Scharnweberstr Berlin Telephone: Fax: Service: CEO: Project Director & Organization: Charlottenburg District Court (+49) (+49) Andreas Richter Kai Thiemann Reg. No. HRB B micropayment™ – Copyright 2009

23 Thank you for your attention.

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