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Physical Geography of Europe

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1 Physical Geography of Europe
SSWG6a. Describe the location of major physical features and their impact on Europe.

2 Mountains/Highlands Major features: Alps, Pyrenees, Balkan, Caucus, Ural Ural Mountains form the border between Asia & Europe Alps & Pyrenees are world renown for skiing & other winter sports

3 Mountains Alps Ural

4 Mountains Mt. Elbrus in the Caucus Mts. Balkan Mts.

5 Plateaus Major Feature: Central Siberian Plateau
Takes up good part of central Russia Rocky in some places, green in others People here are primarily herders

6 Plateaus Central Siberian Plateau Native family

7 Rivers Seine River, Rhine River, Rhone River, Danube River, Volga River, Ob River Europe is made of rivers & have been primary shipping routes for centuries Danube River is the longest and connects eastern & western Europe—begins in the Black Forest of Germany Canals connected the Volga to the Baltic Sea

8 Rivers Danube River Seine River

9 Seas North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea, Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Aral Sea, Mediterranean waters are vital to the economies of 20 European countries, supporting tourism and other industries The human population has increased & Black Sea is suffering. Urban & industrial development has poured increasing amounts of waste into the Black Sea & rivers around it. Aral Sea is shrinking at an alarming rate

10 Seas Mediterranean Sea Black Sea Pollution

11 Additional Water Features
Major Features: Strait of Gibraltar, English Channel, Lake Baikal Strait is close enough to see to the other side to Africa. English Channel separates the UK and the rest of mainland Europe Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world

12 Additional Water Features
Strait of Gibraltar English Channel

13 Plains Major Feature: North European Plain (also called Great European Plain) Greatest uninterrupted expanses of plain on the Earth’s surface From France through Russia Narrow in the west, broader in the east Lowest elevation on any continent

14 Plains GEP wind power Wheat harvest in Ukraine

15 Additional Land Features
Major Features: Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavian Peninsula, Italian Peninsula, Greek arcipelago

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