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Distance Learning Online Education Prof. Dr. Khawza I Ahmed

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1 Distance Learning Online Education Prof. Dr. Khawza I Ahmed
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering United International University

2 Starting with a Question?
How many of you have taken a course from MOOC, such as, coursera? If, `yes’, you know what it distance learning?

3 Distance Learning Distance Learning is a mode of delivering education and instruction, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom It can be synchronous or asynchronous

4 Distance Learning Advantages Disadvantages Economical
Reaches students in remote areas Great for non-traditional students Synchronous and Asynchronous Quality of instruction Misuse of technology Attitudes of instructor and student may differ Less face to face interaction Synchronous

5 Distance Learning Tools Used in UIU
Moodle as Learning Management System WizIQ to deliver online real-time classes Logistics

6 Learning Management System LMS

7 Learning Management System
Learning Management System is a software-based platform that provides infrastructure, framework and tools to facilitate online learning or training. Manages all administrative aspects of the educational process and provides important services to host and deliver the training content. Colleges and universities use LMSs to deliver online courses and augment on-campus courses Since all of use facebook, let’s take that as an example. Facebook can be used as LMS. You can deliver your class notes, power point slides, video etc. But you can conduct a quiz. So it is not structured and tailored for teaching and learning interactions.

8 Top 5 LMS providers out of ~650

9 Available LMS Open Source Software Commercial Software Moodle aTutor
Canvas Chamilo Claroline eFront Fedena ILIAS LAMS Sakai Blackboard Learning System Desire2Learn Digication eCollege Edmodo Engrade GlobalScholar HotChalk Informetica JoomlaLMS Total number of LMS

10 United International University
Moodle Used in United International University Easy to use and customizable Makes use of simple technologies Promote Collaboration and Communication Can be quickly deployed without the requirement of any extra efforts Highly cost-effective Readily available documentation and online community support Large number of plugins Free

11 Features of Moodle Assignment submission Forum for discussion
Sharing resources Chat for instant messages Database as a bank of record entries Glossary, list of definitions Survey, for gathering data from students Online quiz Wiki module


13 Front page

14 Teacher’s Home Page

15 Course Page

16 Course Page in Edit Mode

17 Administering Course

18 Adding an Activity

19 Quiz

20 Administering Quiz

21 Question Bank

22 Quiz Feedback

23 Usage of Moodle at UIU Semester No. of Courses Theory Laboratories
Summer 2012 12 5 Fall 2012 21 6 Spring 2013 24 11 Summer 2013 36 18 Fall 2013 40 25 41 33 Spring 2014 58 32 Summer 2014 47 35 Fall 2014 69 30 Spring 2015 61 Semester No. of Courses Theory Laboratories Summer 2012 12 5 Fall 2012 21 6 Spring 2013 24 11 Summer 2013 36 18 Fall 2013 40 25 41 33 Spring 2014 58 32 Summer 2014 47 35 Fall 2014 69 30 Spring 2015 61 SOE and SOB

24 Usage of Moodle is increasing

25 WizIQ Online learning and teaching platform
Connects educators and students through its WizIQ Virtual Classroom technology Available for individual teachers as well as organizations A highly scalable solution for both synchronous teaching and asynchronous tutorials and assessments

26 Features of WizIQ Best Online Teaching Tools
Collaborate in Virtual Classroom HD Quality Video Streaming Content in the Cloud Download Recordings Complete Course Management and Delivery Tests and Assessments It supports unlimited number of users to participate in real time in a class room

27 Integration of Moodle with WizIQ
Moodle virtual classroom plugin from WizIQ Single sign-on WizIQ Virtual Classroom does not require Moodle users to maintain separate accounts with WizIQ Moodle administrators simply need to download the Moodle online classroom module and install it on Moodle servers. Teachers and students can seamlessly access WizIQ Virtual Classroom without any additional authentication

28 Integration of Moodle with WizIQ
From scheduling, delivery of online classes, and class management to uploading content for use in these classes, all functions are accessed from within Moodle. There is no separate dashboard, no extra data entry, and no extra work

29 WizIQ Screenshot

30 Logistics For screencasting For Classroom Recording Pentab
Screencasting software Camstasia Screencast-o-matic Microphone Webcam For Classroom Recording Digital Marker

31 Digital Marker

32 Digital Marker for Smart Classroom
More than 30 Educational Institutions are currently using

33 Challenges Policy Adaptation of newer technology Bandwidth constrain
State Institution Adaptation of newer technology Techsavvy Bandwidth constrain 1 Mbps uninterrupted connectivity is necessary

34 New Paradigm Flip model in teaching MOOC – Massive Open Online Course
Are we ready to embrace the changes?

35 Conclusions Feedback from the students has been excellent
They love to use their gadgets This gives the students freedom –anytime, anywhere learning or learning on the fly They complain about bandwidth constrain and power outage Not ready for real-time online classes Slowly but surely new paradigms of learning will be acceptable to policy makers and mass at large

36 NCTB TextBook from Class 1 to 10

37 Bangla Version

38 English Version

39 Lecture with Digital Marker

40 Class 6 Interactive Math Tool 1/5

41 Class 6 Interactive Math Tool 2/5

42 Class 6 Interactive Math Tool 3/5

43 Class 6 Interactive Math Tool 4/5

44 Class 6 Interactive Math Tool 5/5


46 Complete Solution on Distance Learning

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