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By Ola Zespol Szkol Gnr6 SPNr 13 Zawiercie, Poland.

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1 by Ola Zespol Szkol Gnr6 SPNr 13 Zawiercie, Poland

2 Dairy products Dairy products - milk origin of dairy products: cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt, kefir, cream, cheese, homogenized cheese and eggs.

3 Milk According to the International Federation of Dairy Milk, it is a product the entire, uninterrupted milking of a healthy, well-fed dairy cow, obtained in a lawful manner, without any admixture of colostrum.


5 Cheese Food product made from milk. There are many kinds of cheese, and we can divide them in various ways, for example: according species of milk, fat content, texture, production process and maturation time.


7 Eggs Eggs as a rich source of nutrients are the basis for many dishes. In Poland, the most commonly eaten eggs are chicken eggs as well as ducks, geese and quail.


9 Table of calories 1 cup fat milk has 146 calories 1 cup of goat milk has 165 calories 1 hen egg has 139 calories white cheese 'feta' has 215 calories

10 Salad with white cheese


12 Components: 15 grams of white cheese one bunch of radishes lettuce cream chives salt pepper

13 Preparation: Rinse radishes, dry them and cut into slices. Rinse lettuce, dry it and cut into small pieces. Rinse chives,dry and mark off a few twigs. The rest of the ingredients need to be chopped. Chop cheese with a fork. Mix cream with lemon juice, add parsley, salt, pepper, and mix. The bottom of a bowl inlaid with lettuce, throw crushed white cheese, radish, sauce and mix gently.

14 Don't hesitate! Eat it today! Experience unforgettable taste! It will make you fit! You will have a good condition. Your skin will be soft. Your hair will be thick and shiny. You will be sporty.

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