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A First Look Back from a Facilities, IT & Campus Police perspective Metro Campus Crisis Response:

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1 A First Look Back from a Facilities, IT & Campus Police perspective Metro Campus Crisis Response:

2 Physical Facilities Emergency Timeline, Metro Campus Monday, June 17 5:48pm- Fire starts in main electrical distribution point at Metro Campus. - The entire electrical switch gear system is destroyed, but the fire is confined to the ground floor electrical vault. Sprinklers activate immediately and help contain fire to original location—NO INJURIES! 11:00pm- Fire Department, PSO, security and fire alarm service providers complete assessments and initial preventative safety measures are in place. - Facilities staff are scheduled for 24-hour “fire watch,” emergency generator maintenance, etc.

3 Campus Police Emergency Timeline, Metro Campus Monday, June 17 5:48pm- Campus Police immediately assist in evacuation of students, faculty and staff. They liaison with Tulsa Fire Department to make entrance into the building and help ensure safety for personnel throughout the event. - TCC PD and Facilities leadership become part of incident command team, providing ongoing and critical updates to TCC leadership. ~6:30pm- TFD and PSO return control of building to TCC Police and Facilities. - Officers serve as safety escorts for essential employees into facility to allow access to mission critical resources. Tuesday, June 18 - Campus Police ensure safety and security of main Academic Building with 24-hour access control, and daily checkpoint, to ensure only authorized individuals enter the building. This security will be maintained through the duration of the event.

4 Physical Facilities Damage Sustained to Electrical Switch Gear System

5 Information Technology Emergency Timeline, Metro Campus Monday, June 17 5:48pm- As power is interrupted at Metro Campus, Telephone Systems immediately revert to battery backup power. Voicemail and Telephone Systems at Metro later experience intermittent outages while on generator power. - The TCC public website, college email and Blackboard are live. They remain uninterrupted throughout the duration of the event. ~6:30pm - IT leadership team and technicians gain access to building to assess impact. Campus Police and Facilities staff escort for safety. - Banner ERP & Student Information System, Cognos (Reporting & Business Intelligence), and MyTCC Portal down. - Team begins to implement IT Disaster Recovery plan, which includes physically moving some of the data center infrastructure to alternate location. - Staff work “around the clock” to bring all remaining systems back online within 24 hours of initial incident, except the MyTCC portal. - MyTCC portal suffers hard drive failure as a result of “hard shut down.” All parts will be received, replaced and repaired within 72 hours.

6 Information Technology Infrastructure Relocation

7 Information Technology Emergency Timeline, Metro Campus June 18-19 - The IT Service Desk begins to regain functionality “day after” fire with 100% operations restored within 36 hours at the C4C. - The Student Services First Stop Help Desk is relocated to the C4C and temporarily shares facilities with the IT Service Desk. They reopen with in 36 hours after the fire. - Custom Student Services hotline established with in 36 hours of incident. - Client Services and Telecom staff work with departments college wide to support telephone and computer/data moves to alternate temporary locations. Support is ongoing at this time.

8 Physical Facilities Emergency Timeline (continued) Tuesday, June 18 - Power is restored to the Philips Building, Student Union and Fitness Center. - Building remediation begins. De-humidifiers and “air scrubbers” are used to improve air quality. All rooms, furniture and equipment will be fully cleaned, and ceiling tiles replaced. Crews of up to 100 at a time literally clean every inch of affected areas. - Electrical contractor (OESCO) and engineering services (Crafton Tull) begin restoration planning. Wednesday, June 19 - Cooling is restored to the Philips Bldg., Student Union and Fitness Center. - TCC receives confirmation from Wallace Engineering that no damage occurred to the structural integrity of the building.

9 Operational Impact Important Metrics Thursday, June 20 - 4,000 students relocated to other TCC locations - 187 class sections relocated - 400 staff and faculty relocated

10 Thursday, June 20 - The first three units of electrical equipment arrive after 3 days. Normal delivery lead time for this equipment ranges from 8 – 13 weeks! - OMES Dept. of Risk Management inspects site with TCC staff for insurance. Friday, June 21 - All burned electrical equipment has been removed. The process has begun on installation of three refrigerator-sized electrical units. Tuesday, June 25 - Blackmon Mooring, remediation contractor, reduces staff and completes cleaning project by day’s end. ABM Janitorial prepares to clean carpets. Thursday, June 27 - Three of the four electrical units are installed. - The last major component of the electrical equipment arrives. - With fire pumps in place we are no longer on fire watch. Physical Facilities Emergency Timeline (continued)

11 Physical Facilities Repairs in Process

12 Saturday, June 29 - All electrical equipment has arrived and is set in place. - The process begins for connecting extensive electrical wiring between the new equipment and existing infrastructure. Tuesday, July 2 - City electrical inspection is passed. Generator shut-down is scheduled for July 3. Wednesday, July 3 - PSO arrives on site and power is restored to the first and ground floors of the Academic Building. Monday, July 8 - Power is restored to Academic Building floors two through six. Physical Facilities Emergency Timeline (continued)

13 Physical Facilities Completion!

14 Facilities Restoration Major Costs (Covered by insurance) Physical Facilities Metro Campus Restoration Project Equipment replacement Building restoration Emergency generators Estimated Facilities restoration costs

15 Facilities Restoration Major Costs Physical Facilities Metro Campus Restoration Project VendorDescriptionAmount Blackmon Mooring (BMS CAT)Remediation services - "This order is placed with BMS CAT, Inc. under Federal Supply Schedule number GS-07F-0087T, pursuant to GSA policy that authorizes state and local government to purchase under Schedule 84 disaster recovery services. This is in accordance with Section 833 of the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 (Public Law 109-364). Final interim rule passed February 2, 2007. " $ 250,000.00 Graybar Electric (Schneider Electric) 4000A switchboard 145,000.00 OESCOMaterials and labor to install bus duct 85,002.00 OESCOTelecommunication and other cabling 85,000.00 TranSolPro LLCContract for student bus transportation from Metro Campus to location of relocated classes. 63,000.00 Pendergraph SystemsFire alarm device repair / replacement (smoke heads, etc.) 43,848.00 Green Country InteriorsAcoustical ceiling tiles - labor and materials, including debris removal 24,500.00 Clifford Power SystemsGenerator rental, $1,900.00 per wk. 100kw / 12kKVA, plus accessories. 15,200.00 Clark Oil DistributorsDiesel fuel for generator operations 14,000.00 Crafton TullEngineering design services 8,000.00 Central Plains ConcreteConcrete work, such as floor, wall, column repairs 3,300.00 C & C TileFlooring and base materials 3,000.00 Total estimated Facilities restoration costs $ 739,850.00

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