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IGrafx – General Terms of Use. Trial Software Licenses For test purposes only Not for normal business use Training based on the trial software is also.

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1 iGrafx – General Terms of Use

2 Trial Software Licenses For test purposes only Not for normal business use Training based on the trial software is also classified as business use If the evaluation of the iGrafx ® Software is undertaken only for test purposes, the licensor grants the licensee a non-exclusive, non-contractual, testing period of 30 days and/or 20 starts (If not activated) limited right to use a registered copy of the software (trial version) only for test purposes, i.e. not for general business use. Training and product training courses, which are undertaken on the basis of a trial software license, are classified as business use. The Licensee thereby violates the general license agreement.

3 Academic One-Year Licenses For teaching purposes only – Authorized licensees are deemed to be educational institutions, public establishments and comparable private institutions with an educational mandate Regular Public Sector license prices will be charged if iGrafx is used in the administration and secretariat areas (back office) of the institution If you are a student or a professor of an accredited, degree-granting academic institution, you may be eligible to obtain a one-year term license of iGrafx ® software. The purpose of this program is to facilitate the use of iGrafx ® Software in academic environments by reducing the cost and providing resources for faculty members. The licenses purchased through this program are to be used for teaching and research purposes only, and cannot be used for consulting or commercial purposes. Please note that verification of your status as a student or faculty member is required for purchase.

4 Maintenance The purchase of Maintenance, free of additional upgrade charges is available up to maximum period of three months after license purchase Purchasers of iGrafx ® Maintenance licenses are entitled to receive, in addition to product patches and bug fixes, free software upgrades. Software Upgrade means a revision of software released by iGrafx during the term of Maintenance, rather than a new product (software-update). In most instances an Upgrade will generally be designated by a version number change in the Software. In terms of future release changes, the purchase of ongoing Maintenance is strongly recommended. Purchase of maintenance is available free of any additional upgrade charges up to a maximum period of 3 months after licence purchase. Subsequent to this period, a chargeable upgrade will be required for maintenance licensing. At the end of the term an extension of Maintenance is possible without having to purchase additional licensing. Exception: The Maintenance for the iGrafx ® repository, Process Central® excludes the Microsoft ® SQL Server ® component.

5 Update An update of the iGrafx ® Software to the most current version is only possible from the last released version, for example 13.1.x.x to 13.2.x.x An update marks a comprehensive revision of the software iGrafx and is defined as a new version of the current product instead of an upgrade. An update of the iGrafx ® Software may be liable to charges. If there is any ambiguity whether a comprehensive revision counts as an upgrade or new product; iGrafx maintains the right to define the type of revision. iGrafx will then proceed to provide the comprehensively revised product as stated for all end users.

6 Support – Support Agreement For customers with an iGrafx support agreement; standard support via web, email and phone is available Undertaking of such an agreement is only possible in combination with valid iGrafx ® Maintenance. If Maintenance expires, the support agreement also terminates Customers without a support agreement are not entitled to support by phone or direct support via email. Such Support requests must be placed via the standard online support form on our webpage ( The requirement for uninterrupted availability and reliability of your business critical software, residing in modern and often complex infrastructures, can make great demands on your Support Services. To meet these requirements as they relate to the iGrafx tool set; our Support Agreement offers you excellent value with our 'on-demand' technical premium support, ensuring that you are always able to utilize the full benefits of our software.

7 Technology Protection Available 60 days before the release date of a new iGrafx version Only the prices for the new iGrafx version are valid 60 days before the release of a new version of the iGrafx ® Software, the licensee has the facility to call upon technology protection. Up to the release date, the customer will receive a transitional version of the current iGrafx® software; then post release; the new software version automatically. Thus ensuring a seamless working with the release change. When purchasing the software, the licensee pays the price of the new software version.

8 iGrafx, a division of Corel GmbH Units 1& 2 Basepoint Business Centre Aviation Park West Enterprise Close Christchurch Dorset, BH23 6NW Fon: +44 (0) 8707 601 354 Fax: +44 (0) 8719 007 111 Contact

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