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Welcome Address - Shri Kamlesh Udani

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1 Welcome Address - Shri Kamlesh Udani
Bharuch Citizens Council Bharuch Ankleshwar Urban Development Authority Bharuch & Ankleshwar Nagarpalika ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE Welcome Address - Shri Kamlesh Udani Smart City Concept of utmost importance Retaining of industrial talent in the area Proper social infrastructure a must Rejuvenation of Bharuch through various exhibitions and workshops Improve heritage/ tourism possibilities Improve overall quality of life BCC’s job is to remain a catalyst

2 Purpose of the day Shri Sunil Parekh
Government’s programs become a success only with the express support and conviction of the citizens. Only than it becomes sustainable. Government has proposed a start-up policy for young entrepreneurs with a seed capital of 5 to 10 lakhs. Government and agencies follow people’s desire (case study of Amsterdam where the people revolted in favour of increase of cycle usage vis-à-vis cars) Develop smart applications by creating a database. (eg.; save a heart attack patient on a train by tracking a doctor onboard)

3 Issues & possible solutions Harish Joshi
Historical & 2nd town in Ancient India Various presentations by BCC members were explained in brief: Heritage - Pilloo Ginwalla - Present status is delapidated & ignored - Proposal for a Heritage Society to restore the old glory My Vision – Tarak Mamlatdar - Riverfront – Narmada a perennial river - Bharuch ‘Mataria Talav’ beautification on the lines of Kankaria -Tourism site and development should be under District Collector’s purview rather than Gujarat Tourism for faster development -Greening Bharuch -“Bhrugu Festival” – cultural & musical -Ban on use of plastics - Organize flower shows & develop nurseries at strategic points.

4 Traffic - Develop speed-brakers on Zadeshwar N. H. No
Traffic - Develop speed-brakers on Zadeshwar N. H. No Proposed bridge besides Golden bridge should be swiftly implemented -Parking areas & shopping areas must be planned - Ring Road as per shown in BAUDA plan Lessons learnt from other cities - Architecturally beautiful buildings should be built “CREDAI Bharuch” -Files – Online Tracking System recommended Education & Angel Funding – Jivrajbhai Patel Health Issues – Dr. Navin Modi (Maintenance of Public Toilets a grave issue) Art & cultural – Archana Patel Policy recommendations- R. V. Patel Legends of Bharuch Public Awards Laughing clubs Sports Initiatives Citizens Award , etc…

5 Address by District Collector Dr. Vikrant Pandey
Twin cities off Bharuch & Ankleshwar must grow organically Bharuch (practical reality) is dirtiest / most polluted in Gujarat Support from citizens a must. Perennial advantageous features not taken to advantage Fastest growing industrial hub/ SEZ/ mounting population of migrants e.g. of Singapore Behavioral change in human beings is paramount Mind sets of government authorities / offices need to be changed

6 Bottlenecks 40 sites from Bharuch/Ankleshwar could be earmarked to develop Gardens/Parks. Involvement of civil society Encroachment sites cell to be developed Need to be harsh on encroachment & garbage clearance -They are basic facilities - Commitment necessary to address the hostile conditions in Bharuch - Ankleshwar Areas of Focus: Health Parameters - Cleanliness - Slum clearance -Encroachment clearance - Cleaning of gutters -Identify dumping site - Pocket gardens

7 Social welfare cell :-BAUDA. -holistic approach
Social welfare cell :-BAUDA -holistic approach -appointment of a young entrepreneur – say from IIM, etc, at the helm of affairs Cultural & Heritage practices to be started as a hallmark Application of GDCR a concern More citizen participation required

8 Speech MLA Shri Dushyant Patel
Issues - Water-drainage-cleanliness - Unplanned societies developed due to lack of development plan (DP). -Bholav – Zadeshwar – Nandelav - Umaraj among other nearby villages have servere problems arising out of haphazard development. All have problems of drinking water. - Many high-rise buildings are unauthorized - Bharuch is a “Neo Middle class” city - Basic problems to be solved before thinking of smart city - No city has grown overnight. - BAUDA was implemented to prevent haphazard construction

9 Issues(Cont…) - Swine flu – 3 People from Zadeshwar died
Issues(Cont…) - Swine flu – 3 People from Zadeshwar died. The pond is literally a drainage pit - Bharuch has more than 1000 ‘Laries’ & each one uses more than 30 kg polythene -People do not even want to spend INR 18/- per month for Door-to-Door waste collection - As population reached the level of a municipal corporation, appointment of a Municipal Commissioner over and above the District Collector & DDO needed as Bharuch is also an industrial District -New bridge besides Golden Bridge’s stone-laying ceremony would be in somewhere in April-May NGOs must act as coordinating agencies to ensure percolation of various Govt. schemes like “Maa Vatsalya Yojana ” - More than 1000 delapidated houses in Bharuch city need to be dismantled to prevent them from caving in due to heavy rains

10 Smart City - A TCS Perspective Shri Venkatchari Raghavan
City Smartness through technology - Brown field cities like Bharuch / Varanasi need to preserve history, thereby maintaining their unique character - TCS – Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation tie-up is a success - Going beyond paper-pencil - Improved economy i City concept: Increase Employment / Improve Quality of life / Sustainability Smart – Computerization –Automation Smart Cities enable smart citizens Single unified database[repository] Influence the citizens thru technology (penalty of cameras everywhere; incentives towards preservation of properties) Citizen centric

11 Unified smart processes
New aspects of smart city: - Open data – shared data - All assets are connected - One charnel - Service delivery – standard process - Social Media, Cloud sourcing equipment Smartness is a continuum - starting from basic access - uninterrupted potable water - efficiency – monitoring – improving - behavioral change – develop community pride - Interconnective – car pool, power distribution, etc. Use cases: - Smart Governance - Smart People - Smart Living - Smart Economy - Smart Mobility - Smart Environment

12 Digital Government ULB – e - Governance Solution Parameters: - Financial - Assets - Revenue - HR - Civil Services - Underprivileged - Back Office Inventory Pilot in Singapore [on going] - interconnected usage to leverage data Implementation Requires multi - faceted skills Critical Success Factors - Continuity - Integrated Unified Approach - Solid Foundation at the access level

13 Vision - Make in India - Simultaneous enablement - Streamlined common business - Digitalized Building Blocks

14 Empowering People – “Sarkar”@Smart Cities Pankaj Gupta – ILFS Ahmadabad
Enhance livability / Workability / Sustainability How to make working smarter (need -> smartness) e.g. Mobile -> SMS -> Whatsapp Augmented reality – with GEO Tagging Tracking emergency Smart Ecosystem Quality of Life -> Topmost parameter

15 GIFT ICT Vision Security & Surveillance / Buildings
Infrastructure / Platforms / Services - Infrastructure – Availability & Quality & - Smart Transport / Smart Streets / Smart Landscape / Smart Desks Security & Surveillance / Buildings Resource Consumption = Map of the city (Create Eco map of Bharuch) Application of mobile Apps IEEE Standards on Smart cities: -Intelligent transport - Smart Grid & Digital Energy management - Smart Health care -Tele Medicines at home -Smart Agriculture -Smart Information Create wi-fi networks at area levels Smart parking / Smart Dustbins / Smart Applications Tele-Medicine centers Shared video conference facilities Prepare Eco-plan of city to baseline(P0llution, density, Electro magnetic waves, waste generation, etc)

16 Restricts vehicular traffic in select area/roads etc
Cycle parks Carbon mapping of select buildings/areas/societies Segregation of waste at source – recyclable / organics / other Use of public buildings on nominal rent, post regular use Competitions & recognitions to encourage participation Water harvesting & compost at city /area/ society levels

17 Key Drivers Incentive NOT enforcement Agree to data openness
Institutional integration Service level ratings/feedback on public platform Feedback to drive improvements & build pressure Leverage social media to build pressure groups Social Audit groups Skill & training Development centers to build skills

18 Sunil Parekh -Vision of Government
Synergy of data- Innovation Smart city is no hindrance to basic development Smart city & new urban development vision will be launched in ………………..? E-governance initiatives Link roads etc., improvement of living facilities Efficient utilization of limited resources Aspirations of all classes to be fulfilled Criteria of selection / eligibility & ranking Clear vision of development of a city Strategy Timely payment to municipal staff Grievance reddressal mechanism Performance on ‘Swacch Bharat’ Ranking – To be in the top 500 to be selected

19 Further competitive criteria
Self-financing abilities % Institutional capabilities 25% Existing _____________________(?) 25% Past track record in implementing projects 15% (Note: Please avail further details from document given by Shri Sunil Parekh)

20 Panel Discussion Sunil Parekh(Anchor)
R. V. Patel -Aware of the technological age [Google age] -Bharuch Nagarpalika will strive to provide basic facilities Shri Kanani - Web-based pro-active disclosure by Bharuch Nagarpalika - Slum free plan submitted to Government - e-governance in Nagarpalika office like cctv, etc - smart & energy efficient street lighting systems - e-news

21 * Smart city initiatives by the District Collectorate:
Pankaj Hariyani - BAUDA development plan to be expedited - e-filing tracking system must be initiated Shri Prajapati (CEO - BAUDA) -Around 2409 objections filed have been responded to - An ideal development plan is looked up to - New staff appointments has been done - e-file tracking system shall be launched soon * Smart city initiatives by the District Collectorate: - Automatic weather station - Wind-direction mapping, targeting the chemical industries a 1st in Gujarat - Flood warning SMS system implemented by Disaster Management - ‘Mataria Talav’ renovation - Omakarnath Thakur Hall renovation - DPMC working at Ankleshwar & Dahej - Clean Bharuch- Green Bharuch initiative

22 Arapan Johri (Architect - Ahmedabad)
- Indentify multi- storey schemes to implement Sewage water utilization -Rain water harvesting required (by law-policy of zero discharge from the site) - Identify new central business districts for Bharuch ( Advantages =Higher FSI – people working & living nearby; reduced commuting time) -BRTS like Public Transport - Satellite Towns with various amenities - Such a synergy is very necessary

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