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AAA will become an essential “content provider” for leading connected car solution providers ACP Leadership Meeting January 2014.

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1 AAA will become an essential “content provider” for leading connected car solution providers
ACP Leadership Meeting January 2014

2 Connected Cars are the Future of Vehicle Health & Safety
84% of survey respondents believe connected devices will save them time 91% Believe that All Cars in the Future Will Connect to the Internet Integration may actually be the competitive differentiator in automotive OEM’s connected vehicle offerings

3 2 Pronged Strategy to Deliver the Connected Car Vision
AAA Test and Learn National Partners

4 Critical Rear Brake Service Alert
Get an example of a repair booking screen from Driverside?

5 Repair Solution Requirements
AAR Relationship Endorsement Partnership Technology Infrastructure Requirements Solutions work across CORs and AARs Agnostic relative to shop management systems Requires a “mainstream” shop management system (top 40-50) Integrated with the Online Garage to create a connected experience for customers and members Provides integration across online booking, electronic inspections, repair orders, invoicing, and CRM Meets AQS#8 Requirements Enhanced AAR Program Implementation Provide ACP-wide execution leadership Listening and relationship building with AARs Right-sizing networks to meet requirements and business goals Develop reference sites for repair-facing business models Communicate business impact and contract new AAR network locations.

6 Repair Strategy - Infrastructure
Objectives Migrate AAA relationship from rescue to equip and protect Differentiate through a connected repair network Create interest in UBI, SMARTtrek, and membership Improve repair shop performance Value to shops Low cost connected infrastructure Higher spend per customer plus retention Better customer relationships Integrated into AAA towing = more tows & higher average sale Value to customers and members Easy to set up appointments No need to speak “mechanic talk” Better experience at repair

7 MVRM - Integrating Repair Shops and Consumers
Shop Interface Common Content Consumer Interface Integrated shop calendar Consumer profile Vehicle profile Workflow view E-MP Inspections Integrated CRM Online scheduling Repair history Inspection data Maintenance reminders Telematics alerts Vehicle data Notification preferences Vehicle recalls Guru advice Mobile and Web Receipts Find a shop Active alerts Vehicle data Notification preferences Guru advice UBI MyDriving

8 Evidence-Based Design
Continuous involvement of people whose work or life you are changing Program Membership research Total Vehicle Ownership Research Online Garage Heuristic evaluation Iterative feedback on desktop and mobile prototypes Usability evaluation of prototype Side x Side design comp test Component test for MyDriving design SMARTtrek customer panels Repair COR AAR observations and interviews, mockup feedback Interactive wire frames - SME review Data-driven insights and evaluation drive design decisions Design by committee Loudest voice in the room Person with most influence

9 Vendor Evaluations Evaluation Dimensions
Integration across consumer and repair facing experiences IP Protection (Size of company, nature of relationship) Market-tested solutions Price at repair Price for millions of consumers SMS read capability SMS write capability Online booking Electronic multipoint inspections Ability to scale Integrated shop portal Other business assets Companies DriverSide RepairPal MyCarFax Napa Tracs Fullslate Octomize Booking Bug Booker Service Dynamics (Shop Watch) Schedule Max Appointment Plus Smotgo Trackum Service Max XTime

10 Deployment Strategy Buy solutions when they exist
Build on the success of others Buy solutions when they exist Enter the market faster, at pace Don’t solve problems you don’t have to Return to internal development Learn from external relationships Reduce costs in critical areas Know “core” vs. “non-core” Control sustainable differentiators

11 Why AARs are critical A comprehensive network is required to differentiate AAAs Connected Car offering. An important element of what national partners want from a AAA relationship Opportunity to provide additional member value and exposure to prospective members A network of reasonable scale is required to provide a meaningful connected repair value for members

12 Consumer Website View of the Garage

13 Mobile Views of the Garage

14 Questions?

15 Connected Car Assumption
AAA will not own or control: In-vehicle hardware Vehicle OS or firmware The content store for vehicles The data (cellular) network that passes information to and from vehicles

16 Connected Car Assumptions
Aftermarket solutions will connect more vehicles over the next 5 years and represents a bigger opportunity for AAA in both insurance and repair Cannibalization of top tier insurance customers through competitor UBI programs is an imminent threat Connecting repair is our key differentiator BIC location aware ERS will be table stakes for AAA Mobile communications will continue to increase in importance for all consumers

17 Valued AAA Assets AAA Brand ERS Repair Network Insurance
AAA Information/Data (Towing, Repair interactions, etc…) Discounts AAA Generated Content

18 Prioritizing Partner Discussions
OEMs Great for RAP business Fragmented and slow to market for winning the connected car Short-term in-vehicle app approach with OEMs Aftermarket Automatic Labs (BT Solution) Sirius XM Sprint VPX Platform/OS Smartphone applications TSPs/Wireless Carriers White label solution – test, learn and insurance Platform play that will ultimately support insurance competitors

19 Implications of Partner Strategy
National program clearly defined for the federation around 3 elements: ERS, Repair and Insurance Supports members and non-members with clear benefits for being a member Build competencies in mobile application development Start winning back the RAP business to support the long-term “built-in” strategy Significant push to become the defacto towing application on smartphones – iOS and Android Start with relationships that don’t support competing insurance carriers

20 Everywhere AAA Members Want Us To Be

21 Choosing the Optimal Path
Lowest cost & Fastest path to scale Volume/Scale Smartphone Probe National Partners Most viable long-term strategy OBDII Cell Best way to test, learn and build 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

22 2014 Priorities & Activity Infrastructure Pilots
Usage based insurance (0-30%) processes refined and rolled out Repair systems – Online scheduling, Digital inspections, etc… AAR model refined, socialized and expansion started Online Garage (AAA Experience Hub) built and launched Membership rider defined, tested and expansion plans developed Smartphone solutions – AAA mobile app and phone as probe Continued development of OBDII cellular solution and VHS services – refine diagnostics, messaging, improved data quality, teen, incident response, etc… Pilots Connected Car pilots across 2-3 clubs and with CORs and AARs Validate the shop experience, Online Garage experience, and ROI Acquire customers and determine value of the integration National Program(s) Defined

23 Content Strategy As an enabler
Focus on content that enables targeted value How much is my vehicle worth? What is wrong with my vehicle? Eventually, what is likely to happen to my vehicle next? Participation in GMA Knowledge Base development Expert content Contextually relevant At shops Through ask-an-expert interface online

24 SMARTtrek (VHS) Communications
Month 1 (plug in ~20 days in) Month 2 (first trip ~30 days in) Month 3 Month 4 Registration Request and Reminders (Retail only) Welcome – Driving Information Available FPO Be Sure to Update Mileage Online* Vehicle Health Summary SALE Order Confirmation Feedback Opt In – Survey 1 Vehicle Health Summary Survey 2 Shipping Confirmation Vehicle Health Alert Battery Alert Maintenance Alert VIN Mismatch / Device Connection Error Coolant Alert Triggered Communications Plug-In Request and Reminders *Item not yet in production.

25 SMARTtrek (VHS) Communications
Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Get to Know SMARTtrek 1* (Driving Information) FPO FPO Get to Know SMARTtrek 2* (Vehicle Health Alerts) Get to Know SMARTtrek 2* (Vehicle Health Alerts) Get to Know SMARTtrek 3* (Fuel Efficiency) FPO Vehicle Health Summary Vehicle Health Summary Vehicle Health Summary Vehicle Health Summary Survey 5 Survey 3 Survey 4 Survey 6 Vehicle Health Alert Battery Alert Maintenance Alert VIN Mismatch / Device Connection Error Coolant Alert Triggered Communications

26 SMARTtrek (VHS) Communications
Month 9 Month 10 Month 11 Month 12 Month 13 NO PURCHASE Return Device Request and Reminders Subscription Ends – Ensure Uninterrupted Service* Subscription Ends – Reminder* FPO Vehicle Health Summary Vehicle Health Summary FPO Exit Survey* Survey 7 Vehicle Health Summary Survey 8 Vehicle Health Summary Vehicle Health Alert Battery Alert Maintenance Alert PURCHASE VIN Mismatch / Device Connection Error Coolant Alert Order Confirmation Triggered Communications *Items in red not yet in production.

27 Plug-In Request

28 Battery Alert

29 Vehicle Health Report

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