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Running Start Information Meeting March 5, 2012  Introductions  Noelle Hill: Edmonds Community College, Running Start/High School Out-Reach  Nuts and.

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1 Running Start Information Meeting March 5, 2012  Introductions  Noelle Hill: Edmonds Community College, Running Start/High School Out-Reach  Nuts and Bolts of Running Start  Student Panel  Supplementary Information


3 What is Running Start?  Allows 11 th and 12 th grade students to take most college classes with most or all of the tuition paid.  Students earn college credit while meeting high school graduation requirements.  Which results in savings on college tuition.

4 High School Graduation Requirements  Each high school establishes its own requirements.  Students meet with their high school counselor quarterly.  REGISTER EARLY! Enrollment is never guaranteed.

5 EdCC Eligibility Requirements  ALL applicants take a placement test: Accuplacer/ LOEP.  Reading, writing and math skills are assessed.  Test results must be BRDGE 115, ENGL 100, or ENGL 101.

6 EdCC Running Start Student Costs  Most courses numbered 100 and higher will have most or all of the tuition paid by the program. Students pay for their own:  Textbooks and supplies  Quarterly and class fees  Excess credit  Transportation  Partial tuition (pending)

7 Is Running Start For you? YES! If you…  Are mature  Can handle transportation  Can pay student expenses  Are good at time management  Enjoy being challenged academically  Are open to course topics/discussions that may challenge your views  Are open to an environment with students of all ages/backgrounds

8 College Life Running Start students have the same expectations and responsibilities as other adult students.  Course Syllabus Follow it; Attendance, assignments and deadlines are the same for all students.  Class Pace High School: 10 months = College: 11 weeks  Class Time Commitment One 5.0 credit course = 15+ hours per week Two 5.0 credit courses = 30+ hours per week A 5.0 credit on-line class will require 20+ hours per week We want students to succeed. The Running Start staff will offer guidance through the process, but ultimately success in college depends on the student.

9 Grades and Records  Grades for Running Start paid classes are sent to high school registrars.  Grades become a permanent part of the student’s high school record and college transcript.  Running Start students must earn a 2.0 grade point average and finish all classes they are enrolled in each quarter.

10 Parental Access to Information  Information about a student’s progress at the college comes from the student.  College instructors are not required to discuss student progress with parents.  No information will be released (including tuition and fees) without the student’s written permission.  Written consent must be on file with Enrollment Services for records to be disclosed to parents.

11 Success Tips  Attendance matters… go to class!  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Talk to your instructor and visit the Learning Support Center.  Connect with others on campus.  Schedule uninterrupted study time.  Don’t procrastinate!

12 Student Panel  Hayley – 11 th  Desmond – 11 th  Arthur – 12 th  Jerusalem– 11 th  Lily- 12 th

13 Am I Ready for Running Start?  Are you a focused, independent student?  Do you want to take even more responsibility for your education?  Will you miss the “high school experience?”  Can you arrange transportation? There is none provided by the school district.  Can you handle the expenses?  Late work is usually not accepted.

14 Mom and Dad…are YOU ready?  Are you ready to think of your student as a college student?  There is no Skyward… no access to grades or attendance for Running Start classes.  Your student should come in to make their Running Start appointment and they need to meet with the counselor each quarter.

15 Is Running Start better than AP?  You can have a demanding schedule through RS or build one at MTHS with Honors and Advanced Placement or a combination.  RS guarantees college credit if you pass the class; AP is a nationally-known program that might be better if you apply to college out-of-state.  Two very different classroom experiences.

16 Good news or bad?  Remember the potential impact of RS classes on your GPA:  If you get an A in a 5 credit RS quarter-long class – that is like getting an A both first and second semester at MTHS.  But if you get a D in the same RS class – that will hurt your GPA because it is the same as getting a D both semesters of a year-long class at MTHS.  EdCC will place students on probationary status if they don’t maintain a 2.0 GPA – repeat offenders can no longer take RS.

17 Running Start Process at MTHS  Applications are available tonight after the meeting or by appointment with counselor.  Once accepted, students need to make an appointment to meet with their counselor each quarter to plan out their classes and complete paperwork. Appointments are made with the Counseling Secretary and can last up to 30 minutes.  First year Running Start students must register as if they are taking all classes at MTHS. We will adjust schedules later.

18 Other Information…  Students completing Senior English through Running Start must also take BRIDGE 155 Culminating Project at EDCC.  A list of approved Running Start courses is on our Counseling website.  Sometimes conflicts arise in schedules---schedule your classes around what your top priorities are.  Students can choose to attend full time or part time--- it is up to you!  It is still possible to do sports AND Running Start.

19 Thank you!  EdCC Fall 2012 Running Start applications accepted March 19 to June 22.  Students also complete a MTHS Running Start Agreement.  Students can get applications from their high school counselor tonight!

20 Mark Your Calendar! MARCH 15 th SOPHOMORE-JUNIOR COLLEGE NIGHT 7:00 PM AT MEADOWDALE HIGH SCHOOL The keynote speaker will be Julie McCulloh, Dean of Admissions at Gonzaga University. Following the keynote address, we will offer over a dozen breakout sessions about various aspects of college admissions. Breakout sessions will Include (but are not limited to): Applying to public universities in Washington state Opportunities at community colleges The ACT and SAT Financing College Writing the admission essay and personal statement College for students with learning disabilities Opportunities for the artistically talented student Selective college admissions The NCAA and the student athlete College for first generation students

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