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Study Tips for Success/First Term Testing

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1 Study Tips for Success/First Term Testing
Adapted from “Top 10 Tips for Success at College or the University”

2 Location, location, location
Serious about getting work done? Find a good study location. Use the public library, use our H.S. library before and after school or during your study hall time use your study hall time productively find a quiet place at home

3 Make It a Habit: Do Coursework Every Day
Cramming on the eve of Term Testing or any test in not conducive to understanding and retaining large amounts of information. Time spent on your courses each day is the best way to learn. If you have a study hall between classes, use the time to study and stay on top of your readings.

4 Help Exists! Seek It Out and Improve Your Grades
Whether you’re an “A” student or a Struggling student, you can always strengthen your skills. Use for help. Make it point to meet with teachers before and after school to get the help you need. Do not always wait for your parents or guardian, or a teacher to get going. Take charge of your own learning!

5 Write It Down Use the day Premier Planner that was given to you on the first day of school. Plan time for coursework. Plan ahead for assignments and test periods.

6 Get Energized Eat, Exercise, Sleep – Fatigue and stress weaken memory and comprehension. Eat properly, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, and get adequate sleep - teenagers need at least 8 hours of sleep to stay fully energized.

7 Attend Class on an Uninterrupted Basis
Make every effort not to miss class. Someone else’s notes are not as good as having gone to class yourself.

8 Do Something to Remember Key Information
Be an active learner! Summarize your notes re-write your notes identify key words create mnemonics to help you recall information use “associational learning techniques” to remember key information.

9 Think You Will Remember Key Points? Prove It.
No matter how well you understand something, without practice forgetting will occur. Before a test, recall information without looking at notes or textbooks and by doing practice questions. Prepare for upcoming tests by doing the end- of-chapter questions and activities in your textbook.

10 Be Test Smart Use strategies to tackle different types of tests (e.g., multiple choice questions). Thoroughly read test instructions listen to the teacher budget your time do less difficult questions first to build confidence.

11 Discussions and Textbooks
What is the BIG Picture? Learning requires understanding of how pieces of information fit together to form a “big picture.” Use course outlines, tables of content, and headings and subheading to organize information.

12 Writing Activity (exit slip)
Describe How You Like to Learn   When are you most ready to learn?  How do you learn best?

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