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That which we do today reflects for years to come!

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1 That which we do today reflects for years to come!

2  Maximize teaching talents and build teacher capacity What if we could…

3  Give ALL students personalized attention What if we could…

4  In a “family”, all are invested in the students’ success  With days designed around student needs  Allowing vertical planning and articulation What if we created families of students in grades 1-5?

5 What about K and PreK?  K and PreK perform a unique function  Days designed around student needs  Horizontal planning and vertical articulation

6 Families Kindergarten Grades 3-5 grades 2-5 Grades 1-2 Pre K

7 What can it look like? Levels G-H Levels J-T “Family Room” Levels D-F Levels G-H Level I Levels J-T Levels U-X

8  A school day organized the into longer blocks of time  A school week and year organized with consistency What could we do with…

9 What if instead of our Current schedule with…. Too many breaks in the learning day, week, year Too restrictive learning environment Too little time for creative solutions to interventions and concept extensions Too little time for horizontal collaboration, much less vertical articulation Too little time for professional development Too little time for technology training

10  Increase teacher collaboration time leading to higher quality of instruction and services to students?  Translate formative assessment results into specific attention for students in the following week and coordinate it with ease?  Allow for greater consistency of instruction through aligned in-service days, holidays, and other non-school days to increase student contact time?  Increase time for parents to take advantage of community programs and services without competing with weekend demand? What if by changing the “way it’s always been done” we could….

11  How much more could we do?  How much could we improve achievement?  How much better could we do for our kids? But most of all, what if we could increase consistent, uninterrupted student - instructional time?

12 So what if our calendar looked like this? Consistent Additional minutes in the student day Time for teacher collaboration Professional development and technology training opportunities

13  More opportunities for district in service and in- house staff development  Opportunities to become technologically fluent  Establishing a true Professional Learning Community environment both school wide and district wide  Developing teacher leaders  Time to develop concepts and ideas so their implementation is done well to effect change Professional Development time could look like this to produce results….


15 Southport School seeks to INSPIRE high-quality, personalized learning; CHALLENGE students to develop relevant, multi dimensional skills to ENGAGE in the 21st century global community.

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