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Maynard & Sally Olsen. When? “Family councils can be regularly scheduled: every Sunday night, every Family Home Evening, or as needs arise.” Frequent.

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1 Maynard & Sally Olsen

2 When? “Family councils can be regularly scheduled: every Sunday night, every Family Home Evening, or as needs arise.” Frequent (not just when there’s a big problem) Riding in a car Counseling individually with children or groups of children

3 Why? “The principles that govern family councils are basically the same as principles that govern Church councils. Their overall objective is identical. We want for our families the same thing Heavenly Father desires for His family: ‘immortality and eternal life’ (Moses 1:39). We want to develop loving relationships that will extend beyond this life.” Pg. 149 Counseling with our Councils M. Russell Ballard

4 “The Executive committee, composed of a husband and wife, would meet together to fully communicate, discuss, plan, and prepare for their leadership role in the family organization.” Counseling with our Councils M. Russell Ballard

5 Family councils can: Bring order to the home Provide a forum for soothing hurt feelings Give parents an important tool to combat outside influences Create an opportunity to teach profound Gospel truths

6 Families can use these Councils to: Set Family Goals Resolve family problems Discuss finances Make plans Support and strengthen each other Bear testimony Pray for each other Family Guide Book, 2006, pg. 10

7 In family councils, mothers and fathers can provide training in such topics as “temple preparation, missionary preparation, home management, family finances, career development, education, community involvement, cultural improvement, acquisition and care of real and personal property, family planning calendars, use of leisure time, and work assignments.” Pg. 149 Counseling with our Councils M. Russell Ballard

8 Family Councils It is in our family councils that we can plan family activities, share in one another’s burdens and joys, and counsel together toward keeping each family member on the right track spiritually. Counseling with Our Councils, Ballard, p. 153

9 How? Adapt Chapter 4 of Handbook 2: Administering the Church. Pg. 16. Also available online.

10 Sample Agenda: Reports Spiritual and Temporal Welfare Missionary Testimony strengthening Temple and Family History Gospel Learning and Teaching Reports from sub-committees Finances Instruction from the parents

11 The Sabbath: for Family Gospel Study Time 1. Gospel discussion and instruction 2. Writing personal and family journals 3. Holding family councils 4. Family organization efforts 5. Personal interviews between parents and children 6. Writing to relatives and missionaries 7. Family history work 8. Visiting relatives and those who may be ill or lonely 9. Missionary work 10. Reading stories to children 11. Singing Church hymns together Howard W. Hunter November 11; Elder L. Tom Perry, May 2003; For the Strength of Youth; Elder Earl C. Tingey, New Era, Feb. 1999,

12 What do we do now? 1. Gospel Study and Instruction We greatly value formal family gospel study time on Sunday. Give prime time, center stage, uninterrupted focus, ideally Father preside and teach Scriptures Formal lessons (Institute, Conference Reports, BYU Education week, FHE Resource book, Preach My gospel, Hymnbook, Gospel Principles, Jesus the Christ, (,, Mormon messages, songs, videos, scripture videos, church movies) Let children teach and reports on church classes or articles from The Friend, New Era, Ensign, church manuals, other church books Let youth give lessons from Relief Society, priesthood, young men and women, and primary manuals. Share testimonies Read out of the best books. (D&C 88:118)

13 2. Write personal and family journals Help young children write in journals– Weekly events and feelings. Use videos and computers and recorders to make family records

14 3. Hold Family Councils Plan weekly, monthly, yearly events Establish or review Family rules Discuss family problems/concerns Set goals as families and as individuals Resolve problems Discuss finances Give support and strength Create and modify family mission statement Personal interviews with each child

15 4. Family Organizational Efforts Personal check-lists/planners Plan family and individual responsibilities and household jobs Establish times for family prayer and scripture study Coordinate family schedules, who will need rides when, performances when, etc.

16 5. Personal interviews between parents and each child Spend quiet, individual, meaningful time Express love for each child Listen carefully, take confidences and problems seriously Let child feel free to express feelings about any subject or experience Parent and child pray together Start while very young so it is natural with teenagers, however, it’s never too late to start. The prophet says we can do it, even now!

17 6. Write letters to relatives or missionaries Everyone who finishes gets special treat or icecream Read inspiring missionary accounts from church history and current missionary experiences

18 7. Family History Work Read books about ancestors or pioneer heritage Tell stories about when they or you were young Relive vacations, memories, experiences; watch family videos. Look at past family photo albums, videos Visit cemeteries or places where family members have lived. Teach about and honor those who have gone before

19 8. Visit relatives and those that may be ill or lonely Choose an elderly member of ward to make food or write letters to. Visit senior care centers Ask Bishop for those needing a visit Visit family members

20 9. Missionary Work Study Preach my Gospel (PMG) Study principles and scriptures from PMG and practice teaching and sharing the principle. Practice giving lessons Study Elder Ballard’s “The Greatest Generation of Missionaries” talk from October 2002. Pray for missionary experiences Think about who to share the gospel with this week. Invite neighbors over for FHE or ward members over for gospel study Tell mission experiences

21 10. Read stories to children Scriptures, Book of Mormon, scripture readers Pioneer stories –endless great books to choose from Leaves from my Journal, Giant of the Lord, etc

22 11. Sing church hymns together Use piano, CDs or internet Study First Presidency Message in front of hymnbook Sing primary songs


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